Galaxy S3 in purple

Sprint this morning announced that it's now carrying the Samsung Galaxy S3 in purple -- OK, amethyst purple, they call it -- for $99 on contract (and after a $50 mail-in rebate). That'll get you the 16GB version of the GS3, which is about to be replaced by the Galaxy S4 sometime this quarter. But, hey! Purple!

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I detect lots of sarcasm Phil. Enough to fill a pretty nice sized lake...O_o

jrb363 says:

That phone doesn't even deserve his sarcasm. That color is offensive to my eyes.

donntiger says:

My wife would go absolutely nuts over this. I got to make sure she has no hint this thing exists. otherwise I know where the tax refund is going.

DWR_31 says:

My 16Gb Sprint GSIII is more than enough to keep me happy until the holiday season. Kind of makes you think, does my mini computer do everything I need? Is it capable of downloading at high speeds? Do I really need to sign another contract because this new phone does a little more? Is my current mini computer capable of running most or all of the current apps? And does it have a HD screen?

klokateer123 says:

id get it if i didnt already have my optimus g

Jeff Siegel says:

I want ma' grape draaaank :) jk jk / actually have a vz in pebble blue and probably getting the s4 in 'black mist' once avaialble (june?)

Gearu says:

Amethyst is not that color. I'd say it's more Grape Fanta or Cher Purple.

rap1 says:

Think teen girls and women upgrading from a feature phone not tech geeks. Nice choice.

mrich70 says:

What's my motivation here??

Erika reyes says:

I want that phone