SwiftKey 3

We might be all about SwiftKey Flow these days, but it's still in beta, and SwiftKey 3 lives on in full release. Today the uber-popular Android keyboard been updated to SwiftKey 3.1. Here's what's new:

  • New Berry theme
  • New languages: Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Hindi, Hinglish, Irish, Macedonian, Spanish (Latin America) and Tagalog
  • Split keyboard for normal-sized devices
  • Improved language pack downloads
  • Improvements in key layouts on some keyboards
  • Fixes for some force close issues

Get your download on in the Play Store or at the link above.

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Reader comments

SwiftKey 3.1 brings new theme, languages


Why? SwiftKey 3 was free for all buyers of SwiftKey X.
To be honest, though I liked X so much I would have purchased SwiftKey 3.

I'm using this Flow beta right now and I'm liking it a lot!

I tried Flow for a couple weeks and went back Swype because Flow is no where near as accurate as Swype is yet. I like SwiftKey's predictions and love Swype style of typing and combining the two with Flow is an awesome idea.... BUT until Flow gets the accuracy of Swype it does me no good.

If there is any indication from past releases it will definitely see an upgrade/merge release with the current version -- with re-branding Swiftkey Flow.

I gave Swiftkey flow a try (2 weeks) and went back to Swype as it simply does a much better job with gesture typing... I was really hopeful as I really hate the BS to install Swype...

"Get your download on in the Play Store or at the link above."

Or, if you were unlucky enough to pick this up as a Free App of the Day from Amazon wait six weeks for Amazon to sit on the update for 5 weeks and 6 days before someone finally pushes a button that makes the update available to us. :-(

Seriously Amazon, why can't you make updates available to users as quickly as Google?!?!?

SwiftKey is the only app I have ever paid for and it's so worth it :). I think there's a sale going on it right now actually, just get the paid version and get updates asap (it can't be more than like 2 or 3 bucks)!


Their latest updated really slows my phone down enough that im ready to just give up on amazons free apps all together. Its definitely coming off my daily driver if things dont get any better.

Ha. I got swiftkey from amazon first but made sure I grabbed it for a dime when Google was doing the 10 billion app downloads sale last year.

Am I blind? I can't find where the split keyboard is.. I love that feature on my nexus 7 and would like to try it in landscape mode on my Gnote2.

Unfortunately it only splits with arrow keys on my OG Note. Maybe I would get numbers from the tablet version? I will have to try that tonight...

I love Swiftkey, but I do notice that it does take 2-4 seconds longer to load compare to stock keyboard on my Galaxy Nexus. Same problem as well on my brother's Galaxy Nexus.

I have an older device and I usually have to revert to stock because swiftkey can take so long to load. I love it when it works but it isn't consistant.