A lot of our attention is pointed towards Europe for Mobile World Congress, but domestically Sprint has announced HD Voice and Spark support in Salt Lake City and Jacksonville, Florida. Sprint's LTE is now covering 382 markets, while the 60 Mbps available through Spark is available in 16 cities right now.

Anybody in Salt Lake City or Jacksonville happy to get the service? Anyone not on Sprint, would these services get you to switch? Because boy howdy, could they use your business.

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HULKchampion says:

Oh man, I really wish they would hurry with their LTE network expansion. All my buddies jumped ship to T-Mobile and their data speeds are looking extremely tempting. I don't know how much longer I can hold out for their LTE expansion.

SoHo says:


mxmarcus says:

I have family plan with Sprint and moved my primary line to T-Mobile for the past year.
Yes the data is fast on T-Mobile when you have it but I have a lot of issues when I get out of town.
No Voice or data with T-Mobile. Sometime I had to use my daughter Sprint phone to make calls and check emails.

Now I am back with Sprint, while it's consistently slow, I always have data and voice making it easy for family and friends to contact me.

Where are you located? It really depends where you are. TMO has awesome speeds (faster than other carriers) in a couple of markets like Dallas where they have deployed 20x20 carriers, in most other areas their standard LTE is on par with Sprint, Verizon and ATT. Of course, there are exceptions like overly saturated markets where LTE can run very slow, sometime under 1mbps on Verizon. It's all relative, if you are in a Sprint Spark market with a tri-band device your speeds will blow away every other carrier out there. Again, it really depends where you are, but without a doubt, Sprint has much better coverage than Tmobile.

Most people don't realize these things are very market, even area specific and just because you get good speeds in one city does not mean you will in another city. Even in the same town, speeds can vary significantly.

bumpandrun says:

If you spend any part of you life outside of a city then you will lose TMO connection. I'm sure there are a few areas where large cities are close together where they cover the area in between but for the most part Rural=noTMO.

Jay Holm says:

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I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

BigDinCA says:

Thank God - I was hoping someone would crowbar a GS5 leak into a discussion about carriers and network deployment.

opskmallory says:

Hopefully their SLC market includes Provo/Orem. I have to go to Salt Lake this morning for work; will be checking my G2 for the Spark spinning LTE icon.

Amir47 says:

It always spins.... Even when you're not on "spark"

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rlbrooks says:

Only on LTE, not 3G

droidhead_1 says:

I pulled 57 mb down the other day in chicago. I get consistently between 10-35 now.. Enjoying as I was so close to jumping ship.

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chcgodave says:

I'm in the southwest burbs and consistently get 2-7. I've never seen anything over 17. I actually get slower speeds with the Spark update than my GF who didnt download the update yet, we both have the LG G2.
T-Mobile is probably in my future.

Chicago is a huge Sprint market and they are scrambling to add capacity with the recently acquired US Cellular spectrum. I bet that if you didn't spend so much time running speed tests you wouldn't care whether you get 7mbps or 25mbps. You really cant tell the difference 9/10 times.

Most people in Chicago with tri-band Spark devices are reporting very fast speeds.

Amir47 says:

Sigh... Still no Boston

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asaini007 says:


I call bullshit on the 328 markets with Sprint LTE. Or, rather, I'd like to see the size of some of those markets, because they've got HUGE urban markets here in Michigan without officially rolled-out Sprint LTE while some tiny towns have it.

Divegeek says:

Well, I have LTE in Adrian, MI where I work and Dundee, MI where I live. Ann Arbor has had LTE for some time. Almost all of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties have LTE. Looks like Brighton, Jackson and Flint are covered too. Check out Sensorly for details

Just complete regular LTE .. then multiple bands.

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Mikey47 says:

Guess you think only one thing can be done at a time.

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Im in Jacksonville with a nexus 5. How do I get this activated or whatever?

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Google has not yet released the Sprint Spark update. It should be any day now. Some people have updated the band priorities manually but very few have been able to pick up band 41 (where the very high speeds live) or band 25 (LTE 800 for better in-building coverage).

jabwtv says:

Still no LTE in Orange County,NY

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lrrowley says:

Gonna have my sprint friends check tomorrow. I'm actually kind of excited that this came to SLC.

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That's right, Sprint. Focus on Domestic issues. Forget about International ones for now. Your time will come. Get that tri-band moving!

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Sprint lte rolled out for me about a month ago. Kept me from jumping ship to Big Red. NW Ohio straight East of Fort Wayne Indiana. Speeds on par with freinds with Verizon. Consistent down of 8-9 Mbps!

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devores says:

I'm in the SLC area and I'm stoked for this upgrade! I can't wait!

Qaid_Ali says:

I have sporadic LTE in Deerfield Beach FL and where I work in Boynton Beach FL. Miami has it A LOT of the time but, that's "kinda" cool.

C'Mon Sprint ... LoL !!!