Super AMOLED plus

Samsung has shown us two new high-end Android phones this week (so far!) at CES -- the yet unnamed Samsing 4G LTE phone for Verizon, and the Samsung Infuse 4G.  Both have had what they are calling Super AMOLED plus screen technology.  We dug around to find out the differences between Super AMOLED and Super AMOLED Plus, because that the kind of thing we do. 

Super AMOLED plus increases the number of sub-pixels by 50 percent -- this means twelve sub-pixels instead of eight.  This makes the screen even more visible in bright light, and should help make text and the edges of images crisper, while still keeping the gorgeous color that AMOLED displays provide.  This is the kind of tech improvement that seems small, until you actually use one.  Our fellas on the floor at CES are saying they look beautiful! 


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Super AMOLED plus explained


Is anyone else thinking what I am thinking, which is when is the news that Sprint has been aquired by.... going to show up? Is Sprint at the show this year? Have they just not had their stage time yet?

Their presence at CES has been pretty lackluster for the last couple of years. Their token announcements this time were the Evo shift and the MIFI adapter. I doubt we will hear much from them until the Wireless shows in Feburary or March. That said, hopefully when they do show up they will have something interesting to announce...dual core Evo 2 with more memory built in, and better screen. :)

hoping it comes in keyboard and keyboard less flavors. I bought the htc touch winmo phone long ago and that came in both styles, come on htc!

I've no doubt they're cooking up something to follow up the Evo. The frustration stems from the fact this is THE show to make some noise (for consumers). All the players talking about 4G, showing off potentially great new devices. Sprint half heartedly announces the Shift, Playbook, and MiFI, none of which are really that impressive. Thus the inevitable letdown.

That said, I'm happy with my EVO and will be patient to see what they've got planned for Summer. 4 devices huh? Hmmmm...

almost the same except id like dual-core with a keyboard and super amoled...why not throw plus on while we are at it. I like my epic but not having froyo still...don't think i'll be getting a samsung phone (unless its running stock or google is handleing the updates) until they change.

Sprint, what the heck! Are they even at CES? I love my Evo but is the only new piece of hardware being offered by Sprint the Evo Shift 4G? C'mon man.

You Sprint folks at least got that Evo shift, we T-Mobile users have a Cliq 2.... and a new tablet. Sprint has the Playbook and the shift. We don't have many Good Android devices. You guys may not have many, but you got some great ones.

I think the MyTouch 4G holds its own agaist the EVO any day. Several Sprint users in my office, and we're all of the opinion that if we went to TMO, that would be the device of choice. Also, TMO has gotten more than their fair share of firsts and hot devices over the last couple years.

Sprint clearly could give a crap less about pleasing their customers, they make more money selling out GPS coordinates and URL records to the feds.

its been said here, sprint does not have a huge presence here at CES, they save all the announcements for CITA.

No, it's not the weatherbug widget. I was looking at weatherbug app before I posted this. The two widgets that weatherbug provides doesn't look like this. Anyone else know where I can get this widget or what it's called?

There's still MWC Feb 14 thru 17 and CITA Mar 22 thru 24...hopefully there with be an Evo 2.

update: I checked the exhibitors list and Sprint's a no show at both events. Maybe they'll do a special event like Palm on Feb 9th...I doubt it though!

We can hope. What will probably happen is that HTC and Samsung will start talking about their next gen handsets at those shows. Shortly afterwards, mysterious model names will start floating around the Interwebs, followed by the prototype device shots with the Sprint logo. None of which will be confirmed until maybe a month or so before launch next summer.

Does this mean that SAMOLED+ doesn't use a PenTile display? If so, sign me up! I love the SAMOLED colors, but can't stand PenTile.

these screens look amazing, but be careful as they can use a lot more battery power. black is the most energy efficient color. you should search using black google mobile where the results have a black background and it looks slick. the image search is black too!