Sprint today announced 20 more markets that can now take advantage of 4G LTE data speeds. They are:

  • Bakersfield, Calif.
  • Bridgeport/Stamford/Norwalk, Conn.
  • El Centro, Calif.
  • Hot Springs, Ark.
  • Kenosha, Wis.
  • Lancaster, Pa.
  • Mason City, Iowa
  • Myrtle Beach, S.C.
  • Nogales, Ariz.
  • Ocean City, N.J.
  • Omaha, Neb.
  • Peoria, Ill.
  • Provo/Orem, Utah
  • Sarasota/Bradenton, Fla.
  • Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

In addition, Sprint launched its high-speed "Spark" service in Provo, Utah, and Trenton, N.J.

Source: Sprint


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Sprint lights up 20 new LTE markets


YES YES YES. Was just checking the coverage map to make sure I wasn't about to say something stupid that they actually upgraded us here. WIMAX is NOT LTE guys.

Yep. I enjoy reading about Sprint upgrades to rural markets while surfing the web in three-effing-gee. My contact's up in October. What are the odds we'll have 4G by then? Not good, is my guess.

Hell if I still had my Evo...I would still be waiting for WiMAX since I dont believe it supported the regular LTE lol , well that and Sprint screwed everyone who bought it into that 10.00/month 4G charge (later renamed to something else)

Still no presence in Denver that I've picked-up, but have to believe it's coming. I pick up LTE in Golden, Colorado Springs, and Thornton (close to Denver Metro)....none of which are "officially" announced as of yet. Best overall LTE experience has been in Thornton, so far. For some reason, in Golden, the 3G to LTE transition gets wonky. My experience in CO Springs has been good, too. I've seen LTE in all three places for several months now, on my (prior) GNex and now Nexus 5. Here's hoping Denver Metro gets lit-up soon!

I got 4G in Loveland. I was in the parking lot of the movie Theatre to check movie times and about dropped my phone in shock and awe when it said 4G

This is normal when a particular tower is being upgraded/tested. The service may be intermittent and the speeds will be all over the place. Once testing in complete and Sprint accepts the upgraded cell site, it goes away and the network works fine. Check out www.s4gru.com for Sprint Network Vision upgrade info.

Too late Sprint.... I have been coping with your SLOW service for 2 years in Denver. I am leaving you for one of the others next month!

That's if it even happens.

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People who think the Sprint/Tmobile thing will actually happen are delusional.

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I would have a battle of the wits with you but I can't fight an unnamed person.

Posted via the porcelain throne.

Jay right this second, I am going to say it is gonna happen. Things change, but as of now it is gonna

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Is either sprint or T-Mobile competition as they are right now? The answer is no

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Actually, they are. Why do you think Verizon and AT&T have both responded to T-Mobile's promos with their own versions and lower prices?

The wireless industry is reaching maturity: there's less new customers entering the market. So, competition is heating up between all of the carriers. Based on this, I believe both T-Mobile and Sprint are separately competitive.

Could a merger change things? Absolutely. But, for better or worse, no one knows.

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Finally, LTE in Toledo, OH!!!

wait... what? you're effing kidding!

Thank goodness I switched to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile is garbage. And yes I have used them or tried them in many places in the US since I travel on a frequent basis. Most everyone talking them up are paid by them for marketing purposes. Total crap.

You're crazy, if you honestly believe that.

I don't get paid by T-Mobile and I love their service. And, I travel.

Each service has its pros and cons. Pick the one that works for you and stop complaining.

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I know the pros and cons of T-Mobile's service.

But, I find you people hilarious, that feel the need to go out of your way to bash a carrier.

To think, a wireless carrier, of all the things to get butt hurt about.

Pick the service that works for you and stop complaining.

Hell, be grateful that you could even afford mobile service.

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I think you are confused with T-Mobile

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I pull 50mbps on T-Mobile. So definitely not T-Mobile. Sprint can't even get LTE speeds on LTE, they are 3G speeds.

Only way TMO can come close to 50mbps is on a 20mhz market like Dallas. I believe that is their only 20mhz market right now. Other markets with TMO LTE are nowhere close to 50mbps consistently.

I tested and HTC One MAX on Sprint Spark and the speeds were 40-60mbps consistently.

no. T-Mobile speeds blow Sprint out of the water. fastest I've ever got in my sprint phone is 3mbps with 4bars...Sprint sucks

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I'm under the impression that the "bars" have nothing to do with data speed strength. Since Sprint (and maybe Verizon) have separate networks for voice and data, only voice signal strength is shown on the bars. There have been a few instances where I've had 0-1 bars but excellent data speeds (so far as Sprint data speeds go, anyway), or full bars but extremely slow data.

If you are running Jellybean or Kit Kat "bars" now shows data speed not phone signal strength anymore

Depends on the area.

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You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Where did T-mobile do that? Are you in your hometown? Or, everywhere else you never been to! you better check you information. Where I live, most the time who`s have T-mobile stays by their home windows to get service and, when they`re on the phone talking half the time you can`t hear them.

So. Much. Fail. In. This. Comment.

So, according to you, no one can have a positive experience with T-Mobile's service, because a few people you know have a bad experience?

Shills never cease to amaze me.

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Nope! I get 15-25mbps on average on T-Mobile here in Ct. On occasion I even get 35-40mbps, that is real LTE!

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I have got 30-59mbs down about 25% of the time in Chicagoland, but I'm between 2-15 mostly. Since its one of the 1st Spark cities, my guess is they are adding band 41 last and the slow speeds we are getting are for range from towers and building penetration, which both have been solid for me since I got a Spark enable G2. If they continue to add that final band 41 to most towers we will end up with outstanding 40-70 speeds and usable speeds when not in range of those towers. The plus side will be Sprint's network covers the US better than T-Mobile. This was a deciding factor for me to stay with Sprint, when I would cross over to south west Wisconsin or to central Illinois my friends with TM would have NO service. My Sprint service was always fine, both calls and data. I was tempted by JUMP as well but now T-Mobile is more expensive for unlimited and I can trade my phone in every 12 mobile if I pay my bill on time.

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This isn't even a joke. My friend got LTE on her Sprint iPhone in metro Detroit last year and wanted to compare to my T-Mobile LTE. Standing next to each other, both normal LTE signal (3-4 bars) I was getting 22Mbps, she was getting 4Mbps. Awful...

You guys start the same comments in all these threads. It's all about the area. You can't take your results from a handful of areas and say that's how it works everywhere. I had both sprint and tmobile. In Sacramento Tmobile wins, driving down to Vegas, now that's another story

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But the thing is, find me 10 cities where Sprint has great data speeds. You probably won't be able too. It's such a saturated network.

"Saturated'? They've been bleeding customers for 7yrs now! And likely by the end of this year T-Mobile will take the #3 place from them. "Saturated", is a lame excuse. I hear they have crap backhaul, and are only using something like a 5x5 or 10x10 configuration. Even with 10x10 LTE on T-Mobile people easily get 20+mbps.

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Bleeding customers? All the carriers gained last quarter so says Android central

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Holm is a moron. And yes, Sprint is way more saturated than TMO. More customers and a higher % of customers use smartphones, aircards or wifi hotspots. Sprint is a large provider to enterprise and government customers who use a lot of data.

Northern Az. We have no 4g up here but I constantly am getting 2mbps+ on 3g. Honestly that's not bad. Why would you need 50mb on your cell phone?

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Because, you're more of a man, if you have a faster data connection, lol.

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Still no LTE in Hawaii for sprint. Glad I switched off to tmo a year ago, despite promises it would be here by "late 2013"

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Sprint needs a better migration plan, period. They need to drag out, dust off, and shore up their business model and quick. I thought this "merger" with Soft Bank was supposed to have measurable benefits for consumers??

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You miss the important point. This is not just a migration, it is a total replacement. The plan is going as well as it can be.

I may disagree. The company I work for supply the fiber backbone, and we sent Sprint all the cabinets they needed for the towers over a year ago, and they are just getting lte here in Omaha. It has been "on" per sensorly for at least a month, but they are taking forever.

Sent from my bathroom

Gee, they're upgrading almost every tower in every state in the nation, and you expect it to happen everywhere RIGHT NOW! Get real. Omaha probably isn't the most important location for them, either.

America loves instant gratification, lol.

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If you mean waiting for more than two years is instant. How long do you wait for your instant coffee?

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Did I say that? I said they had all the crap they needed at the towers here over a year ago. Omaha is not that big of a place, and it still took that long. It's nothing of instant gratification, Verizon and AT&T got us lit up pretty quickly after their LTE roll outs started, and even tmobils lack of local numbers didn't keep them from getting LTE up here.

The real problem is sprint is and always has been a poorly run company. They didn't even build out their pcs network in the 90's, that was done mostly by Cox, and those were the days Sprint was "ran well".

I'm sorry, my reply wasn't meant as an insult to you. It was just a generalization.

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Good point! What's going on with that $20bln investment from Softbank??? Probably in the pockets of executives.

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I was just in Lancaster and had great lte.

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

The LTE upgrade in Peoria, Illinois took most of their towers offline for more than a day. Anyone with Sprint/Boost/Virgin in Peoria has not been able to use their phones at all.

Glad I stuck with Sprint. Now I'm getting 6 - 20 MB speeds on LTE even in my small town out in the country. TMO drops to 2G/EDGE out here which is just painful. Sprint is rolling out LTE to all their 3G footprint while Tmobile upgrades only in the city. Plus at $25 a month it cheaper than Tmobile too.

That's the Framily plan. $25 is only for 1GB, buy up for unlimited is $20.

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Totally Agree, Sprint 3G = 2G
from a former Sprint customer for 10 years.
Back in the days Sprint was a good company, after Sprint bougth Nextel. it went down hill.

As a former Nextel customer I have the same feelings about Sprint that you have about Nextel.

Nextel was an innovator that was drafted down by the yellow Sprint sloth.

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Exactly. I get 30 mbps on Sprint. I have no problem with my LTE where I'm at. People just like to complain.

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well we have a right, I was down 7 cities(Norfolk VA) and I got to experience a supposedly fully launched LTE network and it was slow
3-5meg down and coverage was awful.
If that was what I am going to get when it finally get done in RVA(next year probably) than this will be terrible .

That's some damn fine 3G ya got there, brother!

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Was this a serious comment? Cause it made my laugh, I apologize if Frog Jump, TN is a big city..
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I feel bad for everyone who has crappy Sprint. I am certainly in the minority though, because I have awesome Sprint. I get 15-20 MBPS on LTE at my house, and it serves as my primary internet connection. Couldn't be happier. If everyone's Sprint could be like mine, they'd be the most popular carrier by far.

Had Sprint LTE here for a while now. Most people with Sprint LTE here are pretty satisfied.
I know that they have a pretty bad rep, but service on their network is pretty good.
As long as your not in building with thick walls

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That's great news. I may come back to Sprint if their spark network picks up steam. But now with T-Mobile announcing that their 2g towers are being upgraded to lte with 50% done by end of year I think I'll be sticking to tmobile for a while. My lte speeds with Sprint were around 6mpbps on average. With T-Mobile they're about 23mbps and that's with an old Note 2. I've used a nexus 5 that has better antenna and I normally get 29 to 32. So far I'm glad I left Sprint. But I hope they continue to improve. More competition is always good.

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How dare Sprint deploy service in [unimportant city] before [very important city that I happen to live in]. No one cares about [unimportant city], while [very important city that I happen to live in] has [large number] of people in it, is host to [major event] every year, and is the home of the [very popular sports team] and the famous [local tourist attraction]. Those people at Sprint must be morons!

Those unimportant cities are the reason Sprint customers still have service in low populated areas. Tmobile = fast service, only in highly populated areas.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

The problem is getting those important cities gets more customers satisfied at one time. Denver is huge and they don't have LTE yet? I mean they could have just ripped off Verizon and AT&T 's rollout and extended it by a couple of sprint years and they would be in better shape than they are now.

I'm thinking of switching from at t to Sprint how is total coverage in ct.I see they just added a few areas.Don't know if it would be a good idea,can anyone with Sprint in ct.give me their opinion?Thanks

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the I95 and I91 corridors are pretty much done then i believe they are working out from there, what part of Ct are you in?

I left Verizon for T-Mobile, and T-Mobile has very solid coverage all throughout Ct. Waterbury, New Haven, yes Fairfield County has solid coverage, good signal. I've been with T-Mobile for just under a year, so I've used them all over.

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The ingress players i know up in the northern part of Ct bitch about T Mobile data all the time, i wouldn't say they have solid coverage all over Ct

Stay with AT&T. I switched from Sprint(after being with them for 14+ years) to AT&T and have ripped the rear-view mirror off!! Better coverage, LTE Speeds, family plans are cost effective, and have never had a problem... Just my $0.02...

I'm in NH county so i'm not sure, but a lot of FFLD county was announced today in this article so may be good move for you....

"Sprint didn't put it in my city therefore it is the worst piece of crap ever assembled in the history of everything!" I love when AC puts out these articles. It causes as much of a uproar as saying Apple is better than Android.

Listen, I love Sprint. I'm in Kansas about an hour west of KC (Lawrence, KS. Rock Chalk). I get speeds of around 30+ on their LTE. I feel sorry for those of you who have had trouble, but here it is phenomenal. Long live Sprint!

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Here is the problem with the Sprint rollout. They aren't adding towers (at least not in my area) they are just converting what they have. Intermittent 3G has now become intermittent LTE. Not a fix. I'm done when my contract is up.

But they're adding 800Mhz for both LTE and CDMA, which will improve the range and building penetration of their existing towers, and they are planning to install a large number of small cells to fill in the gaps between towers in the coming year.

Yea after looking at the s4gru maps they are doing very well with new upgrades to the 800mhz for lte and 3g atleast they just turned it on in all over Philly and where i work in Delaware

It's not "officially" turned on in my area, but we've had 4G for a few months now and it royally sucks. It's worse than the old Wimax and 3G and I'm getting absolutely no 3G anymore since I started getting 4G. It's 4G or nothing at all (HTC One) and nothing at all in more areas than 4G.

Bought the OG EVO the day it was available only an hour from San Fran so you'd think we'd have lte/4G but no. 4 years, 2 phones and 4 adresses later nothing has changed. Suck=Sprint. I don't even give two sh*ts about 4g. I wish their 2g worked enough for me to make a damn phone call. Wouldn't stay with Sprint even if their service was free.

PS... Their costumer service is atrocious. 100% horsesh*t

Sucks. Sprint is perfect where I am. 30+ Mbps downloads for me.

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Damn, did they ever officially release LTE for Norfolk or Virginia Beach, Virginia? I've had LTE here for a decent amount of time.

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because upgrading 4 towers in a small city is quicker than 20 in a big city, the quicker they add "Markets" to their total the better it looks

Be patient, it's coming. I work in Cleveland but live in Bedford. Bedford and Maple Heights have it now. Last week at work, my phone kept flipping from 3G to LTE, so obviously they're working on the towers in the area. It shouldn't take long now.

T-Mobile makes Sprint look like Verizon in Central NC where I live. 5 miles southwest of my home (and I live in a city on the I85/I40 corridor) there is no service at all and 5 miles East it's only 2G.

Yikes, man. I'll remember that if I ever find myself in North Carolina. Thanks.

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Another rollout with nothing in VA. I've only been waiting and paying the premium fee since the original Evo days.

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If you live around Roanoke don't expect it anytime soon. If you live in Central Virginia like me maybe the end of the year. If you live in NoVa, maybe by the summer.

Posted via

Why Sprint suck? What wrong with Sprint? What they missing about? Anything?
As long i satisfied their network, and it best work for my plan. I had a reason to choose Sprint.
Many of you guys complaining about your reception coverage from Sprint across the national, depend where you live.
I do believe that Sprint Network Vision would be better than the rest big 3 wireless. They keeping improves no matter what in such as area that constist problem that can't get lightining speed.
Just let Sprint work out any issues that they not aware it, if you have complaint about Sprint network? Do not complaint eachother. Eachother are not Sprint IT or w.e just complaint toward Sprint, and you can suggestion, recommand for them to improve their penetration network. So just give them a time. Once come up n light up, you will see what different.
Chill guys, relax!

Posted via HTC M7

Sprint is full of bs. I reside in Omaha, and 4G goes in & out... And barely can keep a steady connection. They could've kept Omaha off the list.

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From experience when they officially launch the city in press thats when they turn on all of the towers to full range so you will be seeing improvement now that its official. like I said live in philly metro area same happened here i barely got any connection then they announced and like a week later I had LTE 24 hours a day and now philly is a spark city so cant wait to pick up the new HTC One and make my t-mobile friends cry. I am only saying that because my friend on sprint spark with lg g2 beat my brother who is on t-mobile horribly in speed tests.

Really El Centro California, and we can't even get stable 4G LTE in Scottsdale and Phoenix.....Epic Failure on Sprint

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I have steady LE in Philadelphia, PA and I love it. Thank you Sprint for finally coming through!

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