SwiftKey Cloud beta

Several known issues still on the list to be fixed in future updates.

SwiftKey is pushing out an updated build of its latest beta product, "SwiftKey Cloud", that fixes many annoying issues with the initial release that have been reported by testers. Version makes several big improvements including being able to personalize with multiple Gmail accounts, removal of Android's own backup service if Cloud is enabled and removing redundant SwiftKey account entries in the Android settings menu.

Additionally, many small issues have been fixed. Gmail personalization should no longer crash, Flow predictions are now more responsive, Cloud preferences crashes have been fixed and emoji input in Handcent has been fixed. There are still several more known issues that are next in line to be fixed, but this is still a big update that all beta testers should move up to.

You can grab a download of either the phone or tablet version of the SwiftKey Cloud beta at the source link below.

Source: SwiftKey


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SwiftKey Cloud beta updated with numerous fixes


man.. this may be the tin foil hat talking, but depending on what it backs up, all i keep thinking is "now the government will know EVERYTHING i type on my phone" lol

Hm, I ran the last beta. A couple of weeks ago it told me the term of the beta had expired and it quit working. Could I reasonably expect to run another beta, though my account has apparently been frozen? Did this happen to anyone else? I had to go back to stock Swiftkey, which is still pretty great. Would have been nice to continue the beta, but I had resigned myself to waiting until the beta became final.

Yes. I had a popup last time but dismissed it and went about my business. Couldn't find the link again as time expired.

I went back to the Beta web site, downloaded the new one and all was good.

That happened to me too but they provided an update an when I updated it worked again... Here we are with another update :-)

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I see, thanks for explaining how it works. I hadn't realized it was a limited term, I'd assumed it would smoothly upgrade versions til the final. In that case I think I'll just wait for the final release. I'm interested by the new technology, but not so much that I want to have my keyboard disable unexpectedly. It's not a giant PITA, it's just one less thing I want to have to fix or revert when I'm trying to text or email someone. For me, the keyboard just needs to work and keep working. THanks again, BB_Bmore.

Did they fix the super-annoying issue where Swiftkey auto-inserts a space when you complete a word/select an auto-correction? It's bad enough to get me to not use SwiftKey. I can't believe such an easy issue to correct or provide an option to change doesn't exist, just unfathomable to me.

Lol. Lack of that "auto space" feature is reason for me to ditch a keyboard. I cannot fathom how anyone could type without it.

Oh and it works so great.... nope. At least not now. I downloaded it and started the setup and now it won't download any of the languages. How very nice, it was working good for me. Now I'm back to my old Swiftkey that I will have to select as my default keyboard everytime again... My luck

I found that as well, but didn't find the problem on the tablet beta. Or was there no language pack to download. Hmm...

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My OP was about my Nexus 4, but when I got the popup that the beta had expired on my Nexus 7 and had it run the update, it immediately popped an error saying it couldn't load the language packs. Not sure what that will do in practice, but it happened. Such is the life of using beta apps. It's not as if we can't just go back to plain old SwiftKey and wait for the update to arrive. It's not as if we have to pay for the next version.

You can not continue with the setup if the language pack download fails. At least not for me anyway.

So I'm not the only one with the language pack issue. I'll stop trying to download it then.

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I also cannot download the language pack after updating. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. It is still failing. Now I have no language pack so I have no Swiftkey!

Yep won't install English UK pack, so bad k to using the released version till this is resolved

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Just tried tablet and the phone one both give me language fail for English. But Spanish works fine no issue.

I wonder if one of the next fixes will be for people to get past "Choose a language" when setting it up the first time. The damn thing refuses to download the English US language.

Try again. Swiftkey has been notified of the problem and say they fixed it. I have tried it and now it works as its suppose to.

Has anyone else noticed that if the large keyboard size is selected that the prediction word font is MASSIVE! Is this deliberate or just a bug? I like the large size keyboard but that font size just looks too damn big

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