Here's a funny image to brighten your Monday--that picture above isn't a shot of the T-Mobile G1 but rather of a fake, knockoff version that not only fakes the hardware but also runs some knockoff version of Android. It doesn't come with a slideout hardware keyboard and um, what's the point of faking Android? It's free to license!

Either way, it's pretty hilarious and if anyone was to ever spot one of these in real life be sure to send it in!

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[via engadget]



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T-Mobile G1 Gets Faked with No Slideout Keyboard - Huh?


Actually there's a pretty good reason for faking Android. If you look at the fake Chinese iPhones you'll notice few of them run Windows Mobile with some custon UI.
Most of them run a RTOS ( Nucleus OS usually ) which works on lower end phones. Their CPU is an ARM 7 at around 100 MHz so they couldn't possibly run a Smartphone OS.
Minimum hardware requirements for Android are as far as I know a 200 MHz ARM 9 CPU and around 64 MB of RAM. Call me skeptical but Java is slow and needs RAM so to get a decent phone you'll probably need 400 MHz and 128 MB RAM. The fake Android phones probably have nowhere near that hence they're using a RTOS made to look like Android.

hay i bought one of those from for 160$ and where do i send it in because im very upset about this!.

hey i bought one of these the other day online....where can i send it in? If i send it in will they give me a real one?.