Galaxy S3 in purple

Sprint this morning announced that it's now carrying the Samsung Galaxy S3 in purple -- OK, amethyst purple, they call it -- for $99 on contract (and after a $50 mail-in rebate). That'll get you the 16GB version of the GS3, which is about to be replaced by the Galaxy S4 sometime this quarter. But, hey! Purple!


Reader comments

Sprint peddles purple Galaxy S3 for $99 on contract


My wife would go absolutely nuts over this. I got to make sure she has no hint this thing exists. otherwise I know where the tax refund is going.

My 16Gb Sprint GSIII is more than enough to keep me happy until the holiday season. Kind of makes you think, does my mini computer do everything I need? Is it capable of downloading at high speeds? Do I really need to sign another contract because this new phone does a little more? Is my current mini computer capable of running most or all of the current apps? And does it have a HD screen?

I want ma' grape draaaank :) jk jk / actually have a vz in pebble blue and probably getting the s4 in 'black mist' once avaialble (june?)