If you're the proud owner of an HTC One S on T-Mobile, you'll want to keep an eye out on May 31 for your software update notification. As noted on the T-Mobile site, an update is set for release that day and has some bug fixes and improvements that it will bring to the device:


  • Resolves goodbye splash not appearing when powering off due to low battery.
  • Resolves voicemail indicator not appearing while using Wi-Fi calling.
  • Improvements to Wi-Fi Calling
  • Improvements to camera stability
  • Resolves signal fluctuation.

You'll have to be on software version 1.53.531.76 710RD, not rooted and have more than 50 percent battery life in order to take the update. When completed, you will then be on software version 1.84.531.2 710RD. Hit the links below to check out the full details or discuss more in the Android Central Forums. Plus, if you've not read our full HTC One S review as of yet -- check it out.

Source: T-Mobile, via: Android Central Forums


Reader comments

T-Mobile HTC One S software update coming tomorrow!


No fix for the lack of notifications for SMS messages? Or am I really the only person having this issue?

I think you are the only one having that problem.. However i am not using the onboard MMS i am using Gomms the window does not stay on the screen but it does show in the notification bar and will stay there until i read it

you aren't alone. I sometimes miss incoming SMS due to no notification of the phone. I had to download a 3rd party app to remind me if I ever miss an incoming SMS.

Is it an intermittent problem for you, too? Sometimes I get notifications, sometimes I have to check.

What 3rd party app are you using? I need a good solution. I missed news of a family emergency last week.

You're definitely not the only one experiencing this. I've been working with HTC to track this down. I've managed to convince them that it's the OS as it also occurs with Handcent and ChompSMS. Hopefully we'll see that fix soon, too.

Glad to hear that. Tmo won't believe it's anything more than me not having a notification tone set up. Since I'm obviously an idiot.

I keep not receiving calls. They go directly to voicemail. T mobile replaced my phone twice and sim card once. Third phone and second sim card and the phone worked good for about 3 weeks and then today... No calls or texts.