SwiftKey Note

No, your eyes do not deceive you. SwiftKey — long one of the favorite third-party keyboards on Android — has made the leap to iOS after teaming up with Evernote for SwiftKey Note.

Don't worry, SwiftKey for Android isn't going anywhere. (Between you and me, they've got great stuff in the works.)

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SwiftKey makes the leap to iOS with SwiftKey Note


Good to see iOS getting some Swiftkey love. Not being able to use the keyboard outside of the Swiftkey Note app is disappointing but not surprising one bit.

one thing i hated about apple is how clean it looks... its tooo boring, tooo clean. to white and gray, no soul.

That saying: Old, overused, and lame as fuck

That haircut: Ridiculous, hideous, and gay as fuck


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Already downloaded to my work iPad and tested it out. It's promising. I like the two way syncing with Evernote. The only thing I wished it had was the ability to login to your Swiftkey cloud account so the personal predictions would sync between Android/IOS.

This is now my default note taking app on IOS!

It's great to see these Android-born things leap to iOS. I don't use the system anymore (too restrictive) but if you can't have a good 3rd party app, at least have it inside an app, so you know what you're TRULY missing out on and leap to Android :) hehehe


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Just downloaded it to my iPad. As far as I can tell 'swiping' through keys doesn't work. So I'm not sure what the point of this app is.

My sister told me she thinks Swype is enough of a reason to switch from iOS to Android. She hasn't made the switch but said it, lol. I wonder how many other people feel the same?

I cannot believe you can't change keyboards on iOS. That seems as basic as allowing you to turn off conversation mode in an email app...oh wait...

That iPhone looks like a toy in front of my beautiful Nexus 5 and the interface is like a fourth grader designed it.LOL

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The iPhone does look like a toy a beautifully crated toy but the nexus five which is nice looks like they forgot to finish the casing especially the back that ring is the ugliest.

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This seems like a horrible idea. One keyboard for the note app, and another keyboard for everything else? No thank you. As dismal as the Apple keyboard is, having to learn and remember two different layouts it worse. This just shows again how limite the iPhone platform is.

No matter how many times I try to use Swift Key, I am always unimpressed. The autocorrect feature is way too agressive, and the auto capitalization feature capitalizes almost everything. The Google keyboard, in my opinion, is much smarter in both of these areas. Am I missing something? Most others say that it is far better than most everything out there.

Its OK. My iPod already had a swift keyboard ever since I jailbroke it. Apple should open up its keyboard.

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