First U.S. carrier-branded HTC One to get the OTA

Following rollouts for the U.S. developer edition and Canadian HTC Ones, the Sprint device has become the first U.S. carrier-branded version to get its Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update. HTC America president Jason Mackenzie took to Twitter to confirm that the update is now pushing out, and AC reader Tony tells us he's already got it on his Sprint-branded device in New Orleans.

In addition to the latest version of Android, the update brings new Sense features including Instagram support in BlinkFeed and new video highlight templates. If you're rocking an HTC One on Sprint, jump in the comments and let us know if you've gotten the update.

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Source: @JasonMacHTC; Thanks, Tony!


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Sprint HTC One getting Android 4.3 update


Per the 'HTC USA' Facebook page: "Good news, we're rolling out HTC One Android 4.3 updates to Sprint customers starting today! Expect AT&T & T-Mobile updates by mid-October and Verizon Wireless by the end of October."

What about them launching with 4.2.2?.... So I.m.o... It's not that big of a deal as for the other carriers...

I guess it's just natural to have a Verizon joke....

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Lol, you do know that Verizon set up a deal with HTC to be the only carrier with
4.2, right? Look at the GNex, then tell me again it isn't as big of a deal as with other carriers.

But I guess it's natural to be defensive of Verizon...

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The 4.3 update causes my wi-fi connection to connect/disconnect throughout the day. I did not have this problem with the last update. Very frustrating! Fix it please!!!

You took the words out of my mouth!
Damn!!! I just switched from sprint to AT&T two months ago, and I have the HTC ONE. Now who knows how much longer I'll have to way for the update.

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i did the same thing because sprints service in my area was so bad. i'm happy to wait a little longer for the better service i get now.

That's exactly why I left sprint, their services on the entire new York City is horrible!! I was a loyalty sprint customer for 10 years, but I just couldn't hold any longer.

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What parts of NYC are you in that their service is horrible? In queens and most of Manhattan service is pretty good.

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I have been with Sprint for more than 11 years and I can't complain.
I just downloaded the 4.3 update all of it on my phone using Sprint 4G, I used the 4G for the download and install the update. And it was fast enough their network to do the job... I live in SE Michigan.

I wish they would install 4g a little farther south - I live in Toledo and no such luck down here. But yeah SE Michigan has great 4g service.

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what area are you in? Ive been having pretty great service. Im in queens and getting 4G sometimes even though its not fully operational.

Im even getting 4G out on Long Island where I work. Im pretty happy with the improvements so far and its only going to get better but hey the more people that leave sprint means more bandwidth for me :D haha

There's a stable ROM floating around for T-MO and AT&T.
If you can't wait then you can always try that...

Evo 4g lte is done with updates if I were you I'd just root and download a sense 5 ROM if available or a stock android one

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I also read the same speculation, that we would get 4.2.2 w/ sense 5. it would seem to be the plausible given the North American One X info we have.

Don't worry T mobile users, I've only got 25% downloaded in the last 40 minutes. At Sprint LTE speeds you'll still get your update before us.

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Lmfao. The pain of downloading these huge updates. Ugh.

Best tech joke of the year imo

Editor in chief of

I really had hope T-Mobile would be the first lol. Ah well. Enjoy Sprint users.

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It's about time! I could careless about the other features, I'm just glad we now have battery percentage.

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You might want to look into Battery Widget Reborn (BETA). Even though you now have batt. %, it offers a whole mess of extra data about your batt. life. Not a bad tool.


That's really surprising, considering the fact that the unbranded, international versions are always first to be updated.

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Yeah, I almost choked in my breakfast when I read this article.

We International users are used to getting the updates first, but here I am, in Europe, "stuck" on 4.2.2 on my beloved One...

The World is shaking ..... :)

Sprint is always 1st with updates? You must have signed up with Sprint a week ago...Lol. I can remember waiting so long to get Jellybean on the Evo LTE that people were overloading sprints forums with threats.

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Sprint is the fastest at updates. Followed by T-Mo. Proven. HTC is the fastest OEM. Also proven. Followed by Samsung.

Downloa...wait...nevermind...don't actually own one. Carry on.

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Yea. I had sprint but the speeds were horrible and where there was LTE I would loose it inside of buildings.

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Please. You've never used Sprint. Sprint 3G is faster than Verizon. I know I had Verizon. And losing LTE in buildings yeah no. I never lose LTE in buildings. And when it comes to speed I pull down anywhere between 25 and 70 meg. Cousin on Verizon can barely get 10.

don't get mad because sprint sucks. I was with them for 5 years and there service doesn't even touch Verizon. Get outta hear with that 70 Mbps bull shit. And yea, their 1900 mhz LTE has horrible building penetration. you're in denial...

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im a loyal sprint customer and even I know your full of crap. Verizon's network is superior in coverage and building penetration etc.

but Sprint is definitely getting a lot better, at least in NYC area where I live and work

Your NFC is on. You can change it in your more settings menu.

There is dirt, then 60 feet of crap, then there's iOS...

+1 LOL, I actually thought of Nescafe when I first saw it pop up. Did 4.2 just not have a notification icon for it? Downloaded and running in NC.

No no that icon always pops up when it is on. Maybe 4.3 turns it on by default.

Posted by the man who makes things happen...

Got it! Unfortunately my 3g can only download it at a speed of abysmal. #sprintproblems

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Won't your next upgrade be ready right about the time you get this sucker downloaded over 3g?

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I'm in school right now and the WiFi here sucks so I don't have a choice. By the time I'm out of here it should be done.

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Shocker VZW last! Now sprint customers need to find WiFi or get home to their "signal booster" and download it

Not every Sprint customer (although for some this does apply). I have LTE in my city and it while it doesn't peak at the speeds of AT&T and Verizon it is plenty fast. I frequently hit around 20 down.

For many it applies... Including people in my home( my woman) my friends who left sprint for AT&T or Verizon and even T-Mobile...this year because for most people they care about signal not how fast they get an Android update or the fact they may have to wait a week longer for a ...

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The performance seems as perky as ever. I especially love that I could re-assign the menu to the home key. No more menu dots taking up screen space. Power saver no longer taking up space in the notification. Yay toggles! I'm pleased thus far.

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Sprint has always been pretty good with updates for it's flagship phones... Or at least the combination of Sprint and HTC has been pretty good. The original EVO got a ton of updates (two major Android versions OTA and over half a dozen maintenance updates) and the EVO 3D/LTE were handled pretty well as well, considering how fast Android's been moving. Haven't really kept tabs on the One since I didn't upgrade this year.

That being said, I'll still be opening my wallet in a split second if the Nexus 5 actually comes to Sprint.

I had it and loved it. Thought it was a great phone, actually. I still have it because the 3D camera is fun. But I never expected it to get a ton of updates. Not w/ that camera setup.

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I'm freaking elated. Downloading as I'm writing this comment. I knew Sprint would be first lol. Thanks Sprint!!! - The Now Network.... I'm so happy!!!

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Downloading now in Raleigh, NC. I hope the new radio drivers help out with my signal issues I have been having... And before the obvious "lol @ expecting good signal on Sprint!" I have to say that my room mate has the HTC One as well and while he gets 4G in the house, I am stuck on roaming.

4.3 for Sprints GS3 is going to be released anyday now as well. Sprint has becoming the carrier to release updates right now.

Hopefully HTC keeps this up. It will be really impressive if 4.4 is being rolled out by the end of the year.

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Seriously...I was with Sprint for 6 years and they always seemed late to the party getting updates out. 2 months ago I switch to AT&T and Sprint shoots first out the gate with a major update, lol.

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Downloading now in DC. I'm extremely happy to see it, since I recently switched to CredoMobile (a Sprint MVNO) and had no idea how that might affect updates.

The old "settings" button in the notification bar has changed. There's now a list/grid of options including screenshot. I like it better than pressing "power" and "home" for screenshots, I think.

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You can two finger swipe down to pull down the toggles shade, like stock android.

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Nice work Sprint! It may be the redheaded, third-child of wireless carriers now, but I think Sprint is taking some solid steps to give the "big two" a run for the money in the near future. I like where this going. Giggidy.

I could not have possibly jumped on pulling down the update any faster when I read the title of this in the app. SO EXCITED.

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Haters. If it's not the speed then it's the support. We'll, the support is there and the speed will soon follow. Already building LTE in my area:-)

On my M7 (I like it better.)

Twitter on BlinkFeed isn't working and the new video highlights triples up pictures and updates to the new Google maps besides that I like it ...if anyone can help downgrade my Google maps let me know

I'll be the first to say that over the last couple of years, I hated Sprint's lack of data coverage and speeds. Recently, I have noticed lte popping up all over North County San Diego. Speed in LTE coverage are always very nice. I'm excited for the new network and I am slowly forgiving Sprint for the WiMax fiasco.

Yeah, it's been spotty up the 15 in Temecula and Murrieta for awhile. They're getting it done, just not as fast as I'd like.

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I'm shocked to see HTC get their update out before Samsung, I expected they'd dick around with it until the end of October. But I'm happy to see that Sprint is the first carrier to push it. Maybe that is a good indication for my S4 on Sprint.

Well before the GS4 yea...but the Note launched with it ... So it's not before Samsung it's before the GS4.. that's 1 for 1 ...they both have a phone out running 4.3 technically Samsung released it first

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PLASTIC TROLL ALERT ! :)) HTC One released in April...Note Fake leather Same old booring design in October. Technically you are brain dead.

Technically u look like an idiot because I just purchased the HTC one Saturday and my note 2 is up for sale on eBay right now.....go look at the comments on the 'Note 3 post releasing on T-Mobile ' posted today..& I said I wasn't impressed by the note 3 as a former note 2 owner.... Hit the forums and see my post asking what's different on htc one 4.2.2 vs 4.3.and how I like this phone...fact remains ...Samsung released it first.... So just because a point is made don't think u can start calling people trolls... My eyes are open to truth not just what I own.... #grow up!

If u can't name 2 good things about s successful company your probably a hater! Fact that u jump off yelling plastic troll real silly! U dont like ...Samsung so what they still make solid phones... But I wasn't even comparing Samsung to HTC ....simply making an observation... clown!!

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And the comment was about who got 4.3 first what does that have to do with when the HTC one released????...boy u really jumped the gun here ..lmao

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This is awesome new's....just checked and can confirm update is live and i'm downloading now i live in NY.I believe sprint is headed in the right direction this update is out way sooner than i expected on sprint and they are currently upgrading my area to 4G LTE.Way to go sprint keep up the good work

I'm getting my 4.3 on as we speak!!!
Live in Las Vegas and bought my One on launch day... Don't know if that has anything to do with it but lets see how it goes...

Lol remember when everyone said HTC was not keeping their promise and how horrible they are

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Can someone tell me what's the big difference between 4.2.2 and 4.3.... Because many are making a huge deal about Verizon not having 4.3... Now if you were not on 4.2.2(Verizon's HTC one is) I get why you may be anxious.....

What am I missing about 4.3 from 4.2.2 other than being a phone nerd that's happy to say I have 4.3 20days before the rest???

#chill! these other people have been waiting longer for an update

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Trim Support and execution, Bluetooth LE (Low Energy), Open GL ES 3.0 for better performing gaming graphics, location detection without using wifi all the time, restricted profiles for content. App permissions manager. Blah blah blah. It's tiny I guess.........

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And that's why I stick with sprint they will be the best give them time

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Lol the best at what??? Unless they are gonna be robbing Verizon and At&t they will not catch up outside of a major merger.. that's how both At&t and Verizon got to the have to have money to build the top network... So if you have some inside info on a major merge (at which point it won't be called Sprint because will be getting bought and not buying) please let me know so I can invest in stock....
Best in updates? Well you can have that, if that's what matters to in a carrier...

Sprint is the last stop before non contract prepaid services in Phx,Az...that can be good or bad...depending on what u want..

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Maybe you haven't heard about Softbank infusing about 16billion with a b dollars into sprint to help rapidly deploy sprints totally new network. While everyone else is just band aiding the network with lte sprints doing it right, and right now and soon will have lte on 3 seperate spectrums. So yes I believe in the next 3 years sprint will be high up on the charts

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I have never heard anything dealing with Verizon's(you said everyone else) network referred to as band aiding so some outside help had to step in for funding .... Well good for Sprint!!!

Nothing personal but I have very little faith with the words sprint/good network..... I hope I'm wrong .... But They have promised millions of people improvements for a very long time. Maybe and hopefully they get it right this time ...

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Yes! finally its here!! I just checked for it and bam there it was!! its like cellular Christmas over here!!! My area is getting LTE coverage this week as well...what could possibly make this week any better?

Just noticed that they added Kid Mode when you hold the power button down. Before it would only ask you if you wanted to power off, restart, airplane mode. Now they added a kid mode. I entered it and now I don't know how to get out of it. I also don't see any indication that I am in kid mode? Any ideas?

Think it's funny that CNET hasn't even put on there website yet way to go android central for being on it

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So the kid mode does not function for our phones. It must be for tablets and for future use on phones. If you go to the quick controls and tap on the left upper corner tile where the profile is, tap and you will get the kid mode option. If you select it, it will tell you that you do not have the AP installed.

Switched to sprint not too long ago for the one and its good to see there better with update than at&t used to be.

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It's OK buddy. You're a cubs fan. Just because you can't have what somebody else has (like 11 World Series titles) doesn't mean you have to get all upset and throw a tantrum. GO CARDS!!!

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Just saw it's available for me. I'll download it on wi-fi when I get home in 20 minutes.

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I received my update in the early afternoon and it is smoking fast so far. I am loving it.
The new Sense 5 is amazing. Very fast and very efficient but I wish that they had allowed the ability to scroll through the five app drawers at the bottom.
The only thing that I cannot figure out is what the symbol at the top of the notification bar is. It looks like it is in the shape of an "N". Any clues?

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Downloading as I'm typing!!! People who bash sprint for their network clearly have no idea how far they have come at least here in Connecticut and the customer service from my experience has been phenomenal.

I was saying the same thing. Can't find them anywhere not to mention the volume has been turned down drastically when you use beats with headphones

Go to settings -> About -> Software Information -> More -> tap on Build Number 7 times. Developer Mode will be unlocked.

Not liking the update too too much. But hey gotta be impressed with sprint for getting it out this soon, well not soon but first of the big 4 in the US

got mine here in ATL... idk how to upload a screen shot on the AC app...but thanks for the heads up...downloading now

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I did. Performed a factory reset today and I'll see how it goes tomorrow. So far things are running much better. Also, I seemed to have issues with 3G service. 4G was okay.

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I've been hearing the 4.3 Update since spring of 2013 and it kept getting pushed back at a later date, then months and then seasons. Android and mobile carriers need to speed things up when it comes updates -- especially security updates. Android = Frag-men-ta-tion. Apple got you all beat. I'm ready to sell my brand spanking new 4 months old T-Mobile HTC One. I had a Motorola Atrix 4G that was PROMISED an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich -- waited for months then a year -- only to be disappointed and told that -- crap -- sorry users No ICS for you -- you're stuck with Gingerbread! It was my 1st Android phone and loved it (biometric fingerprint scanner -- hello iPhone 5S)! Motorola made me give it up. That's why the company is going down. And do you really think people are buying Moto X?

Have any of u guys noticed the little square with the >< flash in the top left hand corner before a text comes in and as u send one out?? it's the same little box that comes up in that spot when u do a Data profile update... Also does anyone use a Airave 2.5 mine now since the 4.3 recognizes it but I can't make a call or send or receive texts, it shows full service, but get errors and when I make a call, the three bells sound, but it says "If you wish to make a collect call... Blah blah blah" ...

I have noticed that box show up when I plug my phone into my computer, but not while sending or receiving texts. Mine was doing the same thing about the calls and texts and I took my phone to the Sprint store to see what was up. From what I understand while listening in on the conversation of a couple employees, it seems like the activation for your phone can get taken off after the update. They just ran the hands free activation on my phone again and it worked fine after that.

I just checked and it was there, waiting for me to say download. It's closing in on halfway downloaded and I'm getting amped to jump to the newest version of Android and SenseUI.

After updating to 4.3, when my screen is on, and about 1 minute after I turn it off, I can shake the phone and it makes the Google Voice Search sound. It does not search for anything if I talk to it. What is this "feature"? After I am done with my phone and put it in my pocket while walking it makes a sound after every right step.