Swiftkey, an Android keyboard replacement that many of us have grown to love, has spent the pas week since its official announcement as the No. 1 downloaded paid application in the market. As you can imagine, with all the various paid applications in the market, spending any day at the top is a huge success, let alone seven in a row. Swiftkey is currently on sale in the market for 99 cents, but the sale ends tonight. Effective Friday morning, the price will jump up to $3.99. 

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Swiftkey spends 7 days at the top, catch it before the sale ends


I happily dropped $3 on LauncherPro Plus, which is the "most used" app on my phone when you think about it. Think about how much you use the keyboard every day... it's probably the second most used, right? But yeah, $1 is better than $4 if it's your thing.

I got LP Plus too... I paid for that because it pretty much amounts to an entire OS overhaul. $3 Was worth it. Right now i have 4 Keyboards on my phone Swype, Vlingo(which is really good) Stock, and Swiftkey.

For sustained one handed use I use swype, for sustained landscape use, either stock or Vlingo . . . Swift key is really good but I'm not really a fan of predictive text, I usually have it off. Which is why I may not think its worth 4bucks.

And still it's just a keyboard, not worth $4.

Judging by your name, you have a Dinc...? I was slow to adopt a third party keyboard (or launcher), thinking the stock Android would be good enough. Boy was I wrong! HTC's is really a pleasure to use.

People who don't have an HTC Phone don't really realize(unless they root and flash) how much of a difference Sense is. It adds a good amount of features. I was stunned to find out certain versions of Stock didn't support scrolling widgets for example, which I had on my HERO with 1.5.

I have an EVO by the way

You know... I tried it because of the positive comments from AC and other Android blogs. But after using it heavily for an entire day (emails, SMS, etc.), I still couldn't type much faster than with the HTC hacked keyboard on my N1. The time to keep looking back and forth at the keys and the previews to select a predicted word was so long that I could just type faster hitting every key in a word. Or maybe I just have thumbs of fury.

Either way, I uninstalled and refunded it. Doesn't mean others won't like it...I just prefer typing out the words and being done with it. I still have the Swype beta for one handed messaging though.

I suppose that's true... but that's the thing I tried to allude to in my earlier post. Typing out words is so ingrained in my brain, that I can type out entire words while barely thinking about it...and VERY rapidly too. Like I said, Swiftkey is a good app, and many will probably do great with it... just not me.

Edit: HTC's spell correction is also pretty good, for the occasional time I hit the wrong keys.

I did the exact same thing (including the refunding). The problem is the time it takes to look and see if it's predicted the right word or not, or I need to type a few more letters, and then clicking the word slowed me down significantly that I went back to the stock Droid keyboard.

I can type with letters automatically, but typing "by words" as one of the poster said requires more thinking and less automated movement.

Wow, and to think I bootlegged this app just this morning.

Thanks to this AC Advertisement, I now rightfully/legally own it haha (99 cents is still a steal tho)

Do you have ot uninstall the swiftkey beta in order to get the full app...or will the full app overwrite the existing beta?

I tried it, and i still dont type faster by using my HTC Keyboard on the Evo, although i did try out an app that i bought a LOONG time ago called Better Keyboard, and i was suprised as to how accurate it actually is! its justas good as the HTC keyboard with the new updates it has. Here are my top 4 keybaords to have in my opinion and yes i do have all 5 on my Evo.

1. HTC
2. Better Keyboard
3. Swype
4. Multitouch Keyboard ( comes with Dorid X)-found on Droid life ( free)
5. Swiftkey

Smart Keyboard Pro is out there too.. It's multitouch (on 2.0 devices and higher) and has some decent skinning options, including the "Iphone" skin. I tried the HTC keyboard on my phone, I didn't find the benefit of it over keyboards like Smart Keyboard (or better keyboard which a tried, but refunded because I didn't find a skin I liked"

For me the order is:
1-Swype (for anything but browsing)
3-Smartkeyboard/Better Keyboard/multi-touch
4-HTC Sense
5-Stock Android (which isn't bad in landscape mode)

I have had Swiftkey for a couple of weeks and think there's a bit of a learning curve. The program has to learn which words and pairs of words you most often use (or so it seems) so with continued use I am more efficient. I do have to remind myself not to type whole words unless necessary.

Overall, I like it. $4? I'm not sure. I was happy with Smartkey. But for $1, it's a steal.

I only bought it because my illegal version of Swype became deactivated. I will pay for Swype, no matter what the cost, when it becomes available. I have to say, I'm not getting used to Swiftkey and I get frustrated with it more each day.
Give me my Swype back!!!!

Recently moved over to a Droid Incredible from a Samsung Omnia, what a change! I rather like swiftkeys, mainly for it's ability to suggest corrections for the voice to text function. Overall, a well spent .99

It amazes me that people will complain about paying $4 for a good app. It shows how spoiled Android users are. A friend of mine is stuck on WinMo and DREAMS of $4 being "pricey" for an App, heh heh.

For people complaining about swiftkey...it has to learn your patterns first. it gets better the more you use it. Once you are past the initial learning curve, it simply rocks. Best keyboard I have used so far, and yes, I have used Swype.