Reports are indicating that Sprint will finally buy out the remaining 49-percent of Clearwire that it doesn't already own. Sprint finally took a controlling stake in Clearwire back in October, which gave the number 3 carrier in the U.S. some more options when it came to deploying its LTE network. Buying the rest of Clearwire would once and for all end the uneasy partnership between the companies, letting Sprint have its way with all of the spectrum holdings Clearwire has.

At its current stock price, Clearwire is worth about $1.8 billion. That's not quite the whole story though, as Clearwire isn't a profitable business at this point and carries lots of debt. The rest of the buyout is now possible regardless, with a large inflow of cash coming as part of Softbank's controlling investment in Sprint, which will bring about $8 billion to spend. Those issues aside, Sprint is in deep enough at this point that it needs to just finish out the deal and own Clearwire completely.

Source: WSJ

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Grahaman27 says:

lte in st. louis com' on!

This can't end well :(

joshdj1034 says:

Sprint should have built there own LTE network versus this clearly failed partnership with Clear wire and WiMax. If you look at all there mergers epic fail. Nextel wasn't any better you think they would learn there lesson.

newboyx says:

Knowledge is your friend. Don't be scared of it. Wimax had to happen when it happened. The spectrum had to be used or it would have been forfeited. LTE was not available at the time.

xorg says:

Right, Sprint had no choice but to do WiMAX at the time as LTE wasn't ready and WiMAX was. They had to use the spectrum or give it up. The industry just didn't go in WiMAX direction.

Did not know that. I always wondered how Sprint got themselves into this mess (which has resulted them in being about 2 years behind AT&T and Verizon). Thanks for the info!

jarobusa says:

LTE was not ready when Sprint had to utilize the spectrum or lose it. Hence having to use WiMax.

Its too bad people are too ignorant to look up the FACT that you just posted Jarobusa.....Facts people....read first then post some stupid ish.

Hand_O_Death says:

Just don't loose that cheap unlimited hotspot offer, if I ever need a hotspot device, that is what I am getting.

asd216 says:

I think this is a good idea. Now they can slowly ween people off their horrible 3G network and make Wimax their 3G network and LTE their 4G network. No point in having 2 different 4G networks.

newboyx says:

Wimax is dead. It will no longer be live after 2015. Sprint is rebuilding their entire 3G network from the ground up.

squiddy20 says:

...Except their Wimax network was only rolled out to 80 or so markets, tops. What you are proposing is completely unfeasible as that would leave millions of people without Sprint service. Add to the fact that Sprint has stated it will have Wimax shut down by the end of 2015, if not earlier.
Does anyone do any fact checking these days?

wyldemf says:

This is not possible, Wimax uses a different antenna that LTE phones do not have.

DWR_31 says:

Did anyone remember that ClearWire was already developing their LTE network? When Sprint bought the rest of the company, they bought more LTE....

Just a thought....?

Tonio21 says:

I remember this news. One big issue would probably be the spectrum Clear wire was using. They weren't rolling out the same spectrum of LTE sprint uses / is rolling out I believe. Not entirely sure though.

Zach Jacobs says:

Does this mean more LTE? Im getting 0.4 mbs down in Ohio and lte can't come soon enough.

Bishounen says:

But spectrum isn't that big a deal when you need to change it the tower end. Most Cell towers use variable frequency radios that can be tuned to a specific frequency. the antennas they use are generally very broad range antennas so they can also be reused. As long as these towers are already tied into Sprint's network (by Sprint linking to Clearwire's network) It's literally a matter of sending a guy around to tweak the frequency on the tower and done.