Sprint Kyocera Echo event

What was it like last night at Sprint's Kyocera Echo event in New York City? After the break, we take you inside the Edison for a (mostly) non-phone look at how it all went down.

Sprint Kyocera Echo eventSprint Kyocera Echo event

Sprint Kyocera Echo eventSprint Kyocera Echo event

Sprint Kyocera Echo eventSprint Kyocera Echo event

Sprint Kyocera Echo eventSprint Kyocera Echo event

Sprint Kyocera Echo eventSprint Kyocera Echo event

Sprint Kyocera Echo eventSprint Kyocera Echo event


Reader comments

Sprint Kyocera Echo event in pictures


At this point who cares about this anymore? This was a disaster for Sprint. They have really hurt their credibility with enthusiasts and how many non-enthusiasts in the general public want something like an Ntendo? I really am embarrassed for Dan Hesse.

Look, dont get me wrong, I was truly disappointed by them presenting THIS device as opposed to some other 50 inch phone with quad cores and a 3D front facing camera with a 12MP, attachable SLR lens camera.... I really am /s

BUT really, THIS isnt the only thing Sprint has coming. It can't be. They arent stupid; they know that everybody elses 4G networks are expanding and bringing new, hot devices.

Sprint WILL release something better for post-Spring. They never disappoint.

Every year, they "potentially disappoint" the crowd with a weak announcement... then, they release some beast (the Evo 4G). It never fails, dont you guys know Sprint by now?

Dont let this make you lose faith! Sprint WILL have our backs, Im confident of that!

AND! Wait...

you guys ALSO know that they put out some "Let me know when this device is coming out and keep me updated" email when theyre releasing something big.

This isnt their BIG thing. This is just ANOTHER thing. Sheesh!


I know Sprint... They released 2 top tier devices (EVO and Epic) last year and nothing else that came close.

This year, they've released the EVO Shift and soon ... ECHO. That might be it for them and we know the Shift isn't a top tier phone and the ECHO... I see it and it makes me laugh!

Let's see ... Sprint's 4G (WiMax) is just stupid! It's got more holes, in coverage, then Swiss cheese and even when you've got a signal, upstream is no better then other carrier's 3G coverage and downstream is, at times, slower then Sprint's own 3G. Plus, Sprint is reselling Clearwire's coverage. Yeah yeah, I know Sprint is the majority owner of Clearwire, but they're still treated as a separate, independent company.

From the looks of it, Sprint doesn't even believe in WiMax any longer. They don't want to invest more into Clearwire, even though Clearwire is sinking fast; faster then the Titanic went down. And Sprint doesn't even look to want to put out new 4G (WiMax) phones. Could this be because they have to pay Clearwire $5 for ever 4G capable phone, even if it's not in a 4G area? Could it be because Sprint now figures they will need to let the ship (Clearwire) sink and build their own LTE network? Maybe they realized WiMax just doesn't work well for mobile? Who knows, but Sprint is not collecting $10 from every Smartphone (Even Blackberry) saying it's for higher data usage. I say BS to that too!!

I think the reason Sprint is trying to raise their rates by $10 is because they need to cash to build their own LTE network. I'm not sure how quickly they can do this, but because of their flop with WiMax, they are behind in a BIG way! They spent to much cash on Clearwire and they now have nothing to really show for it. Verizon has shown their LTE implementation puts WiMax to shame too.

I'm rambling to much so let me just say this...

Sprint is short on cash and network upgrades. The only thing they seem to have left is to try and hype whatever they put out to try and hold on to their existing customers to buy some time, and the it looks like Hype isn't working...

Sprint, what can/will you do? I think after this Echo hype, Sprint will lose customers FAST!! What current customer wants to wait for Sprint to release something decent after being tricked like this? It's easier to move on and know what one is getting versus, staying and hoping.

Dude, it's barely the first full week of February and you've already decided that Sprint's done after the announcement of two low or mid tier handsets? You're an idiot.

Sprint sources their most of their devices from LG, HTC and Samsung. Neither HTC, nor Samsung have shown off their 2011 devices yet. Both will start to show their newest devices beginning next week at MWC, and again at CTIA in March. Once the handsets are known, then Sprint can lay the groundwork for it's line up for the remainder of the year...you know the next 10 months.

As far as Sprint and WiMax, I don't necessarily blame them for reconsidering at this point. They've made clear, both Sprint and Clearwire, that adding or converting to LTE is a possibility. It makes sense as most everybody else is moving in that direction. That conversion would give them access to a wider/better array of handsets.

Sprint may lose some customers becuase of the $10 smartphone add on, but they will gain customers with cheaper, more inclusive plans. That's a wash. They are pricing their service where they perceive its value, while still undercutting the competition. As far as the Echo, if people don't like it they won't buy it. However, they aren't going to leave Sprint becuase of it.

Sprint didn't technically mislead regarding the Echo. They promised an industry first, and they delivered. Our expectations are entirely within our control. It's not Sprint's fault when our imagination runs rampant.

So how do you know what Verizon, ATT and TMO are going to be releasing for the rest of the year? With the exception of the Motorola handsets and EVO's with souped up internals, none of them have revealed their full 2011 line up.

What a major letdown. Lets hope Sprint knows it and won't partner and make pieces of crap like this anymore. BUT, the EVO and Epic are still two of the best smartphones that are actually OUT right now. Sure Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have all made announcements, but many of the Verizon phones won't be out until summer, and by then I'm guessing Sprint has something better.

As someone who works off two screens at work there _could_ have been some potential here, but from the pics it doesn't look like there is ANYTHING worthwhile about the dual screens.

LOL awesome! Facebook scroll across two panes!!! Why don't you just rotate it vertically and see the same thing on one pane?

While we all know this is crap, including the fact that it's not 4G they could have at least salvaged some dignity by providing more of the advantage of having 2 screens (like multitasking) and demo'd those capabilities.

At least the irony of David Blaine's smoke and mirrors were not lost here.

so that was the industry first?! a dual screen phone? Im really not a big fan of dual-screens. I just cant get passed that line between the screens. Maybe its just me... I have something to give to sprint, while others are announcing their first 4G phones, well that its just old news for us sprint customers hehe...

looked forward to this & couldn't believe it was just the unveiling of one phone--with no new battery/CPU technology (Snapdragon, really? come on) and it's not even launching with Gingerbread!

...back to my Evo, waiting/hoping for the Evo2 announcement soon...

But it will come out just late enough to have the $10 smart phone rate increase added on...No one is going to buy this...

The biggest tradegy of all is Phil wasting his time going to this event. I hope he can recover from this.

Agree, but it is not just time, but also the cost of flying to it, hotel, etc. What a complete waste.

Out of all CES and the hype surrounding this event I can't help but feel a little let down. Pretty weak showing by Sprint this year. They got the EVO last year and all they have really done this year is raise rates and get rid of Premium Member benefits with no big announcements or new phones on the horizon...

They did release the shift which is a great phone but they have nothing else for anyone to look forward to.

Don't worry. This so called event will be an after thought. CTIA is what I'm waiting for. By then we should have some news about real phones.

What a major disappointment. ONE PHONE, no dual core, and it looks like a Nintendo DS? Did I sign up with the wrong wireless provider?? Let's just hope for an EVO2 some day.

Not very good Kyocera & Sprint. This phone needs to be stripped down & revamped inside & out. Sprint really needs to build their library with high premium android devices & not this junk from last night. It's 2011 Sprint, time to wake up!

I’ve had my sprint number since 1995... and now I want to shoot that poop thought monkey that hurdled this piece at us. We are in the phone version of the ARMS race and Sprint just paraded a freshly painted wagon with dual windshields. Does anybody see a point to this? Maybe I am being too hard on Sprint and YES they maybe holding something back but this is the time to “BRING IT”.

Maybe Sprint is biding their time to develop a secret weapon that will level the competition. If not, I see Sprint becoming the next 3rd world company.

There are only two companies that are happy with this event ... HTC (because their EVO still stands head and shoulders above everything else Sprint has) and the company that is making the first dual core phone for Sprint (let's hope it's HTC as well).

You certainly didn't think I was going to say Kyrocera and Sprint did you? They both realize what a flop this "event" was.


Why is it a sad day for Sprint users? Only an idiot would assume that this is the highlight of the Sprint lineup for 2011.

Yeah, I was hoping for a blockbuster announcement and am disappointed. But I also know few of the handset mfgs (two of which contribute substantially to Sprint's lineup) haven't really shown their 2011 handsets yet. MWC is coming up next week, followed by CTIA a few weeks later. After which Sprint will be making it's plans and hardware choices.

While I look forward to the EVO2, my EVO will contiue to serve quite nicely until it's time to upgrade again.

This phone is ground breaking in form-factor only and could be something worth looking at in future versions. The single core and small battery will lead to an early death of this phone.

I would agree with you on this. I think the dual screen format has merit, but am far from convinced about Kyocera's implementation.

Something like this from the likes of Samsung, HTC, or LG using state of the art technology could be interesting.

All I can hope for at this point is that SOMEBODY at Sprint is reading all the posts regarding this _____________(?) on the various forums and WAKES THE H**L UP!

Why are so many people whining & crying? Have fun leaving Sprint & paying more money for less service. I'm going to wait & see what HTC releases for Sprint this summer (hopefully after the morons leave).