Sprint Mobile IP relay

A quick peek at the description for the Sprint Mobile IP Relay app, designed to allow users with hearing disabilities to place relay calls using text on Android phones, gives us a look at some upcoming devices -- Notably the Samsung Galaxy S II.  Listed along side things we know and love like the Optimus S and HTC EVO 4G, we see the Galaxy everyone is aching for, as well as the mid-range Samsung M930 (a qwerty slider said to be heading to Boost Mobile) and the decidedly low-end Kyocera Oblique.

Nothing here is really new -- and anyone can put anything they want in their app's description. But seeing it in print -- err pixels -- is bound to make more than a few happy.  The Galaxy S II is coming, and I know quite a few folks on Sprint ready for it.

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tgaskill says:

Samsung haters in 3...2...1

Samsung haters no longer exist... Everyone wants this phone

ZDriver says:

I am ready, was let down by the EVO3D's radio, and I want the epic 4g touch NOW

pDoG says:

What is wrong with the 3Ds radio? No problem for me.

If anything there are more evo 3d haters... They best device on android is the htc evo 3D rather people want to except that or not who cares. The EVO BRAND has dominated android since it's arrival in June 2010... Whatever version we recieve from samsung it won't be the original anyway. EVO 3D rules.......

are you 12?

onesie13 says:

post-purchase rationalization

Actually, this was one of his more rational posts.

squiddy20 says:

Hey Dick, Evo 3D wasn't mentioned in the article. Stick to the topic or don't say one stupid word.

SpaceDroid says:

It actually was in the articles posted screenshot

Uhh, he wasn't the first to bring up the E3D. He's responding to comments above him. Lets be fair.

ScottColbert says:

You keep telling yourself that rainman.

akarol says:

How is this news? We knew that the SGII was coming to Sprint for months now.

SpaceDroid says:

There is always news in speculation/theory since nothing is official or concrete. Thats all there can be. Its like pieces to a puzzle, since the "officials that be" will not aknowledge this speculative "news"

I hate everyone! Hahaha! SGS2 or Vigor comparable. Maybe the NexI... Now that 720p screens are on the scene, the SGS2 doesn't look as good.

757boy says:


jaymoon says:

Geez, whoever spotted this can't hear worth crap, but their eagle eye vision that noticed this sure makes up for it!

driver5614 says:

Will not own another samsung phone hardware is great phone is great updates just take way to long

Why would u still care about updates for this phone? Its on 2.3.4 which is the latest version

Klash6543 says:

I'm definitely gonna get this(Samsung Galaxy S2), been waitin maad long. Just hope that when i do the Nexus Prime aint that much better to make me regret lol