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Sprint Galaxy Note 2 owners should be looking for an update notification sometime soon, as the carrier has begun to push out a security fix update which bumps the device to version L900VPAMA7. While not particularly exciting, security fixes are important so you'll be wanting to grab it as soon as it becomes available. 

The update is rolling out in stages OTA and Sprint says all users should receive it within 5 days. To check for the update manually, head into Settings>System Update>Update Samsung Software>Check Now. If there's anything else you notice post update, be sure to jump into the comments below, or the forums, and let us know what you've found. 

Source: Sprint via Android Central Forums

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Partyman says:

So will this update break Root?

They usually do.

yankeesusa says:

Same question I have. I'm thinking that this is the security update for exynos exploit so the chances are that it will. I will be heading over to the forums to see what people are saying.

rocketrex says:

you forgot to mention that the galaxy s3 as well is getting a update

It also bumps the Android version from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2.

SouthFlaPi says:

I hope this new update will allow Google Wallet to work as well!

AlyarbankHQZ says:

Apparently not...
I was hopeful there for a second.

Still nothing in Norcal

yankeesusa says:

I heard that google wallet r96 will work on this update. Check for r96 on xda and let us know if you try it. I will be trying hopefully soon after my phone sees the update.

cc1981 says:

Nothing here in northern Virginia.

It will break your root especially Exynos abuse...ask me how I know :-(

stockguy says:

Bravo Sprint. Just pulled down the update and the Note 2 works even better. Was about 289mb so it took a bit. Browser seems much faster and windows come up quicker than before. Some of the widgets changed a bit too, such as the browser favorites used to be 4 wide and now it's 3. Battery life appears better as does cpu usage but I haven't had the update for more than a few hours so take it with a grain of salt.

It's great when they release updates that improve the device. Good job Samsung and Sprint. I don't usually post about device updates but quite pleased with it and good deeds deserve to be rewarded in my book.

I'm pure stock no root so not sure if this update breaks any root/roms.

Wicell says:

I also notice the same improvements you have talked about as well
However, I have a caveat that the icon for 'Smart Stay' is on nonstop unless turned off, of course this could be from me using 'Rotation Control,' but unlikely

Still no update in Nor California. Is there a way to clear the updater to push like I did on my HTC phones

koertje1 says:

Clear data on the application "Google Services Framework" and restart. May have to do this a couple times. That worked for my fiance's S3 update to 4.1

mveltkamp says:

Anyone know of a way to update if I have root and twrp recovery? Don't care if I loose either for now.

koertje1 says:

Got the notification of the update today. Why the heck is the smart stay icon persistent? Just clutters up the notification bar even more. The update did allow Google Wallet which is very nice.

How did you all updated it cause it is still not letting me update it

koertje1 says:

Clear data on the application "Google Services Framework" and restart. May have to do this a couple times. It will either prompt you to update, or you will have to manually check for the update in your settings

Umair Abbasi says:

well i got Galaxy note 2 and i am still waiting for the update here in Oman. I tried changing CSC but not helping. Can anyone tell me which CSC to select to get the update?

im waiting to see if it breaks root before I update ...