Swype has certainly gained a lot of hype from many users, and a while back they rolled out a beta program to select number of people. Today members of this beta received an e-mail stating there was an upgrade available, along with what this upgrade entailed. From what we can see this update includes:

  • Added better context sensitivity for the “magic button” (go/search/enter/smiley)
  • Added automatic apostrophe insertion for contractions (e.g. won't, don't, wasn't, etc)
  • Added the Italian language dictionary
  • Improved sensing of field type to prevent the display and addition of passwords to the UDB (user dictionary)
  • Improved suppression of auto-spacing in fields such as URLs and email addresses
  • Updated the built-in dictionary to include several common words that were previously missing
  • Rewrote some settings descriptions to be more clear on their functionality
  • Fixed licensing issue causing “Limited Functionality” errors when rebooting devices running Android 2.0 and later
  • Fixed licensing issue causing some users to receive an “Incorrect ID” error when installing Swype
  • Fixed a bug where manually typing some words with word-prediction enabled would cause Swype to crash
  • Fixed a bug which caused some words added to the UDB to erroneously override other words when word-prediction is enabled
  • Many other minor bug fixes!

For all of you who are part of the beta program, be sure to install the latest update, and let us know how it works out for you!


Reader comments

Swype beta receives an update


The leaked version of the last one made me have to wipe my phone. For some reason after I installed it no other keyboards would work except the original default. It did some other wacky things as well. I don't want to go anywhere near that thing again. There are at least two other keyboards just like it that do work fine and they're free. There's nothing special about swype except the nasty stuff it did to my OS.

Yea i piggybacked off a tech blog posting it on the last update in march, now i need to search this one out, hope they make one for the Droid's resolution

I hope this fixes a bug I had since switching ROMs... time to find out. Thanks for the post.

Edit: It did, sweet!

Been using Swype 1.25.5612 since beginning of april and never encountered any of the above issues. Not even a crash. Ever.
Oh and it works perfectly with the Droid's resolution (I have the Milestone, but it's the same)

Swype community relations rep here! Indeed, we're releasing in groups, 5000 at a time. You'll get yours tomorrow if you haven't already received one

I've got to say, I really love Swype. I'm using a Moto Droid, and stock is nice, but it's definitely lacking. Swype has most definitely filled in the gap where stock can't quite reach. For some things I still need to revert, and I still can't "no-look" a text the way I'd like to. If I could put a microphone into this keyboard, I'd be all over it, non-stop Swyping...

Found a leaked beta version of Swype on 4shared.com and it works great on my mytouch... Will be searching the site now for the updated version!

I totally forgot that I'm actually a beta tester for this since I changed my rom. I've been using a leaked version since I had resolution issues before. just downloaded this update though, it feels so much smoother and more accurate than before. soo love swype text. I use this thing like its a religion. running moto droid with bugless beast

Same here, Droid and Froyo haven't had any issues. Installed the update today and all is still working well.

Just tried to install the update and after following the link in their e-mail (on my droid incredible) was redirected to a page that said I was not using an android phone and so could not download the installer. This was of course AFTER I had deleted my previous version (as instructed to by the e-mail).

any ideas would be appreciated.


Got my email this AM and updated ASAP. I've been using Swype since the beta was released on a N1 and now my Droid. Using Vlingo keyboard now, though, because since update it's saying it isn't configured for my device and to contact developer. Weird.

I have a stock Nexus on TMO running Froyo and as soon as I received the update I installed it and its awesome. I had an HD2 and this version of Swype is a lot smoother and more efficient.

If you guys and girls would try this Swype out, you could search for SlideIT on Android Market and download that. It works perfectly on my HTC Desire! =)

got the update. runs just like before, just a thinner trace line :p i noticed a small improvement but not by much. of course my beta test is running on my poor mytouch that needs to get retired :(

My wife and I got our updates this morning. Installation was more of a pain than I remembered it due to using xScope as my browser, etc. However, after two or three tries on each phone, finally got it to work.

Having to manually type my words while I was reinstalling reinforced how much I love Swype. This is an app I can't live without.

Love it!!!!

I love Swype, but now that I have Android 2.1 I wish there was a way that I could quickly toggle back and forth between Swype and the stock keyboard.

For texts and quick emails where precision isn't very important, I find that the speech to text function of the normal keyboard is faster than Swype and allows me to chat and text very quickly.

Samsung Moment, Android 2.1

After troubleshooting a pre-install error with the Swype folks (hey, it's still beta, there are bound to be some hiccups), I'm back up and happily Swyping again!

It seems much smoother than the original and I haven't really noticed the auto-apostrophes since I'm used to Swyping one in every time. When starting to input text into any field, it stars off with the shift applied to capitalize the first word - nice little touch.

Swype version running on Froyo on my Moto Droid w/ an o/c kernel to 1100MHz (though I dropped it down to 500 and used Swype - didn't notice any lag/delay)

Can't wait to get this on the Incredible. Running the modded version and absolutely love Swype. Those contractions are the biggest hiccup, and I'm glad to see them being addressed.

Can someone who has Swype beta tell me what the differences between it and Shapewriter keyboard are? From what I can tell, they are the same (except that Shapewriter is available officially in non-beta)...

I'm just wondering why everyone's so excited about Swype, when there is an alternative to it...

I agree. I like Swype's interface over Shapewriter (because I have big fingers), but I don't see what all the Swype hype is. I uninstalled the version I "acquired" and will continue with Shapewriter. The fact that Swype is STILL in a closed beta for all these months shows they're not working all that diligently in getting it out in a timely manner. There are other quality alternatives out there that are free and not perennial betas.