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Now that Sprint is all but out of the picture when it comes to breaking up the reverse merger of T-Mobile by MetroPCS, the CFO of Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile USA's parent company) is talking about the expected completion of the deal. When the merger was first agreed upon by the two companies, the deal was expected to close sometime just after the first of the year. Now CFO of DT Timotheus Hoettges is indicating that we should expect the deal to be finished by June 2013.

This deal couldn't come any sooner for T-Mobile USA and Deutche Telekom alike, both of which would like to have better options in the U.S. wireless market. T-Mobile USA has been coming up short in the U.S. behind Verizon and AT&T, and could use the additional subscribers and spectrum from MetroPCS to improve their position. Deutsche Telekom likes the liquidity that a new publicly traded company provides, allowing them to leave the U.S. market easily if they see fit.

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T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger expected to close in Q2 2013


Tmobile speeds are wonderful they have great hspa plus 42MPS network fantastic reception and excellent signal strength in my area of New York City. I have been on all the carriers and most recently kicked Verizon to the curb June for Tmobile and I'm here to tell you they make both Sprint and Verizon useless here in New York City. This merger will make tmo much stronger in so many ways. If your on Tmobile be proud it's a company on the rise with upcoming LTE ADVANCED 10 NETWORK which will be back hauled to it's current HSPA PLUS 42MPS NETWORK which will be a great thing. With it's excellent unlimited data and the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 arriving this is the network to be on.

In certain locations some carriers are better than others, YMMV. In rural areas Tmobile sucks. Your experience doesn't trump other's experience.

Lets take one carrier that sucks in rural areas and merge it with another carrier that sucks in rural areas and what do you get? A carrier that still sucks in rural areas.

I live 30 miles north of orlando in a pretty built up urban/rural area in lake county and there's no metroPCS or T-mobile stores within 20 miles of here. Why? Cause there's barely a signal. The only place that sells Tmo is RadioShack and I have no idea why.

Poor guy sounds like you need to move. This is an secluded situation in your case. Not what's happening for everyone else with Tmobile service..

"Poor guy sounds like you need to move." How stupid are you? Did you really just suggest he move simply for better cell phone coverage? Hate to brake it to you, but 99% of the general population would undoubtedly list safe neighborhood, nice house, close to work, good school system (if kids are in the picture), and a myriad of other things before cell phone reception comes into play. Under that retarded mentality, why didn't *you* move when you had "piss poor reception" with Verizon? Riidle me that, Dick.
"This is an secluded situation in your case. Not what's happening for everyone else with Tmobile service.." Go look 20 or so miles outside of NYC on T-Mobile's own coverage maps and tell me what you just said is true and what he said is false. I dare you.

I don't need to go anywhere. I have Sprint. Been with them for 12 years now and gooooood to go. How I know about the coverage of Tmo and MetroPCS here is that I used to work for RS and saw T-mo's coverage maps and my brother went with MetroPCS...needless to say...he returned the phone because of service within 48 hours.

He's right, if you're on a road trip and venture away from the highways, outside a city, you lose any signal from tmobile, its been that way for 10 years, here in missouri. If I go down to southern missouri anywhere, once you leave the highways you get no signal whatsoever.

T-mo sucks, I hate them for trying to rip me off and also not replacing my phone that had power issues before the 1 year warranty was up. My biggest beef was when I paid to break my contract and be put on a month to month plan, for better text rates, I left them and they tried to make me pay an etf, even though i already paid a large sum to break my contract for month to month.

Lake County, no wonder! No on a serious note the 4G is spotty on Tmobile in Lake County but 4G on Metro is actually pretty decent if you arent in the stcks in Lake County---which is most of the county, I usually get rather good 4G when I go to Mount Dora or Clarmont.....maybe its the hills haha

wow... how do they expect to combine CDMA and GSM networks?
I do realize that they're planning to keep the two running
as two companies... but still...

They are killing the CDMA network. There is a great article on Tmo News explaining the entire deal and network.

If GSM is so great, why is Europe trying to move to LTE networks now, instead of expanding more gsm networks?

Because LTE is the future but GSM was the current/past. Everyone is moving to LTE then to LTE Advanced because it allows more cells communication per bandwith unit and faster transfer speeds. LTE is an evolution of GSM afterall.

I think Sprint should have bought T-Mo when it had the chance but Sprint screwed the pooch spending all that cash on it's failed wimax endeavor. I love you Sprint. I do. But I think your think tank has a leak.

I live in a suburb of Boston where T-Mobile has a much better Network them Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. I get over 20mb down and 5mb up during day time hours, at night these speeds are much faster. T-Mobile with the addition of Metro will be on their way to LTE, a better LTE them both Verizon and AT&T. New and modern LTE that has better in building penetration. T-Mobile is the network of the future. This writer seems to think this merger is to give T-Mobile an easy door out of the US market, he is absolutely wrong. T-Mobile this time next year will be the US 3rd place Carrier without the over priced I-Phone that squashed Sprint. Greedy Apple is responsible for taking Sprint down. T-Mobile USA will not and should not pay ridiculous costs for the right to sell their product. Good job T-Mobile. My SpeedTest App just hit 26 mb down and 7 mb up, not too shabby for HSPA+. My battery is still at 70%.

Wasn't crown castle acquiring T-Mobile? Is that still going to happen? Or did they just acquire their sites to free up revenues to buy metro pcs?

T is an odd mix because metro is a mobile virtual network operator under sprints network. So T-Mobile wants to break into cdma? So they will still be at the mercy of Sprint actually ever having a network? Metro own any spectrum?

Metro isn't an MVNO, they have their own network. Yes, they own spectrum, in the same bands as T-Mobile does. The CDMA network is getting shut down.

Please do some research before making comments, that makes you look bad, metroPCS is a regional carrier that has their own spectrum, cdma and LTE, sprint has a deal with metropcs for their extended coverage, but that will not matter when T-mobile does the reverse merger with metropcs.

Sprint please tell me this.
I just moved from suburbia to the hood and my 3G signal went from crap(0.23Mbps) to WoW(5.70Mbps).
Is this because nobody in the hood can afford Sprint?

Just asking.
Loving my Wimax Evo 3D.

This sounds like exciting stuff!!! Especially the 20mhz LTE. I'M currently with Verizon, BECAUSE of LTE. I wonder how long it will take for Tmo to merge Metro's spectrum, and ramp up the LTE??? Hmm, I wonder if it will very in time for the Samsung Galaxy S4??? Probably not.
If anybody is able to help me with details, I live in New Haven County, Connecticut.