Sprint Motorola Photon Q

Just a quick heads up that the Sprint Motorola Photon Q is available today for $199 with a two-year contract. If you've yet to do so (slacker), be sure to check out our hands-on with the Photon Q (we'll have a more thorough review this week), but already it's shaping up to be a solid slider from Moto, with Ice Cream Sandwich and a new UI.

It's also important to remember that this is a world phone, so you business types who have been longing for something with a keyboard that'll work outside the states have something new to consider. And it's also worth noting that the Photon Q is the first to take advantage of Motorola's new bootloader unlocking tool -- a tool of which we've already availed ourselves -- so you hacker types can have your way with it, too.

So ... who's buying?


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Sprint Motorola Photon Q available today for $199


I'm getting it for my daughter, but it's going to be a few weeks till I get the money. Sprint screwed the pooch when they took away the ability to pay for it on your next bill.

I've always felt that if you need to go in debt for a $200 phone you probably shouldn't be buying it in the first place.

I have to admit that I REALLY WANT ONE. I have wanted a Moto slider on Sprint for a long time. If Apple's iPhone 5 turns out to be an iPhone 4 rehash, I'm done with the iPhone 4S. I'm not going to buy another iPhone 4 rehash and Apple will never make a slider. But I will need to see that full review and know how the battery life will be. Not happy about the locked SIM but the battery life needs to at least equal my 4S. I can get buy with my car charger on the 4S and would get one for the Q. So yea. This is definitely a phone that interests me.

If this is Sprint's only current QWERTY phone in February when I'm eligible for my next upgrade, I'll probably buy it, sure. I'm really concerned about the non-replaceable battery though. How do you reboot it when a poorly written apps locks it up hard? (First one to answer "don't run any poorly written apps" is a douchebag.)

There *should* be a button combo that will cut power from the battery momentarily.

Having said that, I prefer user changeable batteries because I'm too heavy of a user to get by on just one. Sometimes I can plug in, but when I can't I can't.

+1 to what tim242 said. Power + volume down does the trick on my HTC EVO LTE, but that takes you to the bootloader screen if you keep holding after it shuts down. I think just holding power for a long time gets the job done.

Not me. I have the Photon and am looking for an upgrade, but this isn't that much of one to make me buy. I was hoping for something with at least the same specs as the GS3 (2 Gigs of RAM).

I know what you mean. I have the Captivate and nothing has gotten me excited enough to spend my hard earned money. It's going to take a lot...or the destruction of the current device via nephews and/or toilet to move up.

I dunno, all these new devices just feel "meh" anymore - perhaps because they just keep coming and coming.

If i didnt have a sero account i would of cancelled sprint. Service just keeps getting worse. I have a Photon, it worked great on T-Mobile in germany. With sprint im missing calls, callers keep getting "All circuits are busy", missing texts, very spotty 4g service, 3g that only keeps getting slower.

Then you add the fact that the original photon is now two versions behind in less than 1 year, and its not worth the premium price tag.

After that you compare resale value of other similar priced phones (iphone) and its obvious that this combo is a total waste of money.

Just picked it up as a replacement for my girlfriends Evo Shift. It got junked out after a repair. So far it seems pretty solid. I like that it is pretty close to vanilla. The screen is nice but not as nice as the One series or the SIII. I'll give it a spin and report back. I will say if I ever wanted a phone with a keyboard I would want a keyboard like this one though.

Non-removeable battery pull is power, volume up, volume down. All at the same time and you have yourself a hard reset. I dont know why Moto has gone the route of this style of battery. But i still prefer the hardware compared to any other manufacturer. I recently moved to a razr from bionic and i couldnt be happier. This sgs3 band wagon is ridiculous. Though sprints data blows compared to Verizon's. I know this from experience. If this phone was on verizon, id make the querty move. I just cant go back to sprint after these data speeds. The photon q is a solid phone tho, i tested it about a month ago and i was impressed. The display was vibrant and a step forward for moto. Good work.