Some of my voice controls in Tasker. They're awesome

Another day, another task

We've covered Tasker and the very basics of how to use it, and now, it's time for you to start playing a little bit on your own. Think of Tasker as a toy as much as a tool and you can really let loose and have fun in it. Voice controls, plugins and a little ingenuity can turn your phone into your butler, your study buddy, and your best friend.

Now, today I'm just going to go over a few things that can help you pick a project you'd might like to do, or help you when you get stuck and the support communities aren't being responsive, which is admittedly rare.


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Tasker is one of those apps that I never seem to find the time to get around to learn (damn life gets in the way) and this series is prompting me to move things forward (and is a reminder to keep moving)

If you need any more incentive, you can use HTTPGET, in Tasker, to pull XML data from the web and do all kinds of fun stuff with it.

I'm using it to have my phone read the weather to me in the morning after I dismiss the alarm. I'm thinking about doing the same with traffic.

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Tasker is definitely worth the time if you don't mind the learning curve, it can replace so many other (admittedly easier to use) apps, not to mention replicate tons of functionality from various OEM skins etc. (HTC's turn to quiet ringtone, voice controls, etc)

If Google ever did something that made Tasker not work, I'd probably give up on smartphones.

Tasker is why I will not buy a new phone until unlock and root methods have been figured out.

Is there a way to use Tasker so apps only update automatically while charging?

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If you mean "update" as in update through the playstore, then possibly, if you mean syncing then use tasker + syncer

Hey Ara! Thanks for tackling this series. I know that AC ranges from 101 articles, to device rumor mill articles, to tasker tutorial type articles, and based on comparing the comments of the full spectrum of articles, it looks like the tasker crowd might not be as large as some of the other crowds that read and are interested in ACs other stories, so... props to ya for taking on the giant.

I've been using tasker since I had the OG Droid and have loved its functionality. Lately though, I've been stumped on one thing in some of my tasker profiles that I just can't seem to nail down. It's a function that you may or may not be familiar with unless you've done other types of programming, specifically logic programming like ladder logic (PLC). I'm looking for an ON DELAY TIMER, not just a timer that begins and continues counting when a series of contexts (permissives) is activated, but a timer that will ONLY count while the contexts are true, and will stop counting AND RESET when at least one of the contexts isn't true. This way, if you want something to happen 5 minutes after your screen is on and your screen hasn't shut off into sleep mode, it will execute a task, but if for some reason the screen does shut off before 5 minutes, it will not execute the task and will begin counting from 0 sec the next time the screen turns on. I've tried to make custom ON DELAY TIMERS with variables and other methods, but my profiles just don't work the same as if there were just a simple ON DELAY TIMER task built in (Currently with variables, I can only start a timer based on contexts, and then check in an amount of time to see if the contexts are still true at the end of the timer, but nothing to stop the profile if a context goes false during the timing... so with my screen example, tasker can't tell the difference between the screen turning on for a minute, off for 3 minutes and on for 2 minutes and the screen being on for 6 minutes straight.). Anyway, if you, or anyone reading this stupid long comment, knows where to find this ON DELAY TIMER, or how to create one in tasker, please spread the wealth! Thanks!

I'd make a profile which runs every 2 minutes (minimum time) that increments a global variable
and activating/deactivating the profile when needed...
would that work?
If your heart is set on 5 minutes, make 2 of these profiles and activate them both with a 1 minute delay in between

Well, I'm really looking for some way to be able to track whether an activity has been continuously active for a set amount of time, and if that activity does not last the specified amount of time, then the rest of the profile doesn't execute, but rather resets the profile and sits and waits till the activity starts again.

You can use the built in wait action along with a stop action in the exit context. When your contexts are false the exit action will execute stopping the countdown.

Hmm, I wonder if there's a profile that replicates HTC's flip phone face down for speakerphone feature. I miss that.

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How about this :

New task > audio > speakerphone > set on (will deactivate automatically when you pick up the phone.

New profile
First context > state > sensor > orientation > face down

(select task from above)

Second context for your profile:
State > phone > call > set to any

So basically, this triggers speakerphone when face down and on a call (both sent and received) I tried this with my brother and my Nexus 5.

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I love tasker. I will admit my profiles are pretty simple (time and calendar based events). I'm impressed by the complexity of some people's setup.

It took me years to have the patience to get Tasker working for me. The UI leaves a lot to be desired, but I honestly couldn't think of anything better without sacrificing functionality.

I've been looking for useful and cool things to automate since I learned how like 2 weeks ago. I love Google Now integration, been waiting for it about 4 years.

Now that I finally know, I can't think of anything to automate with my voice!!? I've got dumb things like send a canned text to my wife and my buddies with my voice; turn off the screen with my voice; change to preset volume profiles with voice commands; different settings (had to get creative with commands now that GNow half ass started monkeying with settings without actually making useful 1 step changes) like wifi and bluetooth - but that's about it.

If anyone has any other cool ideas I'd love to hear about them. Mainly Voice profiles are interesting to me. I'm a bit of a romantic at heart and truly believe we'll all be able to have Jeeve's from Ironman soon enough ;)

I like the concept, but in order to use the Google Now intigration you must turn off Multi-window. Saddly, I use MW far more than I would use voice commands. (I am so spoiled I can't imagine using twitter anymore without links opening in the second window automatically)

Anyone know a way around this?

Here's another tip:
It is easy not to realise you've set a variable incorrectly. You could 'flash' the value but if you make your variables global by adding capital letters you can just flip to Vars and see their contents. Once you are satisfied, change them to Local. So you don't miss any you could use Test1 Test2 Test3 etc. That way you won't have to worry about leaving some Globals when you make your variables Local.