SwiftKey beta

Performance and memory issues also addressed

SwiftKey has pushed a rather large update to their beta track today. Besides the under-the-hood changes that always come with any beta software, the emoji keyboard UI has been completely revamped, with gestures to switch tabs, a backspace bar, and layout changes. The full change log:

  • Secondary characters on the top letter row modified when number row is enabled
  • Redesigned emoji UI including new space and backspace bar, swipe gestures to switch emoji tab and changes to how the layout works under the hood
  • Fixed performance issues when switching between tabs
  • Emoji now appear larger
  • Fixed issue where emoji still predicted even when disabled
  • General memory problems fixed
  • Fixed issue where Ice theme used extra RAM
  • Fixed keyboard freezes
  • Fixed issues when syncing
  • Fixed problem with Trending Phrases not updating
  • Fixed incorrect vibration feedback when scrolling

You can read what SwiftKey has to say and grab the apk file at the link below.

Source: SwiftKey. Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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SwiftKey Beta updated with new emoji layout


Go to sleep Jerry it's too late to be posting. Let the UK guys handle things like this.

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I find your comment demeaning and insulting. You are not Android Central's editor in chief. And don't try to excuse yourself as everyone's friendly jokester forum buddy because you are not.

Moreover, the world does not operate according to your beddy bye time. Timely information adds value to AC.

It was a joke, asshole. Hop off your proverbial cross and speak to other people like they aren't 7.

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Kind of want to leave these kind of people behind when I leave reddit. You should seriously get a life though man.

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It has some issues with the Note 3. If you see the predictions disappear or flow not working, you'll need to uninstall and reinstall the beta.

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I see the Google hangouts emojis default with the SwiftKey app when using Google hangouts. What gets me is in sms for instance, I get the Android guy emojis on my HTC One while my girlfriends LG gets the facebook smiley - ish emojis.

I'm perplexed by this as when the beta first launched with the emoji support we both had the Android emojis and poof one day hers just changed. I did recently root her device whereas mine is not however I don't think that has anything to do with it.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Btw great update. Much smoother and the larger emojis were needed badly. Thanks SwiftKey aka one of the greatest apps of all time.

P.s more themes please. Or maybe some separate theme plugins available for download in the store. Would pay for some better looking themes.

merry holidays

The emojis are built into the OS and therefore change depending on what version you have. The ones you see in the picture were new in 4.4. I believe the Android robot emoji were new in 4.0 and went up through 4.3

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No the ones we see in the picture are courtesy of the hangouts app. Which are there with or without SwiftKey.

merry holidays

That's my point exactly though. How one sees the emoji varies based on the version of the OS. Emoji are just basic code and each version of the OS has a different image to represent each emoji code. Kit kat emoji are different than JB which are different than Touchwiz.

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Do people even read the changelogs and app descriptions? I'm amazed at how many people keep flagging the same 'issue' even though it's been there, in black and white, in color, in red, in flashing lights, in sticky posts, in articles, in forums, in the main download page... and they still ask why they see different smileys.

Granted, they should have bundled an app-font to avoid this whole mess, but still, READ :P

Hmmm, I read but apparently not enough to not piss people off. I will tread carefully next time I have a question. My apologies.

merry holidays

Hey SwiftKey can we finally get the popular emoji that works with all apps and platforms? Tired of switching back and forth between the LG keyboard and the SwiftKey keyboard just for the real emojis -_-

Definitely far from perfect because even to this day, and being one of the most highly requested features for over two years now I think, they still haven't resolved the issue of the auto-space after punctuation.

They place more importance on emoji and themes then they do functionality and efficiency.

Pretty sure he's talking about how that *can't* be turned off, not that he wants it on. The auto-add punctuation has almost single-handedly ruined the app for me.

So many nice features, but no still no chinese or japanese IME?

Ridiculous, they had more than one year of time to start development.

The original Swype works the best.. don't have to be dead on accurate all the time like swiftkey

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That was exactly my problem. On swype I didn't have to be exact on the letter I started with or ended. It's like it read my mind. I always come back to swype.

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I'm also a Swyper.
And seriously...is emoji actually important to people? I just don't understand why emoticons are even something to get worked up over.

Thank you.

I thought I was the last sane person on the board.

They work hard to get little smiley faces to populate on your keyboard, yet the keyboard itself still slows to a crawl and jumps around randomly when typing on large webpages.

Honestly, Swiftkey is going the same route as Go Launcher did a couple years ago. They started out as "full featured" when few other options competed. Then they just slid as they added more crap, hurting performance...


Swype is also my everyday keyboard for one main feature: swyping or "flowing" in password fields and email fields. Its so much easier to swype my entire email address @ sign and all...and also i can swype my password too even though it has letters and numbers mixed together, Swype knows exactly what I'm trying to enter. Get on board SwiftKey!

This! Swype is the absolute best keyboard out there. Half the time I don't even need to look at the keyboard, it's that good. Or maybe I'm just really used to it.

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Glad an Ice fix is in. I noticed the huge framerate dip whenever it was selected. Obviously it had more going on, but it was WAY to much of a hit for simply adding some textures.

Sadly, it's probably going into the stable release right after it becomes too topical to have equipped. There's always next year.

Still missing the option to change the default currency symbol. Other than that, still one of the best keyboards out there.
More themes would be nice or the ability to change the colors of existing themes yourself.

i hope default emoji comes to the main swiftkey keyboard soon
i am tired of copy pasting it on my instagram using the whatsapp emoji board

I really enjoyed using swiftkey and all it's features. But for some reason it started not being accurate when it came to the actual swipe. Just tried swype keyboard again and now I know why used swype for so long. I find it to be more accurate and faster. But I will keep swiftkey on my phone just in case. I do love that snowflake keyboard though.

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I really wanna like SwiftKey, but every time I install it, I'm disappointed. I love the stock google keyboard and can't see past it!

Each to their own I suppose

I'm not too fond of this keyboard. In terms of predictions, it's good, but I'd rather have my auto corrections while swiping up front and center.

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Hey why do mine only come in black and white on the selection screen. Then when I select them they turn to color.

I still think the stock samsung keyboard for my Galaxy note 3 is way better..

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I have a sprint S4 and the emoji are in black and white. The screen shot shows them in color! is there a setting to change them to color? Thanks

I don't mean to insult anyone but I'm sure my question will. I mean it sincerely.

Do grown-ass adults use emojis? I have never had the desire to use one and have never received a text with one attached. Who is the target market for these things? Personally, a keyboard offering these is a turnoff.

You're right. No one uses emoticons apart from when chatting and even when they do they only use a few standard ones like :). If you ask me it's not worth spending $5 on An app that basically just increases the amount of emotions.

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IT'S TIME for you all to go to sleep. I'm sitting here @ work bored out of my mind, tired. I'm laughing @ the 1st post though. HILARIOUS!