T-Mobile today took the wraps off its long-awaited LTE network, launching in seven metro areas. There are three Android smartphones that will take advantage of the higher-speed 4G data. They are the Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 2, and the HTC One. (BlackBerry's Z10 also rocks T-Mobile LTE.) The Galaxy Note 2 is available now; the HTC One and Galaxy S4 are expected in April.

The seven cities in which T-Mobile now has LTE data are:

  • Baltimore
  • Houston
  • Kansas City
  • Las Vegas
  • Phoenix
  • San Jose, Calif.
  • Washington, D.C.

That's just the start, of course. T-Mobile didn't announce any future plans, but says it expects to "reach" 100 million people in the U.S. by mid-year, and 200 million by 2014. Those are potential subscribers, meaning more LTE-enabled cities.


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T-Mobile makes first LTE cities official


This is really tempting me away from Sprint...I live in DC, where we are supposed to be getting LTE, but I haven't seen a single spec of it yet. Tmobile is now cheaper, covers DC, and has no contract? Sounds like a win...I'd have to test it out of course though.

T-Mobile has a 14-day no risk trial, see if you know someone who has a older T-Mobile smartphone they'll let you borrow for two weeks, then buy a pre-paid sim...

Why does every new thing that kicks off include Kansas City? LTE on all carries, Google Fiber, etc. What Am I missing?

Kansas City relaxed their zoning regulations and whatnot to make the google fiber rollout easy. T-Mobile is probably taking advantage of those relaxed regulations.

Cell carriers need the fiber carriers for the back end. It's probably easier there to get stuff up and running would be my guess.

Getting good overall coverage and speeds in San Jose. They just delivered the network that I've been waiting for Sprint to deliver.

On my Nexus 4. ;)

Sprint has all kinds of LTE around dc. I think you have it switched off. Go to sensorly and check it out for yourself

No, no I definitely don't. I keep it on CDMA/LTE (though sometimes that causes my phone to bug out and not get any signal so I have to switch it back to CDMA only until it can find the network again). I was getting 4G back in January, for about a week or two. It was great then. I've never seen it since though.

Thats very impressive considering actual speed is very different than what you test at on an app like speedtest.

Id be impressed if that bandwith never falls with a super congested network. Id also be impressed if the ping stays 50ms or below consistently. That provides more in real world performance than just raw 40meg download speeds in a test.

It's spelled "wrath". If you really had a Galaxy Note 2, it would've autocorrected such a ridiculous mistake.

Sprint needs to take a look at this and see how you do a rollout. Start with some big cities to hit as many customers as possible. Also, you just LOOK like a real company hitting the big spots. No tiny little bopunk towns with populations lower than that of a major college. Sprint announced that they were working on LTE in Miami over a year ago. They sold tons of LTE phones, charging extra for the service, and saying LTE would be up soon. My wife's Galaxy s3 (purchased a year ago) comes with a premium data service charge, which is just barely fair for LTE service. A year into her 2 year plan paying this premium data charge and she is still working on one of the worst 3g networks in the country (like dial up speed, circa 1990's). T-Mo is looking better and better. If they beat Sprint to LTE down here, I may just have to jump ship (and I have had Sprint since it started in Miami in the 90s)

Keep in mind that Sprint has been charging a "premium" data fee for a few years now.

Also if LTE is turned on for Sprint in your area, check to see if her data connection for LTE is enabled in the device settings.

Will be looking at Tmobile soon I think, my wife and I are still on VZW and I have had my 3 kids on Tmobile for about a year and they are happy with their service other than not getting data on our trips to Cali or TX from PHX. We are still rocking our Gnex on VZW and are happy, one line is up on contract and the other will at end of year. My oldest will be getting the HTC One so we can see how the LTE on Tmobile works out. Sprint has been a joke in PHX.

Big thanks everyone for the comments on Tmobile. I really like my EVO LTE but with no LTE service in the near future and horrible 3G performance, I have had enough of paying almost $100/month to Sprint for nothing!! The unlimited data plan is nice but 3G is so bad the plan does me no good. My thinking is I would go over to Verizon and get the S4. The price is about the same and you don't get unlimited data but at least the data performance would be a lot better. After reading the comments above, I looked at the plans on Tmobile and it appears to be a lot cheaper. Can anyone comment about 4G performance in Denver, CO? What about cell service? Is there a lot of dropped calls? Thoughts anyone?

I hit 35/25 today in College Park MD today with 3 bars. Not bad. Was getting 25/11 at my apartment with just 1 bar. I'm not sure how to upload screenshots to this part of AC...