We gave you our thoughts on the Palm Pre and webOS a few days ago detailing why we think Android is still the best smartphone platform in town. We did little to focus on the hardware aspect of Android smartphones because currently there's only one device and well, it's not the flashiest of the bunch.

So when a Telstra (Australian Carrier) Executive speaks up defending upcoming Android hardware designed by HTC, well, we shut up and listen. According to the Telstra Exec, HTC's upcoming Android device is "better and more functional" than the Palm Pre. Also, the new Android device (slated for a 2nd quarter release) is supposed to have custom software designed on top of Android and a screen bigger than any current HTC phone. Sounds amazing already.

If this report is to be believed, 2009 is already shaping up to be an amazing year for smartphones. If this fabled HTC Android Device can hit the market before the Palm Pre..watch out!

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Telstra Exec: New HTC Android Phones Better Than Palm Pre


I am not too sure why you would weigh a Telstra Executive's words so heavily - here in Australia, Telstra is doing more to hold back the mobile internet than develop it, and is really only the biggest telecommunications player due to a long history of Government ownership and their dominance and near-monopoly over cables and other hardware associated with communications.

They do not have that many fans over here.

While it may be true that the HTC phone is better than the up-coming Palm Pre, you can bet that there is something more to the Exec's comments.

Yea sower grapes because Vodafone has (possibly for the first time) flexed it's international mussel over the Australian territory and forced Telstra out of the loop. Telstra is a big fish in a little pond and it likes it that way. Vodafone Australia is a little fish that may have finally realised it has a bigger brother in a bigger pond that can beat up little old Telstra. Sadly Telstra has the best network in Australia(that was payed for out of my parents pocket not that Telstra cares(burn in hell sol)) so people outside of the metro areas have little choice but to go with them.

Telstra is the Biggest Anti-Competitive Encombant Government Carrier there Is. If they are such a fan of HTC, why dont the support the HTC HERO ?

- Because They chose a 3G technology that is incompatible with any other carrier, and specifically, deliberately designed for carrier lock-in.

- They are the biggest carrier in AU, but only because they were the ONLY carrier, and expanded their network at the public (taxpayer's) expense. When they were "privatized" they basically took exclusive control of the network with them, locking out all other vendors.

- This is the company that upgraded the majority their exchanges to fast ADSL2+ hardware, but left them turned OFF for 6 months unless there was a competing vendor's ADSL2+ DSLAM in that exchange.

So I've got to assume that any Telstra executive thinking something is good, is bad news for their customers, as they have certainly not demonstrated any regard for their customers in living memory.

For the challenged Telstra executive reading,

"Customers" equals "the people that pay you money, in exchange for valued goods or services"

and NOT

"the plebs you squeeze as much cash out of, so that you can post more on-paper profit, provide no value to customers, but protect your performance-based stock portfolio or golden handshake"