While more Android devices come out rocking Android 2.0 on launch and other Android phones announcing their intention to do so in the future, any news regarding the very first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, has been nonexistent. We figured that was an omen for bad news because why not announce that 2.0 is coming if it can eventually come, right? Plus, with Rogers' whole ordeal with the HTC Dream and 2.0, well it just wasn't looking good at all.

But there's a glimmer of hope! A moderator in an internal T-Mobile forum has posted that the T-Mobile G1 will receive its update by the end of January. It's not the most official of sources but we want this to be true so bad, we're rolling with it. So what say you T-Mobile?

Do you guys desperately want the T-Mobile G1 to get Android 2.0? Or do you guys just want to buy the Nexus One now? Let us know!

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T-Mobile G1 To Get Android 2.0 Update Soon ?


G1 rooted has had 2.0 and now 2.1 but I'd rather have a NexusOne. Google should have been nicer to us original G1 owners and hooked us up with a subizied price.

I'm inclined to agree with guy. I would've been more apt to go for the Nexus One if there had been some sort of upgrade option that didn't cost so much. That being said, I've rooted my G1 as well and run Cyanogen mods, and I'm pretty content with that. I'm actually tethering right now to right this.

I agree, Tmo and google should have given the G1 owners a better deal on the Nexus 1. It was us who made android a success in the first place. Without us buying the G1, android would have failed.

I'll agree that it would be nice to give us a subsidized price, but I don't think anyone is surprised it hasn't happened.

I def vote for 2.0 on the G1. The Nexus One is a badass phone to be sure, but the kind of loot they are asking for is the kind of loot you spend on a next-generation phone (google voice VOIP anybody)?

Until Google/Tmo/other gives me a reason to shell out a few hundred bucks, I'm sticking with G1

Plus I need the outlook sync... i was using google calendar sync but it doesn't work on my new 64-bit machine :(

A 2.0 update for the G1 would DEFINITELY hold me over until a SenseUI with a physical QWERTY and Snapdragon processor drops in the US. If that will ever come true.

With my contract not up til Oct I have to wait and will take 2.0 on my G1. My only concern is that these updates get to the point where thre G1 can not handle it efficiently...

I'm new to Android but not to Linux. I'd have to see side by side what function that is *not* dependent on hardware, changes between older versions of Android and v2.x. Outside of those willing to root and for some stuff, maybe even run compiles, I don't think you'll ever see the big boys developing backward compatibility much, there's little to no money in it. It's up to us hobbyists and geeks to do it for fun, and the first comment seems to indicate it is already there if you're willing to take the steps to put the pieces together.

Loyalty subsidy? I've seen this on cars, usually at year-end sales, and sometimes some generic trade-in value on mobiles, but for something model-specific, they'd spend more setting the program up than they'd ever make in incremental revenue. Face it, most of us will buy again when 2 things get satisfied (supposing we got the coin): 1. your 2 years is up 2. there is something technically compelling from what we have in pocket.

Google has messed up with me I have the G1 and I'm watitng for the update cause I'm not paying $529 for the nexus one and I'm not changing my rate plan to get it at a cheaper price I hope t-mobile get the Iphone I'm trying to keep my ears open and see how that goes i don't hear about them have problems updating their phones ALL THEIR PHONES and I don't hear about all the problems I had to put up with since I got the g1 when it first came out google get your act together cause if tmobile gets the iphone I'm never looking back

N1 subsidize price for G1 users with long time loyalty with TMO would have been nicer then the 2.0 update. I already know and can and have done 2.0 update by rooting the phone. I am not even a slight excited about this...this is a crappy deal for loyal G1 users. Shame!

You people act as if you are owed something when you're not

Get over it and get a N1 just like the rest of us

if it wasn't because of us, your n1 would still be on the drawing board so why don't you, get over yourself and stfu

wow, you need to relax. Your rude and there is no way "you" made android happen. Android was a very exacting execution by Google with no chance of failure. If you build it they will come, and if you make it people will buy it.


I would to see the 2.0 and 2.1 update on my G1 before I upgrade to the nexus one which will be very soon can't wait, I will deff keep my G1 in a glass case as a memory of my first android phone.

I'll believe it when I see 2.0 ROMS for the ADP phones.

I got a Nexus One because I wanted to play with the multi-touch and bluetooth APIs, and it's be cool if I didn't have to worry about backwards compatibility for Dream owners.

i love how people whine that they should get some special deal because they bought this or bought that, and now they want whatever the newest thing is, but dont want to pay the same price as everyone else.

OMG, shut up. seriously. Hey, when samsung comes out with a new TV every month, do you whine to them about how its their duty to give you the newest crap? Or when a new car comes out.. should u get auto upgraded? Is there ANY company that does that? They would go out of business if they did. Either buy the new stuff or be happy with what you have. All android phones are good phones, and none of them are THAT different.. get over yourself.

You say this probably you do not know the history of Android,
it's safe to say the 1st 20mil of Android devices sold were support
from these so-called geeks and developers community.

And thus the success of Android really depends on these open source developers
to make up the sales figures. And if Google try to keep things proprietary now, it's
really not an appreciate act.
Your example of a tv set is totally out of topic (tv set is not open source at least).

What developers expecting is continuous support, don't see any "too much" request here.

And lastly, do pay some basic respect when you post something online,
because you are taking things for granted!

you're pretty dumb aren't you?

this is a smart phone, built on the android platform..
one of the features that sold the phone was that it will constantly receive updates over the air to keep the phone competitive with the other models for years to come..

Both? I would like my G1 to go to 2.0 AND i'd like a neXus one...

But seriously will 2.0 work fast on the G1?

I really like the G1, even after using the droid for a bit I go back to the G1.

I would really like a G2 with snapdragon processor and android 2.1.

Oh, and a little more space for apps, please please plesae

I love the idea of a snapdragon processor in the N1, but I won't buy one.

Mostly because of the expense and lack of a family rate plan, but also because of the lack of a physical keyboard. Android's touchscreen keyboard works well enough but IMO takes up too much screen realestate. Other than that I love Android, I hate Apple, and so anything that will take the gloss out of Apple has my vote. I wish I could manually change out the G1's hardware though. That 1GHz cpu is sick.

If those forums are anything like the US Forums, then the moderators are not privy to that information, and this is once again, simply pure speculation.

As the "end of January" is only 10 days away, and TMo tech support says they have not yet set a release date, I think we'll know for sure who is correct in only a few days...

Here's to hoping a forum moderator knows more than the support people looking at the roll-out docs.

On the silly nexus plan requirements... your only required to "activate on a certain plan"... once u actually get the phone u can change it to whatever you want. Its rediculous, but its not permanent at least.

All g1 users should get the update because I wld say a majority of the ppl assumed the updates wld not stop coming. That was something that excited me about the phone new updates vs buying a new phone every few months. And the price is insane for a nexus...

All g1 users should get the update because I wld say a majority of the ppl assumed the updates wld not stop coming. That was something that excited me about the phone new updates vs buying a new phone every few months. And the price is insane for a nexus...

I totally agree. The phone's software should stay updated at least for the length of the contract. However, that causes a problem. The G1 is still available at T-Mobile right now. People who bought it yesterday would feel entitled to the newest updates for ANOTHER two years.

I agree 100% with the overall point but I can see where it wouldn't be technically feasible.

T-Mobile should keep putting out updates for phones for at least two years after the initial release of a phone. Stopping updates after one year does not make since to those that choose not to upgrade their hardware until it is time for their contract to renew.

the guy who was talking about the flash player thank you your absoutley right they talk so much about 2.0 2.1 all i relly care about is mobile flash player 10 thats really the only reason i got android they said there were going to give us a flash player 10 and then now they forget or something i don't know why there stalling atleast give us a date if you have flash player 10 on your phone you won't care about 2.1,2.0,3.7 or anything

some assclowns here are so proud of their n1, and talking shit about the g1...who asked you anyway?

back to topic, yes i agree! roll out the update for 2.0 for us g1 users who has supported the android platform since it was unveiled and unknown..

I like the slide out keyboard in my G1 and I am keeping it. I cannot use an on-screen keyboard cuz I type with my fingernails (on-screen keyboards do not register fingernail typing, but slide-outs do.)

So, I am hoping we will get the upgrade, but if not, I will still keep my G1.

Point of concern is whether G1 is capable of handling v2.0 in a more efficient way? IMO, I don't think so. Because there have been certain developments in v2.0 and it should require a strong and faster processor.

What do you say?

I have the g1 tmobile and I have had it for 2 weeks now and i got the ota update to the 1.6 and as soon as i did,my phone starting to work so much more slower than when it had 1.2 version or 1.5 which ever it came with.internet explorer is horrible,oh my gosh how slow,so need less to say if we do get the 2.0 update ota,my question is can the g1 handle it? and also per my research flash 10.0 is on the 2.0 so thats nice to have while watching certain you tube videos or streaming movies,but hello who is going to stream movies on there cell phone,get a laptop if thats the case,well anyhow the g1 is an awesome ophone,still trying to learn about it.awesome sound clarity.

I'm one of the early adopters of the G1 and would like to have 2.0 but it really doesn't matter that much to me. As you can see, it's now Feb. 1 and no 2.0 . No big deal. I'll live. We'll get it if we get it. If I want the newest version, I'll root or I'll get a new phone.

I've had the G1 for about 2 months now, and I love it. I got the 1.6 OTA update soon after getting the phone, and it's been great. I've had no problems with my G1, and I don't plan on changing phones in the near future. The only "issue" I have is the bulkiness of the phone, but I knew that going in. And I can work around that. If we G1 owners get the 2.0 update, great provided it works properly. If not, I'm ok with 1.6. If we don't get the OTA update, and I find myself wanting 2.0 in the future, I'll simply root my phone.

As far as the N1, I'm not that impressed with it. I like the look of the phone a lot, but other than the Snap Dragon processor, I'm not seeing anything that wows me. Animated wallpaper? Yawn. Besides, I prefer having the option of a physical keyboard.

You know what!? You're right. I've had my phone for about the same time as you. I'm completely in love with it. I do like the fact that my G1 has the physical keyboard. It always annoyed me texting with the on-screen keyboard anyways. I would LOVE to have an update for 2.0, but if there is none for the G1, oh well. :)

Give me my damn flash player that I was promised 1 year ago. When flash player was anounced for android, it was shown on a G1 way before android 2.0 was even available to developers. Now these fuckers are saying that it will only be available for android 2.0 and up. Do something right already you fuckers. Give me my flash player.

Why release a flash player for an outdated version of the OS..?

Now not releasing neither the player nor Eclair, thats fucked up..

I was also told the Cliq had flash when I bought it. I want the !@#$%* flash player & I'm so aggrivated with it I'm telling every1 not to waste they're money. This is bs! I'm tired of seeing the message that says I need to upgrade to see a video & then having to search youtube hoping its there. - a very disappointed customer.

i think you should've done more research on what your buying rather than what you were told. Sales rep will tell you everything so they can sell phones, or whatever they are selling to you. My friend who works at gamestop once told a customer that there's a new pokemon game coming out and its a never before seen pokemon game with like final fantasy style kinda thing. It weirded me out that this teenager believed what my friend said, and he waited for it. but it never came out coz it wasn't there in the first place.

My point is, do your own research before you buy stuff. and not believe someone and buy stuff. coz then you'll be a very disappointed person.