We're big fans of Swype here at Android Central, and judging by its latest exhibit, so is the Museum of Modern Art. It's included the trace-based Android keyboard in a new interactive exhibit called "Talk to Me", which reflects on recent innovations in communications technology.

Congrats to the Swype team. Be sure to hit the source link to check out the online display for Swype.

Source: Swype at MoMA


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Swype featured in Museum of Modern Art exhibit


That is one UGLY website. But nevermind that, congrats to the Swype team, it's my favorite touch-screen keyboard.

I am not a fan of the most recent Swype update. It keeps re-positioning my cursor when I attempt to place it at the beginning or middle of a word. I need a mode where I can turn that off and it trusts that I know what I am doing since 99% of the time I am doing it twice because I did exactly what I wanted the first time.

I'm pretty sure this is Swype's fault, because it was never happening until I updated Swype.

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I actually like the newest update and the fact that it goes to the end of the line automatically. Prior to this, whenever you wanted to change something in the middle of the sentence and then go back to the end to continue typing, it was always a MAJOR pain to get the cursor back at the end of the sentence again. It is almost impossible to tap your finger after the last letter but before the end of the box that you actually type into - there is just no space between the letter and the end of the box. I would always end up selecting the entire last word and retyping it again just to finish the sentence.

If you do actually want it to select mid sentence, you just have to tap twice (once will put the cursor at the end). Took a little getting used to at first, but its a welcome change imo.

Yea, I'm not entirely thrilled with the update, either. If I use a "strange" word and tap it in letter by letter, it still insists on auto-correcting it, which the previous version did not do. Letter-by-letter used to turn off auto-correct. Accuracy also seems to have gone down.