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Sprint has just issued an update for the LG G Flex which enables calling over Wi-Fi networks and a few other tweaks. You'll also find an HD Voice icon, Google patch for SMS and security, plus an update to e-mail signatures. The rollout starts today and will keep going through to June 16th.

Sprint issued a similar update to the Samsung Galaxy S5 recently as well. Full information on the update can be found in the Sprint support knowledgebase. How many of you guys are rocking an LG G Flex from Sprint? Would Wi-Fi calling make your life easier?

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Nachostacks says:

Too bad I got the Note 2.... but wait is that the Note 4 in the horizon? ...I need that WiFi calling Sprint! Nobody can beat my family plan that I have. (Not Framily) so I'm stickin wroth you.

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Dan Wolfe says:

Not sure what the details are on your plan exactly, but my "Framily" (God, I hate that word) plan is giving me 3 unlimited lines (1 line unlimited everything, 2 lines unlimited calling & txt and 1 gb data) and a monthly phone payment for less than a $100. I can't imagine it'd be better than that.

Tigrisan says:

I'd really like it on my Galaxy S4. No more love for that though since the 5 came out...

Mista_J says:

The Sprint GS4 already has Wi-Fi calling.

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NathanCCI says:

I've got the GS4 and didn't realize it had wifi calling. How do I activate?

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Tigrisan says:

No, it doesn't. Only the S4 Mini and the tri-band has it and shows you how to activate it. If you know a way to do that, a response would be nice.

manaup says:

Quietly waiting for the g3. Too bad at&t's g3 will come out first. Sprint is always last..

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Its available on the 18th.

***Ivana........Ivana Humpalot***

jeddo45 says:

What about the M8? Any rumors on that?

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

RaiderWill says:

I wish I lived in your Bizzaro World Simon....
I would love for Time to Run Backwards @ my Age... In my World, Time moves forward.. towards July 16th.. not backwards towards June 16th.. /s

cerebasan says:

Moto X?

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WolfpacDAR says:

This isnt a helpline for your Moto X. This is an article about the G Flex.

Here, this might help: http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=Moto+X+sprint+wifi+calling

NickPorter says:

Waiting for the update on my One M8. Not sure how the G Flex got the update before it.

DWR_31 says:

No use for this. Already using GrooVe IP and Google Voice through a Wifi connection, and they also work on the 4G LTE connection too.

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NoNexus says:

I do not know what version of Sense this has, but the updates for WiFi calling should be coming fast and furious now.

I wish the G2 would get this update.

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prEvo says:

I wish I never got a G2.

Dan Wolfe says:

Why is that? I'm considering the m8 or the g3.

On a related topic, anyone know where I could find a genuinely thorough and unbiased comparision between those two handsets?

prEvo says:

Because I miss most incoming calls. The phone never rings, and later I get a message left. But there is no record of a call in the log. It's really great when you are waiting for a Doctor to call with important information, or an insurance company, and they get your voicemail. Or your wife calls you and it goes directly to voicemail 9 times out of 10. Or anyone else. It seems like half of my calls would never get to me---at home and all over my metro area. Data connection is horrid. This is probably a issue that the phone is not really compatible with the Sprint Network. Ever have a 4G connection, and use GPS and get a phone call? GPS talks to you? It says data connection lost. The G2 is incapable of doing data and voice outside of WIFI.

My G2 is on the way to LG to try and fix it, or give me a refurb. I think it's bull**** that the Palm Pre could do data and voice on 3G. But the great G2 with 1080p cannot. Plus the connection to anything is a joke. You cannot get calls on Spark, the phone has to switch to roaming, then back to a voice connection. EVERY aspect of the wireless voice and data makes the phone switch to different bands.

Get the M8. I'm sure you can answer phone calls on it.

Dan Wolfe says:

Wow, sounds like you've had a rough run of it. I hope they fix your G2, or offer you something to make up for it.

prEvo says:

Thanks Dan. I hope for the best.

SoCalBIGmike says:

(Sigh) Guys, ANY of the Tri-Band (Spark) phones do NOT have CSFB enabled on Network Vision towers yet due to 20 MHz TDD-LTE on Band 41 and not all Sprint parts of the Sprint network can currently support CSFB. And it affects all Sprint Triband LTE phones. Its a Two-Fold issue, the other necessitating BRS/EBS 2600 MHz 2.5 ghz 8T8R RRH & Antenna.

So, in English, until the 8T8R's are fired up, along with the 3GPP2 band class 10 SMR 800 MHz rollout finishing (Nextel conversion to CDMA 3GPP / LTE)

Can't believe the non tri band S4 still hasn't gotten this update

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