Samsung Galaxy S III

With Samsung Galaxy S III roll outs happening everywhere over the next little while Samsung and Telcel have decided to make the event special for those who live near the Telcel Plaza Carso. On June 22nd, Telcel will be hosting an exclusive evening sale where those wishing to pick a Samsung Galaxy S III will be able to get their hands on one in quick fashion.

Source: @SamsungMobileMX, Thanks, Spook81!

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icebike says:

Hmmm, no mention of where these guys are located or what Telcel Plaza Carso is, or even which continent it might be located on.

ansextra says:

Google search says. Mexico...

ansextra says:

Google search says Mexico...

ansextra says:

Sorry... Posted from Droid X and didn't see the Save button light up. Can't wait for my S3! :)

SpookDroid says:

That's right, the post was made via Twitter by Samsung Mobile Mexico. Telcel's Mexico's leading carrier and usually gets the best phones first (sometimes even exclusively). Plaza Carso's in Mexico's capital, Distrito Federal. Can't wait to actually see the device and see if it will be my next (I'm currently rocking a GSII with only 4 months left on my contract, which means I'm already eligible for early renewal and upgrade :D)

mipd1980 says:

Viva Mexico!!!!!