T-Mobile HTC G2

Best Buy just announced that it will begin presales for the T-Mobile HTC G2 starting Friday. You'll have to plunk down $199 and two years of your contract life, but we're willing to bet more than a few of you will be doing so. Best Buy also announced that the G2 will be available in stores starting Oct. 6. Still no official word from T-Mobile as to when it will have the G2 on sale. [Best Buy] Thanks, Jeff!

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TMo, Best Buy, whoever. One of yall stand still so I can throw money at you until you give me one of these.

AnAm85 says:

Jerry, are you from the south? Yall? Thats a common word in my vocabulary too! I will have to pass on it. I love my Vibrant too much. Can't wait for Froyo!

He hails from the mountains of West Virginia. Appalachian would be a more proper definition I think.

icebike says:

Why is this thing only 800mhz? Seems so unlike HTC.

mikeybot says:

It's 800mhz but a new chip

vinny#AC says:

I sent the vibrant back, thought it was a very cheap looking and feeling device. My Nexus One is better built, looking and can do what the vibrant wishes it could do. Once you have a Nexus it is very tough to give it up.Will have to check out this G2 for sure. htc + google = winner.

bobaka says:

I'm keeping my Captivate and i love it.

That's a nice lookin phone though. If lived somewhere tmobile has decent coverage it would be very tempting... in the northwest..
coverage sucks

I'm sorry. These specs suck.
3.7" screen? My Nexus One has a 3.7" screen. It is OK but I drool over the idea of having 4.3 inches.
800mhz processor?
Please tell me it is at least running vanilla 2.2 (Froyo) instead of what has lately become so annoying; old OS like 2.1 with skins.

I'm waiting for a phone with 4.3" of Super AMOLED combined with front facing camera, hummingbird 1ghz or greater processor, at least 16gb internal mem, and slim form factor.

SanGo says:

The G1 having been vanilla, one would assume the G2 would be as well. And its already confirmed to run froyo

EVOlveMe91 says:

I love froyo on my evo honestly. It had a little bug but nothing to serious. Advanced Task Killer killed the problem easy

EVOlveMe91 says:

I might get it cuz I have a HTC EVO with Sprint and T-Mobiles Hspca+ network is waaaay faster then the "wimax" Sprint offers.

HSPCA? Are they moving the MBs around on the backs of rescued greyhounds?


hawonjung says:

what? SNAPDRAGON 800mhz? I thought this one comes with Scorpion.

jelly roll says:

Louisiana yall are welcome I can't stand northerners

Lockeskidney says:

i cant get over the 3.7 inch screen
i used an evo for a month but came back to Tmo

i wasnt crazy about the evo for some reason