Hey that didn't take too long! TeleNav just announced that they'll be releasing their turn-by-turn GPS navigation software for Android on February 24th. The TeleNav software will include full color 3D graphics, speech recognition, one-click rerouting, traffic alerts, weather updates, gas prices, and restaurant reviews. Supposedly over 10 million businesses and services will be packed into the TeleNav software. Sounds good, right?

Well here comes the kicker. After a 30-day free trial (yay!), the software will run for $9.99 a month (boo!). I know, a pretty stiff price to pay. Currently, there's no word on whether it'll hit the Android Market or explore an alternative route and we have no idea how big the application will be. Though the price is high, this is still exciting news! Hopefully we'll see more turn-by-turn GPS software in the near future.

UPDATE: According to our good friend Matthew Miller there are other pricing options: $9.99/monthly, $99 for a year, $249 for four years. He has spent a fair amount of time with the software so you can check out his impressions here.

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TeleNav Launches GPS Navigation for G1, Android


Looks like a great app. Not sure about that price though. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before there's an free version of it on the Market.

This is the same software that Sprint offers for free on the everything plan for 99.00/month. I have it and it works great. At times the maps seem a little outdated, but for the most part it is fairly accurate. I would like to see more options of route prefrences though.

That looks like the same turn-by-turn software available on Sprint's Samsung Instinct device. I used it before and it is really good.

[...] a smartphone that has built in GPS and a turn-by-turn navigation app available. My choice: The Google G1 phone with TeleNav. It is easy to carry in your hand and not as bulky as the TomTom and you can make phone calls with [...]

Fuck that it should be free wtf? We paid 170 for the phone people just are out for the cash that's y companies lose a lot of clients because one thing u charge hundreds of dollars for the other phone companies give for free.