JAY Z Magna Carta

Samsung is teaming up with rapper Jay-Z to bring 1 million copies of his upcoming album "Magna Carta Holy Grail" a few days before it goes on sale, and the Android app that'll do it for you is now available for download.

You'll need to have the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 2 to participate. And then you'll need to log in using either Facebook or Twitter. And then you'll have to spam share content from the app with your friends. At 12:00:01 a.m. July 4, 1 million lucky fans will get the record that might or might not leak early anyway, a full three days before the official July 7 release.

The app itself is pretty well done, with inside looks and promos of the album's recording, and teasers for upcoming content. Share via Twitter or Facebook and you can unlock even more content.

And if you have any ideas about its popularity, more than 1,400 people have reviewed the app as of this writing, in its first day of availability. That should go a long ways to assuage the pain of those first 1 million copies of Magna Carta not counting toward the Billboard charts.


Reader comments

Start spamming your friends today for an early shot at Jay-Z's new album


App keeps force closing on my S4. I saw at least one review in the Play Store listing with the same problem.

I'm on a rooted S3 running a custom ROM and same issue. App goes into full-screen, wheel starts spinning at the bottom, then closes.

Because his lyrics are deep. I mean, who can't relate to, " I got 99 problems and that birch ain't one". I said that to my fiance about her sister.

signed up and sharing with Facebook! luckily, Facebook has finer controls that let you share only with yourself.

Wow, that's a lot of requirements for a chance to get a free album. Think I'd rather just pay for it instead (not that I'm interested in it; classic rock fan all the way! :P).

Downloaded this only to find out it requires a Facebook or Twitter account...WTF...uninstalled. I'll wait for it to hit Google music all access.

Or just listen to Yeezus again instead (it's probably going to be a better record on balance)

F Jason Carter and Samsung. They won't tell you until AFTER you dl the app that you have to ALSO register on Fakebook and Twatter before you can use the Fagna Carter app. What a Fn joke.. If I didn't hate HTC so much I'd dump my Note 2 and get the One. But alas stuck with the Note 2..

Samsung should A: Listen to its customers about future devices. 16gb just doesn't cut anymore. 32gb out the door Sammy.

This article is a little misleading, you don't have to spam your friends to get the album (just lyrics and other crap). Also, if you were the first 1 million to download the app, you get it. It doesn't look like there are any other hoops to jump through. You are required to use twitter or facebook account to sign in, but that's it.

Terms and conditions page here: http://www.trymark.com/STA/MCHG/ second paragraph of main section.