Sidekick 4G

For years, T-Mobile had great success with the Sidekick line of devices. That is before the smartphone market really blew up. Their most recent effort with the line can't be called a success, despite the fact they teamed up with Samsung to create the Android 2.2 powered Sidekick 4G with all sorts of (at the time) updated customizations.

Perhaps that's the reason T-Mobile is sending the brand into retirement as confirmed to Phonescoop. Yep, it'll be a while before we see another Sidekick branded device come onto the market. However; T-Mobile was quick to point out they're not discontinuing the line. Instead, just giving it a little rest and relaxation. Go on; pretend to be surprised in the comments.

Source: Phonescoop


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T-Mobile 'retires' the Sidekick, don't confuse it with a discontinuation though


The original Sidekicks/Hiptops brought a major feature to the cellular market: cloud sync. For those who remember, Andy Rubin helped found Danger AND Android. They're brothers... in a way. A part of me feels a little sad right now.

There is an upcoming Android phone from Samsung with a five-row QWERTY keyboard coming soon for T-Mobile. I thought it was going to be a follow up to the Sidekick 4G, but apparently it's another Galaxy with a bunch of suffixes attached to it.

I don't think the AC mods will like me linking to some other blog, but the phone's name is a mouthful: the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q.

meh I blame tmobile and danger and microsoft and whoever was involved.. I remember when sidekick 2 was out everyone was happy. but even when sidekick 3 came out everyone like like meh nothing really changed except for the perfect pocket fit. then the sidekick slide/LX was out and they really didn't do nothing much but add 3g. Then same with the sidekick 4g(wait I think it's a 4g out).....anyhow main thing is Sidekicks never changed. All those years of just changing the physical look instead software kind of hurt them in the long run. Atlease blackberry's curve at the time would either have different specs depending on the carrier or all together reshape the phone with new features from the last...

RIP Sidekick 2004-2009(yeah kinda late RIP)

Wait...what? The software changed from sidekick to sidekick. Maybe not a lot, but it did change. After the Sidekick 3 there was the Sidekick iD, then the LX, then the Slide, then Sidekick 2008, then the LX 2009, & finally the Android based 4G version.

Also, a carrier in Canada began selling them again after they were discontinued, just with modified software's as well as the US Carrier CincinnatiBell in late 2010/early 2011. :P So the correct RIP would be "RIP Sidekick 2004 - 2011"
(I'm not including the Sidekick 4G because I still know a lot of people with them lol)