1,645,000 total customers added in the quarter; best figures in 8 years

We're live from T-Mobile's Uncarrier 4.0 event at CES in Las Vegas where CEO John Legere has just announced preliminary Q4 2013 results for the carrier. We're of course not talking financial results, but rather customer acquisition and general network information. Here are the high points:

  • Total customer acquisition of 1.645 million
  • Branded net customer additions of 981,000
  • 869,000 postpaid net customer additions, 69,000 of which were tablets
  • 112,000 prepaid net customer additions
  • Overall customer churn of just 1.7 percent

These numbers lead to the best quarter for T-Mobile in eight years. Legere claims that over 4.4 million customers moved to T-Mobile in 2013, of course helped greatly by those amazing Q4 results but also by Q2 and Q3 additions. In the previous two quarters, T-Mobile added more customers than all other carriers combined.

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T-Mobile announces preliminary Q4 2013 customer results


Just as I stated long ago Plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile period.

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I typically have it where I need it most, which is in in major cities and up and down the east coast. For $30 a month, I'll live.

How many total compared to Sprint?

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I have no idea how many customers tmobile has compared to Sprint, but I just switched to tmobile from sprint and the experience has been all around excellent. Not only is the service faster and way more reliable, but I added two lines to my plan (all with data) and we are still paying less each month. Granted I did bring all my own phones, Christmas presents, so I'm not paying for them monthly.

And still for the 2 year period they are at a net loss altogether.

Oh well, it looks good for the people buying them and the shareholders that they are not a loss.

Nobody is buying them YET. Just stop, before you are hated like Richard Yarell.

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it means that they are not ripping off like Verizon and ATT..

This would force ATT and verizon to be competitive.

as long as they keep adding customer they will turn to profitability soon. I am happy for them

Well, maybe their plans do not cover the cost of operations. Maybe they are bulking up their customers and when they have enough they will start chipping away with price increases.

STFU about the hypothetical purchase. You are like the Richard Yarrell of T-Mobile disinformation.

Why so aggressive?

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

He trolls all of the T-Mobile articles with his doom and gloom predictions. It gets very old. Plus, he's a coward. He said that if the Nexus 5 had 32GB or more of storage he'd change his handle. The guy has no integrity.

Really have you seen articles on here about any other carrier that doesn't get trolled?

Yeah I am going hard at tombs because it is not everything people try to make it out to be.

There are three facts that come into play here. Price is comparable to sprint. Dt wants to sell them off and the coverage is not as good as even sprint

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"Really have you seen articles on here about any other carrier that doesn't get trolled?"

Is there a point in there somewhere? Lots of people murder. Murderers are still dicks.

Come back when your prediction comes true. Until then you will be challenged.

Any person can make a prediction on the Internet. There is very little consequence to being blindingly wrong. What are willing to wager?

It's disinformation to state, as fact, that they are going to be acquired. That's what you actually done multiple times across multiple threads.

Who cares? So what about these numbers! They don't mean anything. All it means is that people like the gimmicky sales pitch Legere has been spewing. I even bought into it by opening up a post paid account for my new Nexus 5. As easily as T-Mobile's uncarrier policy reeled customers in, it will be just easy for them to lose them all. What matters the most is the quality of service. Right now, it's nowhere near the quality of reliable and consistent service of VZW. When I see that happen for my Nexus 5, then I'll happily switch my entire family account to T-Mo. Right now....why drive a Prius, when I can drive a Ferrari. Everything besides the network is pretty decent, it's just the network isn't nearly the same quality that I am use to, and I am from the NY/NJ area. Hurry up T-Mo,...hurry up!

Tmo network is just fine in Connecticut.

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I have no problems with Tmo in Kansas City. LTE is always next to my signal bars almost always. Call quality is good. A few dead spots here and there, but every carrier has them. I only have problems in the sticks.

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What do you consider the NY/NJ area? I'm sitting in lower Manhattan right now and looking at NJ from my office window and T-Mobile has the best service of all 4 carriers here. I have coworkers sitting on my floor with VZW - in fact the company contracts VZW for their mobile devices - and their service is weak to useless.

I agree. The NY/NJ IS pretty well covered. I don't run into problems until I'm 45 minutes north of the City.

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Although they do need to improve on coverage, in the areas that T-Mobile does cover, the service is great.

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T-Mobile in my area (suburb of Boston) is the fastest Carrier of all. I get on HSPA+ 15mb down and 3 up. On LTE I'm getting 25-30mb down and 10+ down. After 5PM my download speeds on LTE jump to over 35 down and HSPA+ almost 20 down. Those are consistent speeds, no spiking or jumping. I get real unlimited data without throttling for eighty five bucks a month and they throw in free hotspot. These speeds are very common in many areas. Verizon just completely sucks in my area and all surrounding areas. They are so over bloated. Their 3G speeds are useless. I loose Verizon LTE data all the time. For you to compare Verizon's network to a Ferrari is a joke. I have been with all the Carriers, still have a unlimited plan with Verizon which I have put in suspension because my LTE just died. I went to bed with LTE and woke up with less than 3G. They said they had to shift the towers. I am in a very hi tech area that Verizon just dropped the ball on. T-Mobile has been the fastest, most reliable and have the best plans. It's a no brainer. I would suggest to anyone not on T-Mobile to try it, nothing to loose, if you are in their coverage area and most are, their coverage area gets larger daily, if it works for you than great. You have nothing to loose but everything to gain. Don't listen to anyone who says different, most who talk shit have their own agenda, I'm simply telling you my experience. It has been the best Carrier and fastest data speeds with the best plans out of all, bottom line.

Verizon customers are extremely cocky, they are like mouthpieces for the CEO!!! I was with Vzn for 3yrs and LTE dropped to useless EVDO 3G quite often

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I'm all over between Boston and Washington D.C. with excellent Tmobile service and speeds WAY faster than I got on Verizon. You, sir, are plain wrong.

As for your analogy, Tmobile is the Ferrari, and ATT/VZW are more like the reliable Prius for the rural folks.

Is T-Mobile getting closer to taking 3rd place from Sprint in total customer base yet???

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The closest you'll get to an actual figure is checking the previous quarters' results.

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They lost so many over the last two years they are still behind. Not to mention that Sprints base is growing as well. T mobile is not taking away from them, but from ATT and Verizon.

to quote Motley fool:

Sprint is growing its subscriber base. The company reported its best-ever postpaid service revenue of $5.8 billion for the third quarter of 2013. Sprint's overall revenue was reported at $7.31 billion in the third quarter of 2013, which was a slight increase compared to $7.29 billion in the third quarter of 2012. Sprint reported a net income of $383 million in the third quarter of 2013.

That's a lot of numbers flying toward my face. What was their profit though? I didn't see that.

Sprint (Softbank) is reinvesting their revenue into the newest generation of LTE Advanced that will eclipse all other US carriers within a year for many and two years for most. Better for customers first, shareholders later.

Moreover, there are taxes on profits whereas there are tax incentives on reinvested build out including employing technicians / installers. And their paychecks recirculate into the economy known as the multiplier effect.

That is right on. The only thing that you could be wrong on is length of time. Quite honestly I expected them to be further along by now.

I guess there is no real complaints though since they are moving forward and they are still adding subscribers....

You are right though, in a few years they will have a LTE-A network that will rival ATT and VZW if not be slightly ahead (an advantage of all new equipment)

"In a few years" has been Sprint's motto... for at least a few years.

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The more customers, the more they earn. The more they earn, the bigger and better their network will get. That's my hope anyway lol.


They saw and increase in revenue, but the increase in operating costs were WAY out of line. This is for the last reported quarter (3rd, 2013) and they lost money. Substantially less than the previous year, but still a loss.

How do you think they lost less? Was it by earning less, or earning more? Hmm? You said their costs were high. Well, basic logic and accounting would indicate that if your costs are up but your net loss is down then you must have earned more revenue, just as the OP rightly claimed.

I did not say earnings, I said revenue. There is a big difference. Let me educate you in the simplest way I can

Earning is what you have after all the bills were taken out. In q3 they lost 16M
Revenue is the money you get paid for your services (before taking the bills out)
Operating costs is what you take from the revenue to determine the earnings.

If your revenue goes up, you hope that your earnings go up.

When your revenues go up, your operating costs should go up by roughly the same percentage (actually it should be less, but that is another ball of wax).

Tmobile saw its revenue for Q3 go up, but the operating costs went up by a higher percentage than their revenue percentage.

Just as and example. It cost them $1.25 to make $1. That means they had a earning of -.25 cents for the quarter, hence they lost money.

Listen, do not believe me. I do not give a crap. Read it for yourself

go and google it since I cannot paste the link