Could the rumored myTouch Slide mark the end of the ridiculously successful Sidekick brand at T-Mobile? Well, rumors says yes. BGR is hearing that the upcoming myTouch Slide, a myTouch 3G successor, will phase out the T-Mobile Sidekick line. We're not sure exactly what that means or what will happen to the Sidekick line, will it take form with another platform (Android?) or will it just disappear completely?

Either way, T-Mobile has definitely been trying to build a brand with myTouch, with tons of commercials and advertising. So it comes to no surprise that they'll continue developing myTouch devices, but to replace Sidekick entirely? That's interesting. Anyone going to miss the Sidekick?

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Sidekick's already dead. Last fall's data wipeout already killed off their credibility and lost them massive amounts of customers, not to mention that Danger is now owned by Microsoft (who's now concentrating on Windows Phone). Might as well move on to the Motorola Cliq.


I guess the spades thing didn't work...


Dan says:

myTouch Slide + Moto Cliq = Why the F*** would you ever get a sidekick?

remixfa000 says:

i never understood sidekicks. for the same data plan you could get a blackberry, android, or even "ghasp" windows based phones that run so much more and are an improvement in every way.

for the 6 months ive been at tmobile, id say ive sold 2 or 3. safe to say they are already dead.

Anonymous says:

sidekicks are so last decade

NickF227 says:

My first smartphone was a Sidekick LX. I'll miss it.

Anonymous says:

First comment i've ever made in 7 years of using the web.

Sidekick is the BEST, hands down for those that email or text constantly. No keyboard can touch the sidekick. What they need to do is upgrade the sidekick to have the functionality of the newer phones.

Could care less that people think its a childish phone, its not. Depends on how you use it.

Anonymous says:

i cosign with the other not verified poster the sidekick isnt childish at all. it is a Godsend to the deaf community because no other company offers a text only plan other that virgin mobile. and yes the device even though it has been revised the OS is showing its age somewhat, but for those of us that like the sidekick still , i will always be true to my first sidekick a sidekick 08 was the one that i gave my sidekick virginity too, then i downgraded to a tony hawk lx but if they do decide to eliminate the sidekick service alltogether i would keep it for the fact that it is still hands down the originator of the swivel screen. it still gets looks no matter how long its been out and sidekick users (yes there are a loyal few that will leave the sidekick when its been lowered into the ground and will still hang around and bring flowers) know this. I say if you want a sidekick to still be a part of t mobiles lineup i say petition sharp to release another sidekick and not let a android kill the danger platform.

Anonymous says:

Will not happen voluntarily as Sidekick LX at resolution of 854x480 and myTouch 3G at 320x480

ozzy says:



Ozz says:

To expand on the comment left by Ozzy, G1 owners are not suckers. Perhaps a few you know might be, but I and a few of my business partners surely are not. I have owned almost every Sidekick since the first one. The only ones I did not purchase were the 2008 model, and the LX 2009 model. I used the Sidekick to handle much of my business functions. Everything I did on the Sidekick, I have done on my G1 flawlessly. The only thing that does not compare of course is the keyboard. I am sure we are all in agreement that the Sidekick has the best keyboard ever created for any smart phone. Now, normally I would not leave comments on any web based blogs, or forums due to the fact there are always individuals who make ignorant, remarks obviously for the thrill of seeing something that they wrote appear online. I do not insult people for fun, nor do I insult people for their preferred choice of electronic device. I too wish Sharp would have continued with revisions because the phone was fabulous during it's time. It was never childish, and I still received more inquiries about it than others using other brands of phones that were common at the time. Well I have said enough. I in no way intended to insult anyone, but as I said this is a public forum. There will be those who do not agree, and have harsh things to say. I will respond to those people now by stating, "SO! This is an online forum. I seriously doubt anything said here will create any changes in my personal life".