Sprint S4 OTA

The 357MB update may hold a locked bootloader as a requirement for Samsung Knox support -- hackers beware

The Samsung Galaxy S4 on the Sprint network is seeing a general rollout of the MF9 update, and it has a few welcome changes baked in. Users who have already received the update have noticed the following changes:

  • Allow apps to be moved to the SD card in the same limited fashion as the European S4
  • The addition of Samsung Knox
  • Smart Pause toggle in the notification panel
  • A legibility setting for the display
  • Status bar transparency now works with custom wallpapers
  • The addition of a briefing app, and an SPDclient app
  • A potentially locked bootloader

The first and last items on the list will get the most attention from the community, we're sure. As of now, nobody is certain that the bootloader is locked, but speculations are running high and the bootloader was updated along with the modem and kernel. A locked bootloader could very well be a requirement for Knox support.

The apps-to-SD card support will be a welcome change, as Samsung has caught some heat for the amount of free space left on the device compared to the amount advertised. You can see a tutorial on how this works right here.

If you're rooted or have a custom recovery installed, you won't be able to install this OTA. You'll need to revert back to factory settings or wait it out for the custom version from your favorite developer. If you're into the whole root and ROM thing with your Sprint S4, you might even want to wait until the bootloader's lock status is confirmed. 

For everyone else, the OTA will come the normal way, and you'll be faced with a 357MB download to install. For more information and discussion, see the links below.

Source: XDA; via Android Central forums


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Sprint's Galaxy S4 getting an OTA update, apps-to-SD support and Samsung Knox are notable additions


to be honest i'm happy to see #5 on the list. Loved that they said we could get a transparent status bar but then only made it available for stock wallpapers. Glad to see they fixed this. Hope this update comes to AT&T soon....

I'm curious what the legibility setting for the display is for though.

Waiting for 4.2 to rollout to the GSIII. Hopefully Apps to SD will be enabled.

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Yes! This is exactly why I stuck with sprint. Always the first carrier to get updates out

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T-mobile's phone selection is better than sprint imho, as far as coverage goes, the only reason people think sprint coverage is so much better than t-mobile is because they can roam on Verizon, sprint's network is about the same size as T-mobile and the spectrum quality (until they roll out LTE and CDMA on 800Mhz, is roughly the same.)

When it comes to network quality however, if you live in an area with good t-mobile coverage (closer to urban areas) the network speed and quality blows sprint away.

Awesome news! Once again, Sprint and Samsung are on top of their update game. T-Mobile and AT&Ts update will follow shortly but to my friends on Verizon, I'm sorry but you'll probably have another 1-2 month wait so that Verizon can properly "test" the new firmware...in other words, make sure their crapware still works, make sure the "law enforcement" backdoor is still wide open, and to make sure they break a few things in the process.

Verizon Wireless released the update last night (7/8/13). Connected my S4 to my PC and it downloaded and installed. Just checking now what it includes. Definitely can confirm the move app to my SD card is there.

That's interesting you say that because my phone gets hit as well but not overheating but very hot... I was guessing because of the overstock snapdragon but if it is a software fix please come quickly.

I'm wondering if it will patch the loki bootloader workaround for installing custom roms, I have the OTA apps disabled on my S4 just in case.

OFF to XDA to see what the devs are seeing :)

Until they fix being unable to change or add APN settings to truly make this an international phone, this is small beans. Can't use international data on 3rd party SIM even though Sprint promised it would work fine on international 3rd party SIM after they unlocked it, which they did. Only voice and SMS for the Galaxy S4 outside the US..

I manually updated, pretty quick...lag is gone (though that may be placebo) going to factory reset and play with everything stock, see what everything feels like out of the box!

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Got it installed on mine. I see the knox service but haven't found where to launch it or anything like that.

There is a firmware update for the camera with this update. I noticed after updating when I first launched the camera app it took about 30 seconds while it said updating camera firmware.

What I want to know, does this remove that blasted partition mounted as a false SD card, or just enable the option to move to SD manually? Because my biggest issue with this are the apps (Mostly games, I admit) which download anywhere from 500MB to 3GB of extra data on your SD Card on top of the 5-20 meg executable. These apps think the emulated portion IS the SD Card and thus install there.

I have an Evo 3D, and despite the pitiful 300-400mb of internal storage, my Evo 3D can hold more apps than the S4 can currently because I have several gigs of this extra data on the 32GB card inside it. The Galaxy S4 currently would not be able to hold these apps even with it's 16GB of internal and if I were to put a 64GB card in it because of it's emulated SD card.

Any word on if this update makes all apps realize where the real SD card is, or if it just manually lets one move to the SD card and still treats the 6-7ish GB of space they partition off as a fake SD Card? It's the biggest reason why I haven't already pulled the trigger and updated to a S4 already.

That's the primary feature of the update...it allows you to move apps to the *external* SD card (the "real" SD card), rather then have them take up internal storage space (the "fake" SD card). The HUGE caveat to this is, however, that app developers need to support it for it to work, so many if not most apps won't be able to utilize this feature.

how did you guys get to update ota? luck as sprint rolls out? i keep going into my s4 and hitting update samsung software and update firmware and it says i have latest update. i didnt get a notification. did it do it secretly when i wasn't looking?

Strange... my s4 on at&t it's getting a 350ish megabyte update today too...

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