Whoa. Can this be true? According to T-Mobile UK's latest financial numbers, it looks like the T-Mobile G1 accounts for nearly 20% of T-Mobile UK contract sales. According to T-Mobile UK, the T-Mobile G1 was clearly "the best-selling launch" of 2008. Having the G1 in tow, T-Mobile UK enjoyed a strong second half to the year (it launched at the end of October).

These numbers are a great base to build on and hopefully T-Mobile UK is prepared to compete with Vodafone and the HTC Magic for marketshare. How about it UK users, is the T-Mobile G1 that popular across the pond?

[via intomobile]


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T-Mobile G1 Accounting for 20% of UK Contract Sales?


Have you not seen our briliant TMO/G1 ad's on youtube? the one where everyone is dancing? I know we dont have a speechless 'Steve' but its still good!

[...] 来自Android中心的报告称, 搭载Android操作系统的T-Mobile G1手机在英国市场上的销售份额已占T-Mobile公司销售总额的20%。 对Android支持者来说这是条非常好的消息,显示出Android在欧洲的智能手机市场上的份额在持续上升。随着Android手机在销售上的持续增加,我们应该能看来会有越来越多的非常酷的应用将出现在该平台上。 上一篇文章:>    Android为Netbook注入动力 [...]