Galaxy Nexus on Telstra

As if the warm weather, beautiful people, and awesome accents weren't enough for us to be jealous of our friends down under, here's another kick: Australian carrier Telstra is now offering Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, becoming the latest carrier to scoop Verizon  for the device. On the carrier's cheapest $59/month plan, you'll be responsible for a $10/month handset payment; on the carrier's $79, $99, and $129/month plans, the headset payment is included. You can order one at the source link below before December 16 for a guarenteed Christmas delivery, or you can visit Telstra's flagship stores in Sydney and Melbourne to get your hands on Google's still drool-worthy powerhouse. 

Source: Telstra


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Telstra is the latest carrier to have the Galaxy Nexus before Verizon


Has there been an non-GSM carrier launch yet? Has there been an LTE launch yet.

Frustrated with VZW and the release but maybe something is going on?

Sigh who knows. I see no reason why they would not push this as fast as they can to put the hurt on apple. Apple phones make less mony than this will for them and is the only device that can hurt i phone sales. The delay is not as bad as it seems. Bear in mind it's gotta work on lte so if we get it even a month later than say canada that still a pretty fast turn around to make it work.

Good to hear but he is full of it. I work for vz indirect and our owner has no info

My buddy who works for corporate verizon spoke with his dm and there is no info.

We also spoke with a friend of ours that is aslo a verizon corporate dm and guess what no info.

This was within the last hour

None of you know for sure because Verizon top brass has the ability to pull the plug right up to the last minute if they're not 100% happy with the state of the phone or its compatibility.

First...screw Verizon. With a rake. everyone who's saying "no, it's coming out tomorrow, it really is!". Until it comes out, or until there's an official announcement (NOT including the leaked information that's been wrong how many times so far?)it's not out until it's being sold, and your guarantees are worth the rags I clean my dog off with.

AV - i love the headline.

Verizon is disgraceful. i will never do business with them if i can help it. they are evil.

i've been a Sprint customer since 2008. Sprint offers the best value bar none. there's a myth that Sprint coverage is poor but i've traveled all over the country and i've never had a coverage issue where a Verizon customer did not also have the same coverage issue. the LTE advancement is a valid point - but it's not important to me at this time especially given battery life impact. Sprint needs the G-Nex and Google needs a G-Nex Sprint to help make Google Wallet the de facto standard for mobile payments!

Sprint is junk, absolute crap. I have also traveled all over the country and when I had Sprint, calls were constantly dropping. Their customer service is horrid.
Switch to Verizon, not one coverage issue, the best customer service.
People want to bash Verizon because of this one phone but at the end of the day, they are the best carrier out there for the coverage and services they offer. Yes, they are more expensive, but if you want to go to a cheaper company, like Sprint, you will get what you pay for and still not have a Nexus.

Fulling expecting 1 star marks for those that get butt hurt by the truth.

idk, I'm not all but hurt. Maybe you could explain what that feels like, constantly getting raped and all by big Red.

I won't argue that VZ doesn't have the "best" network but I would never do business with them and it's solely because they treated me, a paying customer, like rubbish when I had them years ago. I'm sure their customer service is better now but as of now still won't do business with them. Everyone's entitled to their opinions but it looks like your the one that is 'butt hurt' over people having a different opinion other than your own.

Verizon has good coverage but in my experience the coverage is no better than Sprint. this is simply a myth created by those who overpay Verizon every month in order to make them feel better about their dumb financial decisions.

That's funny I've also been with Sprint since 1999 and have traveled all over the country both flying and driving... I never dropped calls out had bad signal.. A lot of dropped calls and bad service is the phone itself.. Take the iPhone for example.. On AT&T in certain areas of the country the AT&T iPhone is notorious for dropping calls and poor service. However i'm those same areas you can be on a different smart phone on AT&T and you don't drop calls and have excellent service.

So to base a bad experience entirely on a provider isn't fair when it could very well have to do with the manufacturer of the device. Like I said 12 years on Sprint traveling the country for business and I've only dropped maybe half dozen calls in that whole time.. I also did my research before I bought a phone to make sure the phone itself didn't have signal issues instead of rushing out and buying the latest fad phone. Just because the phone its the in device and gives you social stature doesn't mean its the best when it comes to actually being a phone.. Hence IPhones on AT&T dropping calls and losing service while other non IPhones in AT&T not having the same issue...

Just an observation.. Verizon may have good service but them and Sprint share towers.. Lay their coverage map on top of a Sprint one and they are nearly identical.. So it comes down to phones and in my case i'm not made of money so I go with the service that's the least expensive with a lot of bang for my buck.. Not to mention Sprint has the best customer service.. Documented...

If your happy with the big red machine and their awesome motorola Droid line of phones that are buggy and brick then cool, if your happy with the AT&T blue deathstar and their selection of windows phone 7s then cool, if your happy with the magenta t then awesome and if you like Sprint then fine... Choose the carrier you like and what works best for you.. Fighting over carriers is like fighting in the internet which in turn is like running in the special olympics.. Even if you win your still retarded.

So, instead of an ice cream sandwich given to each customer as part of the promo, they'll get a Foster's instead?

Sign me UP!

Aussies don't drink Fosters. That's American Media that makes you believe that. They drink XXXX.. commonly called 4 X. Foster's is an also-ran Down Under.

Only Queenslanders drink 4X Bitter/Gold as it is their local beer, people from Sydney drink Tooheys New/Old as it is a New South Wales beer, people from Melbourne drink Victoria Bitter/Carlton Draught and people in Adelaide drink Coopers and dirty Murray water.

To anyone that is jealous that Telstra was first, its ok, no one likes Telstra down here as they are evil and overpriced :)

If I was Google I would never release another Nexus device on Verizon. They have screwed this release up so royally. Imagine if an iPhone had this kind of release.

Also as a NS4G owner I am getting right pissed. The more Verizon pushes this launch, the longer I have to wait to get ICS on my phone. Cause you know that there is no way Google will release my update till after Verizon gets there crappy network working and can release the Galaxy Nexus. That is if anyone still remembers what a Galaxy Nexus is.

Like everyone else I called my local corporate store and asked about the gnex and he said tomorrow and scheduled me and apt at 9am. Will see. Hope it is true.

I guess there is a big price to pay to get a already awesome phone even more awesome with LTE.. please be tomorrow!

I'm starting to think there must be some real problem with the LTE Gnex. Either with the phone itself or some incompatibility with the network. As bad as VZ is with phone releases, there's more going on here than they want to sell Razrs and Rezounds or they ojbect to Google Wallet.

Since moving from Verizon to Sprint, i have had much better data speeds all without the throttling. Sprint being crap is just a myth. Oh and no dropped calls whatsoever. Only thing that is spotty is the 4G but its not like my 3G speeds are horrid. Actually a better experience with Sprint

Why does VZ charge so much more for their devices than any other carrier? I guess "because they can" is fine if you are a shareholder. $300 off contract would be fine but not with a 2-yr contract. I'd suggest everyone stay with their current phone, and then next August buy a used one for $300 and stay month to month.