T-Mobile announced today that it has improved its 4G network in Kansas City and will continue this initiative in more markets later this year.

Anyone on T-Mobile who lives in Kansas City right now will be pleased to know that they will soon see better signal strength and improved data and voice coverage. In addition, unlocked devices should see higher speeds.

Some specific locations that they mentioned were:

  • Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City Chiefs)
  • Westport
  • Power and Light Districts
  • The Legends
  • Jackson, Johnson and Wyandotte Counties

It's always great news to hear carriers improving their network, let's hope that there is a discernable difference. If you live in the Kansas City area and have seen improvement, sign out in the comments!

Source: T-Mobile

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C'mon tmobile. Bring 4g on the 1900 MHz spectrum to West Mochigan :)

I wish Tmobile well in it's quest to improve it's network all over. They are very strong in the Major cities especially here in New York City. Tmobile pimp slaps Verizon silly in the Big Apple. Yeah I said it everyone on Verizon think they are the best that's pretty comical at best. Go Tmobile..

RaiderWill says:

That's Great..

As a Galaxy Note Owner running unlocked on T-Mo.. this is a +1

vinny jr says:

T-Mobile also blows Verizon and AT&T away in the surrounding suburbs of Boston. I have both T-Mobile and Verizon for my Carriers, T-Mobile is almost twice as fast and cheaper, and they are getting better.
Great Job T-Mobile.

Jayshmay says:

Does anybody here have Tmo service and live in New Haven County, Connecticut? Verizon is very unimpressive around here, specifically in Meriden, Connecticut.

turb0wned says:

I just wish they would improve overall service in all there MANY locations where they is only EDGE not just big cities! I want to switch to them so bad for ulimited data.

tuffy54 says:

Interesting. I live in Wesport. I'm interested to see if this really makes a difference.

WX6Y says:

T-Mobile is still sporting EDGE in Seneca, SC with no 3G/4G. Have to drive 15 miles to find anything faster. I'd be happy with 3G at this point. Have you ever tried to watch a youtube video on EDGE? Can't video Skype on EDGE, I have a Galaxy S2. Maybe one day before I get mad enough to move back to Sprint, T-Mobile will remember that my money is just as green as those in 4G coverage areas.