If you've got an upgrade available on T-Mobile and have been holding out for a deal on a G2 then today is you're lucky day. Best Buy Mobile now has the T-Mobile G2 available for free when you up your contract for another 2 years. Can't really beat that offer. Anyone going to be hitting up Best Buy Mobile to take advantage of this? If you're not feeling Best Buy Mobile, T-Mobile also has the sale on their website.  [TMonews]


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T-Mobile G2 free at Best Buy Mobile and T-Mo today


I sent this link to my brother who is dying to get a G2. He called tmobile and checked bestbuy.com. This is just a plan for new customers, so if you're due for an upgrade this doesn't apply to you.

Same thing with a friend of mine. It's only for new accounts or if you're adding a line to an existing account.

I am not a fan of the sliders, but I handled this at a Tmobile Kiosk in my local mall and it felt solid. Obviously a lot of people do not like Tmobile coverage, but if you are in an area that gets decent 4G service,then this is a very decent offer IMO. A state of the art Free phone likely to be upgraded to Gingerbread before many other phones will.

What a nice phone. This is probably the only phone on the market right now, aside for maybe the Incredible, that I would use with the same enjoyment as I do my N1.

I've played with it. Such a solid device.

Nice deal, too. Hopefully some T-Mo users will take advantage of this deal.