SwiftKey kicks off summer sale with new themes, price cuts

Third-party keyboard SwiftKey has been updated, adding new themes, as well as fixing bugs. Several exisiting themes for SwiftKey are also on sale for a limited time.

Five new themes are available in the SwiftKey Store. They are Spotlight Purple, Edge Green, Pulse Yellow, Pulse Pink and Hazy Pink. This update also includes a number of improvements and fixes. Typing performance is better, as are some of the translations. Keyboard loading time has been reduced, and Flow execution has improved.

As touched on above, several of SwiftKey's themes are on sale. Prices have been cut by up to 33% on a number of them. The summer sale begins today and is only running for a limited time.

SwiftKey is free to download, and can be found on the Google Play Store right now.


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SwiftKey kicks off summer sale with new themes, price cuts


And now I want to kill them. My amazing pulse green keyboard was updated and now the bloody keys popup when I press them like an iPhone. It looks slow and now the keyboard that used to be fast is now slower than it used to be.

Way to go. Back to the Android L keyboard I go.

Posted via Android Central App

I think he's leaving SwiftKey because it's slow. Just like I did. Swype all the way! (Sure, Swype needs a little tweaking to not-be-slow, by disabling the "cloud syncing", but still...)

I wish, but no. I used it for a bit and then went back to SwiftKey for the more accurate prediction engine. However, now that typing on SwiftKey is going to be slow going with the update, I will go back to the Android L keyboard with the inferior text prediction.

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Mine seems fine too, it loaded a bit quicker. There was definitely lag after the last update.

Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App

I use the pulse green keyboard theme exclusively in Swiftkey. Prior to today's update, when I pressed down on a letter, the letter would briefly light up and that is how I knew I successfully hit the letter (aside from seeing it materialize on the screen).

Now that today's update was rolled out to me, when I hit a letter on the pulse green keyboard, it confirms I hit it by having a slow laggy version of the letter pop up like on the iPhone, but without the classiness. It actually make typing slower and Swiftkey is starting to miss letters I am inputting because I am typing too fast for it. This has never happened for my phone (HTC One M8) until this update.

I am perturbed that they would actually change the function of the themed keyboard like that-- making letters pop up that used to just light up when pressed.

The only performance improvement that I saw was the keyboard loading up a smidge quicker. However, flow is now inaccurate for me and the letters on the pulse green keyboard lag horribly. So... The keyboard loads faster, but types and flows way way way slower for me.

I had to change my five star rating in the play store to one star since the keyboard is not usable for me anymore.

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My experience is on the opposite end of the spectrum here - this update seems to have gone a long way in killing the lag that had been plaguing the keyboard ever since they overhauled it and made it free.

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I've used this keyboard since it came out. The keys always popped up like that on every theme I've used. Maybe the pulse green theme wasn't working correctly prior and they "fixed" it. Still, I type fast enough that I rarely noticed the keys popping up.

So what themes are actually on sale, all the themes I can see still say 69p which was what the original price is.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

My guess is the themes on sale are the ones that people got for free. Example I had originally paid for SwiftKey so we were given this free paid pack that had 10 themes already so yeah most likely it's those themes that are on sale and we just not seeing it as we got the sale themes already. Lol think that makes sense.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Well I have to say that the way SwiftKey pops up with their keyboard is something I prefer. I've used the iOS keyboard for quite a while and this feels more natural for me. However I prefer simple black as my favorite theme.

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I updated, and got the Spotlight Purple theme for ninety-nine cents, not sure if on sale, but I like it. I'll likely go back to the HTC input method when I change my purple Sense theme and wallpaper, though.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

If they haven't corrected the idiocy that is the automatic space after any punctuation, they need their heads examined.

Posted via Android Central App

This is one thing I actually like. LOL. To each their own I guess. But due to the lag in the previous build, I switched to Flesky

Google the Android L keyboard. Go to the XDA forums and there will be a link to the Android L keyboard. The download file is called LatinlmeGoogle_nonroot.apk.

Download it, install it, go to advanced settings inside the app and change the keyboard to the material theme and voila, you are done.

If you already have the Google Keyboard, you need to uninstall it prior to installing the Android L apk.

If you are using a Nexus device, you will not be able to install the Android L keyboard because you can't uninstall the older Google keyboard, so keep that in mind.

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I got SwiftKey from the Amazon AppStore when it was the free app of the day about 2 years ago. They have a slow time updating apps on the Amazon Appstore app. So I will have to wait. But SwiftKey has a tendency to hang and freeze, especially if you are getting an incoming text.