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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 owners might want to take a look at this one. Android Central Forums member Skunkape60 shared this image with us all a little earlier today that, if genuine, indicates the Android 4.1 update to the Galaxy S3 will start pushing out from October 25. That's tomorrow then. We've got a build number, a reminder to the stores to update their own devices, pretty much everything. 

It also looks like the Sprint update will bring some LTE related improvements too. It does say that it will be rolling out over the course of a few weeks, so be patient. But, from tomorrow, start checking for those updates.

Source: Android Central Forums, More: Hands on with Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S3

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qbngator says:

All I know is that, as of just about an hour ago, my lock screen changed and I can now do a universal search for all content in my phone (apps, contacts, etc) from the lock screen. (I'm not rooted.)

I did nothing to make this happen. I left my phone on and charging on my desk for a couple of hours, and when I returned, the lock screen had changed.

TomOfTx says:

Did you update the Accuweather app (if on your device)? That new lockscreen appeared on my S3 today (AT&T version), but it is just an added feature to the updated version of Accuweather. It can be disabled by hitting the menu while on the lockscreen and just turn it off.

qbngator says:

I did update Accuweather. I don't think that I'm gonna disable it, though...kinda like the universal search feature. Thank you.

camiller says:

I'm not using accuweather, but I may start....

mstrblueskys says:

I'm on the HTC EVO 4G LTE and this still gets me excited! Way to go Sprint for pushing out updates!

a22matic says:

Can't say I'm surprised, but as an EVO LTE owner, this is disappointing. Our phones were released before the SIII. I hope JB rolls out to the EVO LTE before the end of the year.

mstrblueskys says:

Yeah, but you knew Samsung was going to release an update before HTC. Either way, it looks like being on Sprint will get us our updates faster than if we were on another larger carrier. :) I can't wait to get JB.

bdmridgback says:

...and Sprint pulls through as being 1st US carrier to push out 4.1 to S3's!!!!

...kinda... makes up for the lack of service! :)

Maybe Sprint is finally gonna pull their head out of their a$$ and play catch up with the rest of the carriers now. Hopefully the start of some good stuff.
(back to watching for my Jelly beans)

eyecon82 says:

and to have the sgsiii first!

jimjr03 says:


Gator352 says:

I'm so excited....I just can't hide it...I know I know I know that I want to....want la la la

Mobius360 says:

You know I was so frustrated with Samsung as a Galaxy S Epic 4G Owner because of the slowness of updates. They did give that phone 2 official OS bumps and many other minimal updates, it just took forever. I said #neveragain many times and vowed to stick with the Nexus plan. While I still don't quite see myself ditching the Nexus line I could be very happy with a flagship Samsung phone again Although I like Motorola's new approach to skinning the OS.

Samsung has started to prove they really are in the game at least for the flagship devices. I would still never recommend any of their mid level devices because I just don't think they will get much love in the upgrade department. On the flagship lines though they really seem to be on a reasonable timetable to push out updates. Even putting Jelly Bean on the newest phones launching while Motorola launched their flagship device last week with ICS and LG too with the Optimus G. Hopefully it was the Nexus program plus massive sales of the Galaxy S and Note lines that got them to realize it's worth the effort to keep these devices updated.

What no jelly bean love for the HTC EVO 4g LTE yet what gives this phone came out before the gs 3?!?!?!? Ughhh.... F u too sprint :( ...

mstrblueskys says:

Um... remind me again what part of this is Sprint's fault, please. I seem to have missed it.

hmmm says:

Well the carriers have to add their bloat and stuff to ROMs before the update rolls out. I suppose Sprint could be holding up the show but I doubt it.

kbboykin says:

Anyone else noticed the Baseband Version says "IMM76D.L710VPALJ7" Shouldn't that be "JR030L.L710VPALJ7" or whatever the current 4.1.1 iteration of JB is?

Franzie3 says:

i saw the same thing, either this is a typo or maybe its a prep before the 4.1.1 push

mmark27 says:

Mine shows:


from the leak yesterday. (thanks SEXTAPE!) There's a lot of chatter about typos and A vs B, IMM vs JRO etc. on XDA right now. I bet there are just honest typos, these Sprint documents are always full of them.

NelsonTitua says:

How is it a question?? lol If you see it well then thats your answer.. Hopefully the ltevo get the update soon!

BrianTufo says:

Must be nice to not be a VzW customer. :(

Cubfan says:

Verizon customer anger in 3, 2, 1...


Verizon customers have every right to be angry about not getting timely updates. Just saying. It would be nice to actually get it before next year though.

Disclaimer: My comment is fueled by jealousy lol

dorelse says:

Unless you own a Moto device...then, you get updates and Sprint customers get introduced to this thing called the shaft...


+9000 I can't argue with you there. I feel silly for leaving my comment after seeing yours brother.

Cubfan says:

For the record, I have the leaked final flashed and it's terrific. Couldn't be more pleased. Only thing missing is the flashlight in the notification toggles.

I'd rather have LTE.

Fred1022 says:


kohn says:


hmmm says:

This is great. The phone releases a month or whatever after the EVO LTE and gets the update out before the EVO LTE even has a confirmation that there will be an update. HTC is no longer the company it once was.

freddyc says:

I'll be sideloading as soon as someone pops up the image file =).

Jonouchy says:

If anyone is iffy about how authentic this information is I can confirm that this update will be pushing out starting tomorrow the 25th through November the 11th. I work in a Sprint corporate office And have first hand seen this document. Enjoy Sprint customers, i know i will. By the way it will not be available through Kies.

mammlouk says:

This is perfect timing since my S3 from Ting got dropped off by Fedex this morning!

pint3rd says:

Sprint can't even keep their flagship device up to date ahead of all of its other phones! Won't fall for this again!!! And really getting annoyed with Androids' fragmentation...

bohiti says:

Implying that the EVO is their flagship? It was for a few weeks after it was launched, until the S3 dropped. Granted, almost identical specs, but the S3 has so much more momentum.

Unibrow says:

This isn't fragmentation, you should go buy an iPhone

Biga173rd says:

Best news all week sick and tired of reading dumb headlines about the icrap mini lol.

dmanlee says:

this is legit, I live in kc & have several friends who work for sprint corporate. they told me over the weekend to be expecting some jellybean goodness on my GSIII within the week. lol, now just need to wait for the cwm flashable version since I'm rooted. Hopefully this also speeds along development of CM10 to a release candidate version soon

treyrey86 says:

Same here, Live in KC and have friends that work at sprint corporate! Now we will get better ROMS!

Wow! So I guess Sprint/HTC pimp slapped us EVO LTE customers. Guess I'll go get a S3 this weekend...

dom818 says:

sorry but you slapped yourself by getting the EVO. getting the S3 was prob the better option

Skunkape60 says:

What a freaking scoop!! I hit the front page. LOL
At least for a few hours.

AJC1973 says:

Well not saying that community "official spokespeople" are always the most knowledgable, however they are usually pretty good at keeping their mouths shut until they have gotten confirmation from higher up...

this looks like its been confirmed at least through the sprint community forums

and really the evo that hasnt been the flagship device in quite a while... talk about being in denial... lol

xoms says:

hey this screen shot was posted by supercholo over at xda around 1:00 and you guys give Skunkape60 the credit for a repost? yikes @ taking credit for other peoples doing.

drendroid says:

Anyone actually get the update as of yet??

knishknosh says:

still waiting for my update (not to mention LTE-Austin). Anyone know a way to force the update?

MikaelM95 says:

A co-worker who's with Sprint got the Jelly Bean update over a week ago...I'm also with Sprint and still waiting for the update to come through.