Sprint and T-Mobile

Sprint feels a deal that meets regulatory approval would be impossible

According to sources at the Wall Street Journal, Sprint is said to be abandoning any plans for a proposed T-Mobile merger or buyout. According to these sources at Sprint, the regulatory challenges are too steep to further the idea, as there were serious doubts within the company about reaching any deal between the two companies that would be approved by regulators.

This makes the talk of Iliad's $15 billion bid for control of T-Mobile much more interesting, though reports today have said that T-Mobile has rejected Iliad's initial $33 per share offer. It's worth noting that Iliad isn't trying to buy T-Mobile outright, but just purchase a controlling interest in the company.

Supposedly, Sprint will give an official announcement on the matter early Wednesday. We're waiting for the official story on this one, but it certainly sounds like dreams of a Sprint and T-Mobile combined force to take on AT&T and Verizon are dead.

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Sprint said to be halting talks of T-Mobile merger


Called this week's ago. Good, now I can leave sprint for TMO...

And won't sprint owe something like $1 billion for it like AT&T did? Thought I read that somewhere.

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I'm hijacking this in hopes NoNexus sees it since I'm so late to the party. Told you so buddy! You are certainly confident in your opinions, which is fine for the most part. Never, ever was going to get through the regulators as anyone actually in "the know" (not me) has said since the rumors started. Oh, well. I thought it could be good for the USA but knew it was very unlikely. Sorry Bob.

As long as you don't only get 2G where you live you should see an improvement. Other than data speeds though Sprint is usually the better carrier.

I get 5 to 8mbps on Sprint in Chicago and have seen 40mbps on Spark. Each carrier has good and bad areas. Sprint works great for me.

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Sprint has way better coverage too than T-Mo, my friend's sprint phone always had coverage where my T-Mo didn't, I left T-mo for Verizon. T-mo is a terrible company.

Only if they proposed the buyout officially, Sprint was measuring there worth & it's not work it. Before you go to T-Mobile I suggest going to T-Mobile Google+ page. See the complaints that their customers pay even when they try and trash talk Sprint. Hey you can test drive any phone in T-Mobile as long as it's an iPhone and for a week while they hold a credit card deposit, Sprint is giving everyone a month to "Test drive" there phones for a month, without any deposit & you can go on a month to month no contact deal with sprint, & it's any phone not just iPhone... T-Mobile also takes the pleasure of picking the iPhone for you, it's like a you get what we send you block, gold or space grey.16 or 32 gigs & they will try hard to convey you from android, blackberry... Anything to impress apple. They want iPhone 6 for their network at the cost of you buying an iPhone 5 or 5s now.

Lol you know, I work for Sprint and that's how I know you do too. That was basically a quote out of our weekly playbook. Way to go.

I also work for the company and we are destroying the t mobile store next to us so idk why people say sprint is dead.

They live in their own world, Sprint is more in touch with reality. They're upgrading legacy towers, we're building a whole new network. & with all that they think it makes no advantage over there network. I know Sprint is planning for the future.

We, Sprint users I guess. I talk to my friends about Sprint and sometimes they ask me if I think I work with sprint because I always say we when talking about "my network", see.

The problem I see here is, if Sprint was a superior carrier, why is data network in my area horrible? And when I called to finally cancel, of course I was sent to the retention department and they said, and I quote, "Ma'am we both know coverage in your area is not good and it won't be getting any better. We are going to cancel your services, with no penalty, as long as you return the devices." Sprint had excellent customer service, but their coverage blew.

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Because you probably live in an area that is not as heavily subscribed to sprint as many others therefore your area is on the back burner as far as upgrades go.

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No I live in NYC where even Verizon was congested so bad there network in NY went down for 3 hours, sprints 3 bands 25,26 & 41 level each others load to the point that all 3 bands are mostly free of useage. NYC has the most smartphone and Sprint customers, but Sprint has the most modern & future proof towers there is in the US, only Japan had a network like this FDD & TDD carrier congregation. In rush hours I still get the 50 to 60 Sprint said we'd get.

That may be true, but I had service for 32 months and it was never great. We kept getting told it was going to get better, over and over, and then they flat out tell me, it isn't going to get better. Honestly I was disappointed: my Sprint store here has THE BEST salespeople and manager. I am AT&T now, simply bc of their network and availability. I have decent signal strength and data strength wherever I travel. That is worth the extra price to me for my needs.

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Check them out in a year,2Q 2015. I'm not saying they're the best in saying they're the fastest in NYC, no dripped calls & never congested. I wouldn't be with them if they weren't. But they'll soon finish their network vision 2.0 (spark, with over 200 MBS) before the years up. I'm guessing to maximize profits you have to go to the concentrated areas and the major cities are it after them I'm sure they'll finish everywhere else article. Rural areas don't need that much towers to supply then with LTE, NYC has about 28,000 towers of the 60,000 across the main, in NYC they use micro cells, where in rural a areas they have giant towers with dishes 8 ft radius & around 8 of those giant dishes on a 1000 ft high tower, maybe not 1000 ft but really high talk towers.

This is hilarious to many of us. You must be the only person on Sprint in NYC or your head is stuck in the sand. I wish Sprint well but quit the sales pitches and come back to reality.

Con tejas, don't hate, if I know what I say something and type allot, then fuck it. If I say things that your big head think is over complicated go back to school, these aunt apples pitch's in other blog this is regular info. If I want to say some extra info & you don't to bad, better to learn something than talk about stale shit. Besides it's not all networks talk, read my convos if wanna judge,I'm letting people know that all the BS they hear or think about Sprint isn't true & if I wanna do that, so what it's the truth. You don't like it so stick it. Want reality go outside, and enjoy this is a n area for comments...can't stand guys that act out of emotions for BS, that's some female thing.

This is a crock. Long time customer. Sprint coverage sucks no matter where I'm at. I hit full lte once in a while but not consistently anywhere. I was on at&t for a brief moment and I couldn't find a dead spot even if I tried. That's not bragging on at&t. That's how bad sprint is.

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Sprint just got a sub GHz frequency, but Verizon & att had them from the start that's why they're the big 2. But now Sprint has 800 MHz for lte & voice. Evening things out for sprint. T-Mobile had bought 700 MHz block A but it's not nation wide like sprints spectrums are all 3.but their 800 MHz is what's going to give them the rural small town coverage with only one tower or two because it can reach farther distances than Verizon's 850 MHz of about 8 miles, sprints should spread out to about 9 miles.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and the coverage and data speeds I had for Sprint were beyond horrible. Left Sprint for Verizon - which is a lot better in my experience. My wife left Sprint for T-Mo, and though it's not the greatest, she says it's a lot better than Sprint. My brothers have Sprint and constantly complain about their service. I keep asking if their service has been getting better - since I'm always hearing from people about these "upgrades" in our area - and they always say they see no improvement. They can't wait to move to another carrier. I know it's just a few people, but from reading comments, and judging by Sprint's loss in subscribers (and subsequent gain in subscribers by all the other carriers including T-Mo), maybe Sprint still has a little ways to go before their nationwide coverage is comparable with their competition?

Their prices are decent. If they ever get their service to be on par with the other carriers in my area, I'd definitely consider going back.

Actually, I live IN San Francisco, and T-MOBILE's coverage is excellent...I was on SPRINT/Virgin Mobile for several years and their connection was HORRIBLE. But, the customer representatives were always really excellent though...

...because people read earnings reports. Sprint has been loosing customers for years. Meanwhile, T-Mobile is adding more customers than all the other carriers combined. Additionally, they have a MASSIVE network expansion underway and will have converted their ENTIRE NETWORK to LTE by half way through next year. T-Mobile is kicking EVERYONES ass right now.

They been losing phone customers, but gaining tablet customers. Most of them just switched over to tablets, most sites don't want to overcomplicate things and it just gives them bad press & if you know your history then you would know how the Rothschild family got rich, they started a rumor in ww1 the the Germans were winning when they were really losing. All earopeans bought German sticks and sold their European stocks. Rumors control stocks to even T-Mobile stick prices where jumping up & down because of the merger rumors, up when merger was positive & down when they seemed like they weren't so their stick should be going down right about now.

true, but that's only because merger/buyout talk drives stock prices up. Not because Sprint is considered better than T-Mobile. T-Mobile will overtake Sprint as #3 in less than a year and will likely challenge Verizon and AT&T on it's own in less than 3.

That's yet to be seen, as I said before remember T-Mobile when dutch telecom was going to shit them down & T-Mobile rose up because of simple fiber optics & backhaul upgrades. A whole network built brand new with the latest towers money can buy will do the same for sprint, T-Mobile was less than sh** back then, but look at them now. It can happen to sprint & by the way things are going in NYC it's a sign of the network to come. Before the year end well have 200 MBS average speed, & with carrier aggregation up to 300 MBS .we have the bandwidth the towers and the money, the build it will end soon and things will change I don't think Sprint is going to budge room no.3 but maybe they'll go up. T-Mobile, Verizon, att are all legacy towers at the core. Soon they'll need to do what Sprint has done.

It wasn't worth not being able to bid for 600 MHz & it would keep the merged network from the goal of the merged networks. Sprint will hopefully buy prime 600 MHz LTE for nationwide sub GHz frequency & with an 800 MHz & 600 MHz carrier aggregation or 600 MHz alone they could deploy nationwide VoLTE. 32 billion dollars is enough to but the prime 600 MHz block.

Wut? They added 1.5 million connections in Q2, only around 300k of that were tablets. So they are losing phone customers? Where did you learn math?

I get sprint service in my house but No T-mobile but I rather deal with T-mobile then Sprint any day of the week... That is how bad Sprint is

Cool, yeah go with the best obviously, I support unlimited data is all & a measly 2.5 gigs won't do it for me. Oh if you know anyone with a nexus 5 I can tell you a code to activate hotspot, best for unlimited data plans though.

Lol @ 2.5 gigs. People that hate T-mobile only look at one plan and totally overlook their truly unlimited plan. I guess the moral is #hatersgonnahate. Lemme go back to my 80mbps connection on Tmo, Sprint will have it by 2102

What state are you in, I know a small amount of areas have T-Mobile 15x15 lte. Testing case,if out search YouTube you can find Sprint downloading at 120 MBS... They're aiming for 200 MBS average before the year ends. But NYC only has thy the 50 to 60 MBS lte I peak at 73, bit other people reach the hundred mark with some 15/20 MBS on top the hundred. 40 MHz TDD lte with carrier congregation will get Sprint users *in spark cities* 300 MBS by 2Q 2015... Your either thinking of old Sprint or don't know sprints network enhances, we don't upgrade we did a full network replacement.

Do a speedtest, and you'll see why. Just because you're destroying the tmo store next to you doesn't mean the carrier's not dead. Who was the only carrier to lose customers in Q2? oh yeah...

"I also work for the company and we are destroying the t mobile store next to us so idk why people say sprint is dead."

Sprint died 3 years ago. It's being artificially kept alive by Softbank.

Seriously? I don't work for sprint but, it's all so obviously true. Im always showing these T-Mobile fans how we don't need to be by atower for 50 to 60 MBS & howb hey do just to get 50 MBS,I had a T-Mobile Sim & it was spotty in NYC. Anyway it's all true they had a feed that saidv something like "Sprint thinks it good for you to stop and ask for directions" with picture of a car and the driver hosting a phone, screen maximized to show the navigation not working because of no reception, but T-Mobile customers just backfired with how they don't even get 2G in state to state drives & how they're trying to get attention of themselves & ask this stuff. Anyway thanks for the comment, I just left them a post about how we'll buy 600 MHz frequency now with the 32 billion & they were pissed :)

It is a colloquialism.

The Dolphins are my team but I do not own them.

Stop nitpicking and say something that is worth the 's and 0s

Auto correct got me too. 1s and 0s are what makes computers work and scotty boy there wastes a ton of them to say absolutely nothing but to put people down. he nitpicks all statements for the slightest thing.

I have learned to ignore him and have fun at his expense. It is an easy target though...

Haha I was just messing with you man. But no I totally agree with you. And I'm not biased because I work for them. My main phone is ATT. Sprint just pays my bills know what I mean haha

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Ryanmtech: You better watch it man, CEO Hesse is gonna get canned; but he still has probably a couple of hours left at the helm; and he'll be coming after you...ha, ha...( I agree with what you've been saying by the way!)

I just have to laugh at all this bs on data speed from Sprint. I've been with Sprint for 15 years and never had or seen anyone with more than 5mbs while my visiting nephew routinely shows up with 20 to 40 on T-Mobile. Thankfully most of my data usage is via Wi-Fi so no real issues.

All of this "my overpriced/under-delivering provider sucks way less than yours" stuff is pretty entertaining, but until something changes within Congress to force phones to be standardized (think beta max vs vhs) consumers will always be the butt of jokes in the boardrooms. I want my sprint phone usable on AT&T when they get out of line. That's the only way we get back in control.

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That's to bad,I have screenshots of speedtest.net showing 53 to 65 & even 73 MBS,I don't know how to post pics here though. In thought they were in my Google Drive

In fairness when Sprint was testing LTE here I did get 18 Meg down, but as soon as LTE was officially launched all of a sudden the best they could muster was 5. I'm in eastern Washington state, but even in Seattle speeds are ridiculous. But as I mentioned, most of my data usage is via wi-fi so no big deal.

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When it's being tested no one really knows about the tower until it's official them everyone gets on it and it's much slower, I'll post some pics tomorrow, Sprint tri band lte distribute the user threw .... I'm too tired I have to sleep up post pics tomorrow jklllll look gm

I'm with tmobile and was a Sprint Customer for ten years before I switched 2 months ago.I just couldn't take it any more. When on the Sprint network, as soon as I left the house and Wi-Fi, I left data behind. I literally had a dumb phone on Sprint! Went to tmobile and I get 4G in my house with data speeds at about 6 to 8 Mbps down and from 3 to 5 Mbps up. That's just on 4G. Most of the time when I leave my house I'm pulling 4g LTE speeds and connection. They are anywhere from 12 to 20+ mbps down and 10 to 18 Mbps up! Those are regular and consistent speeds on tmobile for me. And, I live in Sacramento, CA. And, no lie, tmobile is anywhere from 10 to 20 times faster than Sprint was in nearly every place I go in this city. Sprint has been an absolute joke here and I can't believe I polished their knob for so long. Tmobile brought me out of the dark ages..

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Yeah it's like that, when it's not officially announced there isn't much usage, after its officially , everyone speedtesting it & using the towers. 5x5 FDD LTE isn't wide to begin with anyway. Spark's 2.5 acts like aws IMO, but it's TDD lte allows the use of just 20 MHz for down & up data, FDD LTE. Needs 20 MHz for down stream & 20 MHz of often data... Half the spectrum and faster downloads since it's frequency is decided into a 3 :1 set up. Everyone's going TDD soon, off topic sorry. IMO , the best networks *not the largest* are Sprint & T-Mobile. They give everyone unlimited lte, WiFi voice calls, text & there plans are all basically unlimited. Verizon's & att's only claim is how large they are which in time won't mean jack.

I live in NYC with T-mobile and T-mobile is far from "spotty" Outside NYC yeah but that is around the CT border. Sprint on the other hand couldnt get any respectable Data speeds

Listen I don't know what type of phone you have, a galaxy 4,a none spark phone maybe? But saying they don't get those speeds is straight BS. I'll post pictures tomorrow. I'm going to sleep.

Wow?! Who gives a sh*t I can post SOT of nearly 7hrs on my Nexus 5 but the majority of users don't (nor do I without trying...4+ with EVERYTHING on and syncing though..same point compared to others it seems though). As long as you can stream a HD video who cares what your speeds are. Seems they are MUCH more consistent on Tmobile and I've recently picked up a Sprint sim just to see the results. I'll go to whichever carrier suits my needs for the lowest cost. Sprint no bueno mi amigo

You seriously picked up a Sprint Sim, LoL there's some Sprint workers in here. You can't get a pick up a Sprint Sim... You have to either have Sprint already & use your already active Sprint iccid since Sprint does not use a micro sim card.or but a phone or try a phone. Scroll up some and see the links to my Google Drive, screenshots of my average speeds aren't bullshit. I have a an N5 too Amiga,"I can post SOT of nearly 7hrs on my Nexus 5" I don't know what you mean by " "sot" & (nor do I without trying...4+ with EVERYTHING on and syncing though..same point compared to others it seems though) what's so that mean? I don't know so I can't reply to these .. It's true you don't need more than 10 MBS IMO but T-Mobile fans talk about ohh Sprint is so slow I get 50 MBS & I tell them my experience & that sprint is not slow as they claim it is & tell them that maybe in there are it's slow but not here in NYC where I live. Like I said before and like I do I was here from the for most of the questions and comparisons , if I can answer them I will. Is not a problem for me. For you maybe, it's looks like it offends you why IDC & IDK why.

LMAO you do realize Sprint DOES USE Sim cards for LTE since LTE isn't CDMA.... SO if your using Sprint LTE you do in fact use a sim card

I live in NYC and from my small experience Sprint is really slow... Also have a co-worker with a HTC M8 who says Sprint is Slow ....

Your pics prove nothing.... Doesn't even say Sprint is your provider

You are not going to change anyone's minds about how crappy Sprint is. As long as you're happy with it, that's all that matters. I'll stick with T-Mobile - happy customer for well over 10 years. Just saying the word Sprint leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Oh, you work for sprint? That makes sense. I know how TMobile phone customer service and stores treat my family and it is easy to see your lies.

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Seriousky though talking to T-Mobile rep's give the power to see threw lies? What about talking to T-Mobile technicians? The future, third eye,... Astral projection, that's some crazy stuff.

an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others

Told you, its different but looks like a Sim, att & T-Mobile are still using gsm Sim cards, but they'll be switching to uccid soon to. It'll be ready for them a software upgrade.

Just like I said back in November 2013. This wasn't going anywhere the FCC wasn't going to allow this now Sprint and Dan Hesse are in dire straights.

Tmobile has been KICKING CARRIER ASS since 2012 they pace the carrier game today nothing else matters period.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

You guys have to see the bigger picture, without the merger we can't get to Verizon/att at a large enough scale to make any real breakthrough. They'll still get all the 600 MHz by buying all the little networks along with their customers, towers, stores, making for a better deal than just buying the spectrum, hopefully since there won't be a merging, Sprint & T-Mobile could at least both buy large enough 600 MHz & be the first nationwide network's to have an lte roaming deal. Still keeping their own networks but working together against the big 2, it's the only way unless you don't mind the tit for tat games. And is a better way I'm my opinion it'll get around FCC's Verizon/att ****riding asses. In site they're have under the table deals with FCC.

Can't really argue with that, man, but if the FCC really does its job your point would be void. That's a huge IF but thankfully the latest ruling(s) do seem to favor competition by restricting the big 2 from bidding on prime spectrum. ATT already put towers inside our office building (skycraper concrete bunker) and VZW is following suit. So 3 and 4 and falling behind further in that game.

It benefits the government and big © to charge data by the gig and have capped plans. FCC does not want unlimited data at a large scale, if they're the 3&4 network is smart they have to play the game. Anyway,FCC is in favor of small networks buying up 600 MHz spectrum, Sprint & T-Mobile are not in the limited as much as the big 2 from buying 600 MHz, but it only takes a little block for the international 600 mhz block to get bought by Verizon or att, this is where T-Mobile & Sprint need to buy the main wide spectrum for their ability to have their network cover as much ground with less money *means less taxes for customers & network,& larger footprint in US) Sprint now has $32 billion to spend on this spectrum since they're not buying out tmo anymore. But I'm hoping T-Mobile can buy some nationwide spectrum to so that sprint doesn't leave tmo by themselves they need each other to fight the big 2 weather they know it or not. Their VoLTE can be used on the 600 & 1.9 GHz spectrum ( tho had 1.9 GHz PCS spectrum) with those 2 bands working under a raining agreement it'll be the best VoLTE, with instant voice to video call & voice & gaming, scramble friends was shown played with VoLTE support it was crazy. Im hoping for the best & Sprint better not settle for the noneb matin wide spectrum it would keep them down at the bottom. 3&4 both have WiFi calling so indoor antennas are just a waste, & more costly way to do something the hard way. WiFi skiing is just as good or better since office building usually have a worries router in most of the floor. So they not back as u think, this is a waiting game for now

Say what you mean... Without the merger, Sprint will continue to Suck. If you think Sprint is so hot, go it alone. You've spent the last day trying to convince everyone how great Sprint is. Time they prove it.

Hey dick,I mean deke, they did call the merger of and reassigned a new CEO while at it, I'm sure they'd rather spend their 32 billion in the 600 MHz spectrum, the nationwide block. Hoping T-Mobile gets a piece of that spectrum to c reason with sprint, they might be able to achieve their goals without any buyout.... Why do I talk to you like a human???

It sure does, and it's too bad. I really wanted to go with T-Mobile but they have almost zero coverage out here in Western Mass so I went with Republic.

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I am in eastern Massachusetts and it is just pathetic 2 co workers have t mobile and have to go outside to text or call and have no data at all there both switching Sprint don't blame them

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I live in Waltham and work in Boston and get great reception in both places with T-Mobile. That's why their test drive is a good idea. People can see how it'll be for them personally rather than listening to anecdotal evidence.

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While that's true theyre trying to convert T-Mobile users to iPhone, it's a promotional ass kissing to flatter apple & get the iPhone 6. I don't like apples iOS more than android so it wouldn't impress me as much, if I did like the network is still have to return the phone, go into their corporate store & check the phone or anyway. Plus only a week? It's usually 2 weeks to test the phone and network... I can get a while month to test a phone. No credit card no nothing.

How's Republic working for you? I don't know anyone who uses them, but their plan model is interesting.

Posted from my Nexus 5, behind seven proxies

I love having a strong signal on the red line. It makes my commute go by much faster.

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I do lose LTE for like 10 seconds between Park And MGH. Other than that no complaints

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Sprint phone have WiFi calling as of last month, T-Mobile had this out of necessity because their indoor frequency suck's, but it's still good. But Sprint has it & be sure Verizon & att will to talk soon.

Nexus 5 had it but it's different, how they have it at the system level. You have to save someone number in the contact list & saved as internet call instead of mobile, work , fax & then call, but it's like the settings are hidden because half of the I WiFi call settings are missing or hidden. All the other phones with snapdragon 801 have WiFi call easily done.

Sprint has WiFi calling, check out the LG-G3 review. They had it the nexus 5, but was officially announced when the HTC one M8 was released.

Bullshit. I live in MA and get great reception with T-Mobile... From the north end to South Shore.

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Travel north in the Andover aeration watch how your service drops to complete shit t mobile only works in big cities travel out of that aeration good bye service they suck

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Norwood is a big city? I get full LTE there. And last I checked it was the suburbs.
North Andover is hardly Eastern MA. More like northern.
I'm all over Eastern MA. From Lynn/Saugus/Peabody to Boston to Cambridge to Quincy to Dedham to Norwood to Foxboro and get better reception than I got with sprint.

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That's good, T-Mobile is good in NYC to, but not better than Sprint by far. I'm getting my gold & black lg g3 tomorrow WiFi calling for subway use and I use mo+ to make calls the LTE with my Google voice number, is it gold, copper or champaign?

That's a lie. My coworker and I both have Note 3's. Her's on Sprint. Her Note 3 is crap. That a direct quote from her.

Hey moron, the note 3 cannot connect to spark even if you were in a spark zone area. Samsung's soc isn't built to handle any spectrum besides band 26 for voice only! And band 25. Know your shit before making an ass out of yourself.

Deke the note 3 does not support Sprint faster lte, it's like comparing HSPA+ to a phone with HSPA+ 42,& lte data, the speeds are overly to much for the hdps+42 & lte speeds to be compared to hspa+21.

Tmoble HSPA/LTE worked great for me in Marblehead and the Salem area...even out on a boat. Maybe your phone sucks? Tower down? Last time you tried was 3 years ago? Just saying there's variables.

No this was about 4to5 months ago, like I said it wasn't bad not slow, Sprint was just faster & in more locations.

That isn't that big of an area compare that to att coverage everywhere in mass. Drive to Gillette stadium then say there great

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Not denying AT&T is better. I've considered their 10gb data pool many times. I'll be going to patriot place soon. So I guess I'll find out how T-Mobile does there

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If you r going to have a cell phone wouldn't you want to be able to use it everywhere not just in a small area

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I am talking about going on vacations or work trips. I would rather spend a couple extra bucks a month to have better service

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I used about 58 GB's this billing cycle & it's only been about the weeks in, of I had a 5 GB bill it would of been about $550 with a week left to kill my pocket some more, that's a reason I stick with the unlimited carriers.

How about you start a thread and we'll compare where you go with Sprint to me with Tmobile. I travel fairly often for work around the US including St. Thomas where Tmobile was still great, and I have friends and family all over the east coast (of the country). Not saying I never hit a dead spot but I think you'll be surprised.

Admitting error requires self-awareness and humility. Neither of which you seem to possess in any measurable quantity.

Oh? You posted and I didn't read it? The travesty. Meanwhile, you are spinning like a gyroscope on this thread to try and cover for the utter bankruptcy of your analysis.

No you read what you want, not reality.

I am not spinning at all. Everything I have heard to this point does not point in this direction, but my sources are 4-5 rungs on the ladder so I do not get things as they develop or am really privy to how things are going at any given moment in time.

Last I knew the 19th was going to be the announcement of the merger. So far I have seen nothing but speculation to lead me otherwise.

When I (and everyone else in my office) watches the announcement in the morning I will have no problem in the world with it.

Sprint is on solid ground and TMO is playing a bad hand.

It's funny how you saying how good something would be for both companies makes you wrong and 'back-peddling' when something goes wrong with the deal. People.

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I have 3 or 4 detractors on here that wait for me to say something so they can bash me. If they had a coherent thoughts it would be a challenge at least. I have long ago learned to live with it.

Scotty loves to pull the "back-peddling" thing because of a bet I made with someone else (he had no parts in it at all) that I won (but he feels I didnt).

He thinks I went back on the deal even though the people involved with the bet acknowledged I won.

He cannot let go of it.

Yea I was around for all that I remember clearly. The whole 3 parts to the bet deal. Scott just butt hurt that he can't troll better.

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Yep that would be the one he is sore over. Do not really understand why, he had no parts in it. It was Me, Merc and Joe.

I would have gladly changed my screen name if the Nexus 5 would have lived up to those things.

Yeah,I was wondering about your screen name nonexus... I have the N5 rooted with twrp recovery superSU, and one of the best things to happen to android Xposed, you tried Xposed yet?

Yeah I have my personal phone (note 3) rooted and ran xposed with several ROMs. I love it for everything it does.

Doesnt help the battery life or the camera all that much though and that are two of my points of contention with the N5.

The screen name really came about because of the Nexus 4 was such a gigantic turd. The Nexus 5 is not terrible. IF there is a Nexus 6 they might get it right this time around. Google is getting more and more invested in adding a skin to AOSP and the Nexus line so there is hope for it. (IF it continues)

I didn't make an error. I didn't go around spamming every T-Mobile thread about their imminent acquisition by Sprint. That was NoSexus.

There you go talking about my sex life again. I have told you before I do not go that way. It is perfectly fine for you and I respect that, but you are not my type.

NoNexus had some good points to why they would be better together, but I figured that any bid that Sprint put in would end just like the AT&T deal and would be shut down by regulators.

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The problem wasn't his analysis. It was his absolute unwavering glee with which he injected his analysis to crash any positive T-Mobile story. He talked in absolutes what was at best merely a guess.

I predict he'll shut up about it for a little while only to come back with more unequivocally stated and ultimately incorrect statements. Being wrong for him is a compulsion.

Nope I will not shut up about anything, and my analysis is not my opinion, it is based in fact, reality and sources.

I do not guess.

Especially since the accounts were made at the same time. Might be when they moved in together...

Again, nothing wrong with that...

I figured you were not talking to me, and thanks. Banning sucks though, having to start over and all..

Not that I would know from experience or anything....

Its a FCC scam to keep things the same. FCC said that to help people & the economy it'd be better to sell to a bunch of small networks than big ones, we all know att & Verizon bus all the little networks with their tower's*more coverage* their customers*customers added to att & Verizon* and best of all the 600 MHz frequencies along with whatever other spectrum the small networks have. Like I said before it's a set up for the big 2 to get better deals & buys, than just auctioning for straight spectrum.

you're not allowed to do that and comment in these threads. you can only comment based purely on assumption and personal bias, had you not heard?

Not sure why SoftBank will not just buy T-Mo, agree not NOT merge the two companies for a period of time...say ten years. But merge the two networks, put Sprint on a path to LTE (GSM), offer the SAME service and phones. Could that work?

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Sprint already is on a path for LTE GSM.... Their current LTE is the same technology as the other carriers ( aka nexus gets LTE on sprint)

Yes, I realize that. But it would mean that the networks would be closer than they are now. And they could still put in a bid together for the upcoming spectrum auction.

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What he should have said is LTE technology is a GSM technology and so Sprint is already upgrading their network to GSM. Spectrum on the other hand is a slightly different issue, though it is related.

"Related." Barely. As in second cousins twice removed: Sprint is very much the odd carrier out when it comes to US LTE Bands. They share Band 2 with the other carriers, but that's all, Bands 26 and 41 are unique to Sprint and its partners, and the rest of the country is on 2, 4, 5, and 12/13.

Per CNET, they are all currently incompatible but in the future AT&T, Sprint, and T-mobile will all use the same B12, 700MHz a&b bands for A LTE and Verizon will be the odd man out.
Current LTE bands:
B17 = 700MHz b; B4 = AWS 1700MHz-2100MHz
Future LTE Bands:
B12 = 700MHz a&b

Current LTE Bands:
B26 = 800MHz; B25 = 1900MHz; B41 = 2500MHz
Future LTE Bands:
B12 = 700MHz a&b

Current LTE Bands:
B4 = AWS 1700MHz-2100MHz
Future LTE Bands:
B12 = 700MHz a&b

Current LTE Bands
B13 = 700MHz c; B4 = AWS 1700MHz-2100MHz
Future LTE Bands

Sprint doesn't own any 700 MHz block. I doubt they'd try to buy any, not when they have nationwide 800 MHz licenses.

T-Mobile is also deploying LTE on the 1900 band, as is AT&T. AT&T is also deploying on the 850 Mhz band here and there. They don't own any 700 Mhz A block, they own B and C (lower) block, but are promising band compatibility with the A block, probably for roaming purposes among other things. T-Mobile doesn't own any B block, only A block, and that's all they're really trying to buy right now.

Band 13 is the Upper 700 Mhz C block.

Whatever you (failed to) cite, it's inaccurate and probably out of date. And clearly you don't understand it anyway.

You are right about the 700 block, but wait until they get their mitts on that 600 block that is coming up.

All of a sudden they have 36 BN extra to spend...

I didn't fail to cite anything. Copy and paste, put quotes around it... You, however have failed to be a decent human being.

You didn't cite your source, as in include a link to it. You did, however, try to divert me with a rather pathetic personal attack. So, again, please provide the source that doesn't know that Sprint doesn't own any 700 Mhz licenses, and doesn't know the difference between the upper and lower 700 block, et cetra, et cetra, et cetra.

Thanks for proving my point that you failed to be a decent human being. Learn how to read, I never said/quoted Sprint owning the 700 block. You insulted me first so I dished it back. Maybe you can't see the hypocrisy in that so I'm bringing it to your attention.

You claimed Sprint would be building out LTE on the 700 Mhz band. That is YOUR claim, since you did not provide a source, you own it. I pointed out you don't seem to understand what you're talking about (which clearly you don't). You got hot and bothered. Too bad. If you can't stand being told that you don't understand what you're talking about, then I'd suggest you stop complaining about it and go gain an understanding instead.

And we're still waiting for that link where you supposedly got this information.

You're the one that's hot and bothered about it. You personally attacked me first so you can suck it. I told you where I got my source from. Nowhere in my quote did it say Sprint owns the 700 band. So, like I said before, learn to read. If you want a source, just copy and paste my quoted words and you'll find it. Not that hard bro. Lol.

Are you getting enough air down in that basement? Jeez, seriously, either put it out or pass it over already. "Per some unspecified article somewhere in the bowels of the massive webhost that is CNET" is not a proper citation.

By the way, if you had bothered to scroll down to the comments in the article that you didn't want to cite, you'd realize that Ask Maggie is not necessarily the most accurate source, particularly for technical information. Which is probably why you didn't want to come out and say you were referencing the Ask Maggie column.

You may now return to your basement, I have to be at the office in the morning.

Good doggie. It wasn't that hard, was it? Ask Maggie? Don't know who that is, don't care. Have fun in the office... Lol.

for AT&T...you're missing their huge WCS 2.3 GHz share and they're also deploying in Band 5 and Band 2.

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Yeah, AT&T's missing it too, they haven't been able to use it. I hear they just struck a deal with whomever those bands were going to interfere with, that AT&T could use them, provided that they used a 5 Mhz guard on each end of the spectrum. Which doesn't leave them much, depending on how they use the unpaired C and D blocks, they could end up with as little as 5x5mhz. Which is a big ol' ouch. If they're lucky they'll squeeze 10x10 out of it, but they're paying for 15x15.

That's what I'm hoping, those 32 billion Sprint was going to use to buy T-Mobile could buy allot of 600 MHz spectrum needed for sprint & T-Mobile rural areas. Sprint & T-Mobile can have an lte roaming off each other, getting around FCC's c**kblocking ass.

Surely there is some regulatory rule out there about one single company (foreign at that) owning two competing companies but not merging them. Just sounds like fishy business that could never happen.

I am guessing it would be something involving collusion and price fixing. Even if you put up a Chinese wall between the two, the "doubts" would still be there.

I was wondering the same thing it'd get around almost all of the FCC defenses & since they're both going lte there tech could just roam off each other while trading frequencies to enhance each others network until there merge.

This makes me very happy! As a T-Mobile customer I didn't want Sprint to buy but it would have been nice to see T-Mobile have some extra spectrum to ramp things up a bit faster.

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As a former Sprint user, and a current T-Mobile user in so happy to hear this!

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People crack me up. "YAY TMOBILE BOO SPRINT"
Do you realize that someone HAS to buy them since their parent company is done with them?
Sprint/Softbank was the best possible merger to make one true competing company to ATT/VZW

Now your GODLIKE company that you love so much is going to get bought by someone who will definitely either not continue the Uncarrier policies because it would cost them too much money, or someone who tries but goes bankrupt and then Tmobile dies.

Way to go being ignorant.

Have fun getting bought by Iliad and then they realize woops we couldnt afford this afterall, goodnight.

When you actually show me where any of what was said (and I have said very similar things before) is BS, I will show/prove to you that you have no clue what you are talking about...as usual

We know. You are in a anti-T-Mobile circle jerk. We get it. If he wasn't a much better writer I'd suspect you were sock-puppeting. After all, you must get tired being wrong all the time. Having a buddy to join you in your foolishness is quite a benefit.

Wrong again Scotty boy.

I am not anti-TMO. True they suck in 75% of the places I live and travel but I am not anti at all. I want this merger to go through for the good of both companies. It is good business sense (something you know nothing about) and it brings real competition to the market. The business model that tmo is using right now is completely unsustainable and a house of cards. At one point or another it is all gonna change.

Either you are gonna get that God Forsaken Cox/Dish/Charter group or you are gonna get someone who cannot afford the policies in place.

Either way, Sprint was about the only chance at having TMO resemble anything close to what you have now.

I wasn't being serious. I was making that comment based on peoples comments on the Iliad thread the other day wanting that over the Sprint deal. Like "We will let Satan himself buy Tmobile before we let Sprint touch it"

I knew that DT shut down that Iliad deal the day it was announced to the public they made a bid.

Context pal, context.

You are right they didnt have interest since they had a potential $40 per share offer on the table. If Sprint is really out of it, then the interest is back on DT wants to ditch TMUS and at this point almost do not care how.

a company that will be as debt laden as iliad and TMO will fail pretty darn hard. As I said in the original thread, this is like Cricket buying Verizon (or something like that) and has nothing buy fail all over it.

Exactly. The fact that these people would rather get bought by some small cell company with no money in a foreign country that has never dealt with anything the size of the US market, rather then being bought by a company who has been doing it for years and has like ideas and spectrum to work fluently with theirs.. is just (im sorry) plain stupid.

That's taking fanboyism to a whole new level.

What? You had bad service on Sprint a couple years ago so now you absolutely hate them?
Do you not realize that would make both companies so much better?

YOU know what I can see happening? If this deal is dead I can see Sprint taking that 36BN and throwing it into buying all that 600mhz spectrum coming up for auction. That would be a huge FU we don't need you move.

Iliad is under negotiations with Dish Network, Charter Communications, Cox Communications and others to ramp up their bid on T-mobile.

I like the idea of Iliad being in charge, not so much Dish or cable companies.

My high horse? I'm on a high horse for being totally 100% logical while everyone else throws around bullshit? Then screw it, I'll be staying right up where I am.

Nice screen name btw, good day.

Well, consider us corrected. According to ryanmtech, ryanmtech is 100% logical. We apologize. We didn't know.

We got tired of correcting you wrong ago. Now we just tolerate you and realize you have nothing to contribute...ever

"We got tired of correcting you wrong ago"

That's hilarious. I see your sockpuppets agree. Big surpirse.

Funny, you respond to every inane comment I make except the ones where I ask you a direct question or for proof of your dumb claims.

Those you shy away from like a date on Friday night.

As ryanmtech said above, this is horrible for both. More for T-Mobile than Sprint (because they have a parent company that can/will spend money on them.

TMO, you poor guys have iliad and Dish now. Either way you can expect it to change, and not for the better.

This is a sad day indeed for everyone involved. Anyone who says otherwise is biased and shortsighted.

I am not ready to say it is dead yet. Rumors are just rumors and last I knew (from actual sources) things were very much alive and well.


See I do not spin anything, I write what I know.

If I am wrong then guess what? We all still win because there will be competition.

What if I am right though?

Every word you typed in here was/is an insult. Not one word was meaningful and on topic with this article. Either you don't understand structured paragraphs, or your reading comprehension is still at your I.Q. level and you have to make up for it somehow. Kinda like the guy with a little Peepee.

But just like a Liberal, you resort to name calling and insults to make yourself feel better for being a loser.

I couldn't agree more! As a Sprint customer, I don't like the idea of T-Mo dragging down my new, built from the ground up network (Which btw, reaches beyond the confines of major cities and their metro area interstate highways)

Not going to lie I was happy to see this but I'm the other hand tmobile service in my area is been complete shit as of late if it's not improved soon I'm leaving. I could not even make a call for 20 mins yesterday or use my data and I'm in a strong 4G area I'm paying for unlimited and can't use hardly any data they have 2 months to improve or fix the service here or I'm bouncing big v or art will get my 5 lines

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Either way it does not matter. I heard a while ago that he was gonna leave at the end of the year, and I figured the merger would give them room for that (no conflict between merging CEO's) with John L taking over.

Something seems fishy though. Softbank was all about getting T-Mobile and all of a sudden, they're backing out. It must be the rules set forth about the spectrum auction.

Well they did make that move on Sprint/TMO teaming up to buy the 600 block. I can see that being a factor (the FCC saying something like you cannot merge then bid separately) . I wonder if this is to get over that hump? I won't speculate on it because I honestly have no clue here. Last I knew they were working on the dotting the i's and crossing t's

Glad someone else mentioned that, I read through the while thread and was surprised that was rarely mentioned...so what, they didn't know it was uphill from the start? What happened to "this is their best chance as a 3rd carrier" that both sprint and tmo were saying? Something is off to just suddenly drop something this massive, especially with Softbank actually making the bid as opposed to Sprint which, if I understand correctly technically makes it less of an issue...

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The part that I find tough is putting this stuff off just for the 600 block. Sprint already has tons of spectrum and tmo has a bunch of the 700 block.

I guess that it is grasping at straws to think that this is just about the spectrum and less about the FCC (FTC) regulatory needs

He's either leaving at the end of the year or in 11 hours. Either way he's out. He's done some good things for Sprint but on the other hand he's made some bad decisions that set them back a few years. All good intentions but the wrong intentions.

Google needs to buy them. G-Mobile. Then sell nothing but Google play edition style phones.

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T-Mobile is about to pass sprint and become #3. I think they'll manage without them

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They're at 50 million users. SPRINT is at what? 55 million and declining?

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even if they meet half way, that is around 2 years.

TMO will not be viable, if they are not bought, in that time.

Wow. More bold predictions from the perpetually wrong. You even picked the Broncos to beat the Seahawks.

There has yet to be an announcement but that does not mean that you and your little clone there proved me wrong about anything. Circumstances changed. It was and still is the right thing to do.

Technically they could come back and do it at a later date. They've just stopped for now.

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What world do you live in? God. They're losing money. Their parent company wants to get rid of them. If someone doesn't buy them they are DONE. Delusions do not make a company survive. Mergers and money do.

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Umm seriously? Go read every article about DT and TMO in the past year or so. They're done with them. Even with the boost in subscribers lately. They're not sticking around.

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You do not continuously try to sell and then divest yourself of an asset you want to keep. It is not even a rumor, it is a fact that they want to get rid of TMOUS

Pretty much everywhere, you'd have to be living under a rock to not get that message. Tmo's future is very much in flux, I have zero faith if a group like Dish's nabs them but it's still tough to predict anything, the fact that DT wants out is NOT in doubt though. Someone like Iliad wouldn't even bother with an offer otherwise...