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It looks like Sprint really wants your business, to the sum of a potential $400 in-store credit to be had for activating three lines on their Everything Data Share or Simply Everything Data plans. Said credit is then to be available to use towards the purchase of "qualifying devices," whichever they may be. 

A 2-year deal will be required -- as you would expect -- and all lines must be active a minimum of 60 days. The qualifying period is set to start in stores only tomorrow, Aug 19, running through September 15. 

As with all offers, there looks to be some fine print, a few caveats. Qualifying devices appear to be only phones. Tablets, accessories and portable hotspots look to be right out. And, if the device you're getting using the credit is eligible for a mail-in rebate, you won't get that on top. Can't have everything, after all. The credit has to be used in full at the time of purchase too. 

The definite catch though, is that one line must be transferred from another carrier, and one that isn't affiliated with Sprint such as Virgin or Boost Mobile. Sprint definitely wants your business, but they also want new business. 

All this comes from a leaked flyer, so it's not exactly 100% concrete. But, if it sounds like your kind of deal, maybe head into a local Sprint store tomorrow. See what's going on. 

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Sprint ready to offer up to $400 in-store credit to certain customers?


If you have 4G WiMax in your area, the SGS2 Epic 4G Touch is still a great device. And just because it hasn't been announced doesn't mean you won't get it soon. I've seen some people getting LTE in Boston, for example.

To anyone buy into Sprint...
Make sure you know what radio frequencies are in your phone. Sprint will be upgrading their network to the Nextel 800Mhz spectrum within the next year or two. Basically better spectrum. Most of the LTE phones coming out on Sprint right now only have radios with frequencies set for their crappy 1900Mhz spectrum. I was lucky enough to buy a EVO 3D that has the 800Mhz radios in it. (Future-proofed)
Make sure to know the specs of a device before you buy so you don't get caught off guard when a year and a half down the road the next round of LTE phones work way better than yours because they can receive Sprint's better frequency.

Are you sure you know what you bought in to? Yes, the EVO 3D supports 800MHz ESMR frequency, but Sprint is only using for 1x Advanced and eventually LTE. EV-DO will remain on the "crappy" 1900 MHz spectrum.

I can confirm this promotion is true, I work at a Sprint store and we received a box of these yesterday. Sprint is starting a ton of new promotions this month targeted at customers on other carriers.

I'd have to echo the sentiment of Dr. Droidberg. Sprint REALLY REALLY REALLY needs to focus its attention on the integrity and performance of its network before it can even begin to think it can successfully lure customers away from other carriers. What's the price for leaving say AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon other than, maybe price and UNLIMITED DATA (if it's still around and has longevity)? Each of the competitors have stronger 3G networks and most have something approximating 4G; two areas where Sprint is lacking at the moment. AT&T and T-Mobile offer the world-standard GSM technology, while Sprint and Verizon are clinging to the aging CDMA protocol. I have Sprint and while they've done a great deal to try to appease me over the performance of their network and the service deficits where I live and work, I just don't see them being able to pull off such a promotion while the NetworkVision upgrades are going on and the 4G LTE rollout proceeds under the doom-and-gloom reality of a spectrum shortage for that rollout.

I had VZW service and their service the same Sprint in my area, which, where I'm living big red claiming it's 4g Lte area.. Right now I am sitting her in my house holding the galaxy note on At&t and the galaxy S3 on Sprint, the Note shows 4g and the GS3 shows 3G,but as the service goes, I have no problem with either one.
I have no Idea what is you guys problem.....

Honestly you wouldn't believe me, but I get 2.05 Mbps down and 1.67 up on average on 3G, so hopefully I'll blaze through the web when my unprotected-date-of-arrival LTE fires up.

So basically if you have three smartphones on other carriers the ETF can be as high as 1050 dollars. How about doing a promotion for one line at 350 dollars so the person does not have to pay out of pocket. That might be a better deal. At this rate, no rational person should even consider this because of the out of pocket expenses. Just my two cents.

Those contracts don't last forever, you know. I met someone the other day who was thinking about switching from Verizon or AT&T (don't remember which) to Sprint when his/her contract ended.

I understand that. I am talking about people still under contract that may want to switch but cannot at this time because of the ETF. Maybe if they paid the ETF and helped break the contract whether it be 350, 250 or even 150. I would leave my current carrier for the 95 dollars a month bill vs my current 150 a month bill with my current carrier.

Sprint, make sure you keep taking from us loyal customers of 10 + years. Do whatever it takes to push the existing customers to another carrier.

I'm currently on AT&T but off contract. This might be the thing to get me to switch. I don't have too many complaints about ATT except its more expensive and some of the more rural areas near me I don't get any service. Sprint seems just fine here in Kansas so I may take the plunge. I have several friends with Sprint and they're happy.

"It’s no secret that AT&T (T) is a terrible wireless carrier — just ask anyone who uses, or has used AT&T. Its calls drop, data is unusable in any location with more than four wireless subscribers within a square mile, and it nickel and dimes every single fucking thing." - Jonathan S. Geller

I've had AT&T for the past 4+ years so I know first hand about their service. It has gotten a lot better than it was when we first got it. I don't get any dropped calls unless I'm in a pretty remote area. Where I work and live I rarely have troubles and the data speeds are good. It all depends on where you live.

Seems that way, their so great and cheaper Unlimited Everything isn't enough to get new customers. I feel bad for getting my uncle to buy the OG EVO on release with here in PHX with promised to get Wimax. He now has SG2, and EVO LTE and no Wimax or LTE in sight.

How can they add to their network when it so over-crowded now? Sprint=bad right now. Until the network is up and running I'd stay away no matter what they offer. Unlimited data is useless when it so slow its non existent. At one time I loved Sprint and am rooting for them to get it together. I switched to AT&T and WOW, a REAL network!

Alright VZW, a long as I can keep my unlimited on my there lines, we are good. When you try and take it away, I know where I will look first.

Sprint needs to get their system together first, before they bring on new customers and overcrowd it even more.

I had Sprint for 7 years and was happy up until the past year. The service has gotten awful and the 3G is awful. I switched to the Evo Lte and service got even worst with barely any 3G. Sprint stated lte will not be up until 6 months. I was tired of paying for a service that was not working.

I switched to AT&T and wow. My gs3 cranks on lte and hasn't missed a call, dropped a call, or missed text in a month I have had the service.

Sprint needs to focus on their previous customers, because once they are gone, they will not see them for minimum 2 years.

I am very happy I made the switch.

I truly regret having Sprint, and I can't wait for my contract to be up in January. The 4G is a joke for two reasons, it doesn't exist for 95% of the time, and when it's available the speed barely competes with T-mobile's HSPA+. As for their 3G, it's a joke of a speed, my DSL back when I lived in Iraq was much faster. Avoid this network by all means, getting into a contract with Sprint right now is a horrible idea.

Why would I want $400, when I just paid an etf of $240 to drop their crappie service. I got tired of watching other people use their phones while I sat their with no service. I will admit their are some places where both sprint and Verizon both have weak signals but there are also outdoor places in major towns wherein can 4 bars of LTE with Verizon and can't even get a Web Page to render in under two minutes with sprint. It's not just their network that's god awful, they have major issues with roaming and having their phones reliably switch back and forth between their network and roaming. So if you're in a weak area, your phone will fight back and forth with trying to access their network and roam. It really doesn't work well at all. You could give me the service for free and I still wouldn't switch.

Yeah the problem with roaming is Sprint phones are programmed to prioritize even the weakest of home signals over the strongest of roaming signals. The home signal has to actually drop to zero before it'll kick over to roam, and as soon as it's anything above zero it'll try to get back on. That's why a lot of people rooted their phones, installed different PRLs, and a certain forced roaming app developer made a good bit of money.

It's also why some of us got kicked off their network.