Samsung Galaxy S5

Sprint this morning has announce its Galaxy S5 price — and it's right in line with what we've already seen. You'll pay $199 with a two-year contract — after a $50 mail-in rebate, mind you — or $649 if you're purchasing outright. Or if you prefer Sprint Easy Pay, the Galaxy S5 will cost $27.09 a month for two years, with $0 down.

Phones will be available on April 11, and you can preorder today. And for a limited time, anyone who purchases a GS5 on a Sprint Framily plan with Easy Pay will get a free Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (on a data plan with a two-year agreement).

Sprint's Galaxy S5 will be available in Charcoal Black and Shimmery White, and it'll be able to take advantage of Sprint Spark data speeds.

Source: Sprint

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Sprint Galaxy S5 price: $199 on contract, $649 outright


Expected, but I'd rather get the nexus 5 for $300-350. This is coming from a Note 3 owner who bought his Note 3 for $360 unlocked

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There's a Sprint Nexus 5, lol. Where have you been?

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There is no "Sprint" Nexus 5. It is the same model as every other North American Nexus 5.

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But you can buy a nexus 5 directly from Sprint and therefore it's a Sprint nexus just like their is a tmobile nexus 5

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There's no carrier specific Nexus device. Its just one device in North America and one internationally. Even though you can buy the Nexus on Sprint, there is no preloaded software, nor is there any carrier branding.

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True, but buying it from Sprint makes it a Sprint Nexus 5, lol.

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These people gotta be so politically correct. I knew exactly what you meant. "there is a nexus 5 available to use on sprint's network"


The nexus 5 is a GSM LTE device that also has CDMA technology and spring compatible LTE bands. Of you want to buy a nexus 5 and use it on Sprint, they will provide you with a Sim card to put in to access the CDMA and LTE frequencies on Sprint

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So why isn't the blue being listed? It was pretty prominent in the launch pictures but now that the availability is being announced I haven't seen anyone say a blue one was available in April. Any ideas when it will be available?

They are probably negotiating with Verizon or AT&T for exclusivity since they know they have the money and ready to get in bed for anything.

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That's more what I was thinking. Sprint got the Purple S3 and S4, as well as the Red and Blue HTC One.

Would imagine ATT gets the Blue this time around.
Possibly Best Buy though.

The purple S3 came nearly a year after original release. I'd wait a month or possibly 2 for the blue one but not more than that. I just wish they wouldn't be so coy about this kind of information - I really want the blue one, but I can't leave Sprint and am ready for a new phone now!

my samsung rep just informed me that sprint will only launch with black and white. no word on whos getting the blue and gold yet.

Ah, its has the whopping 16GB internal storage. Not playing this game again, Sprint. Here's the thing with that small of internal storage with a 4k cam-corder and a 16MP camera.....even though you can record direct to your SD card....the Gallery app has to build thumbnails of all the images which can take up to 2-3GB easy. It does with my S4 currently with 1080p and 13megapixel camera. This leaves very little room for anything else after 8+ gigs of ROM. This is BS.

Dude... They're selling the 32GB online. I'm pretty sure of it. Just stay calm.

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Well, the same was said for the S4 launch during pre-orders, and the 32GB never materialized. So, I'm a little sensitive to this.

No gold version huh, must not have gotten the deal with Band-Aid for a lifetime supply of free large Band-Aids...

By the time I am ready to replace my LG G2, Nexus 6 will be out and Galaxy S5 will be $300 on craigslist
I hope Nexus 6 follows Nexus 5 path. Straight from Google, unlocked GSM + CDMA + LTE

1. not at all scheduled. Well no public announcement of such schedule anyway
2. Why would you want it scrapped? It's cool if you don't like it and you can just not buy it. But why wish something many people enjoy to be scrapped?

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It's used. And sprint phone hold like no value. You can get a sprint G2 for like $300 on swappa

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SPRINT SUCKS!!! The 4G is slower than T-Mobile 3G, the network sucks, I use an Airave because it sucks SO BAD!!

STAY AWAY FROM SPRINT! I've been with them for 15 years, now I'm leaving them for (insert carrier here)!



Sorry, I took so long. Did I get them all? Do I win any Internetz?

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Still waiting

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I think you scared them away, lol.

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That's fine when you are right you always win.

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I pre ordered mine already. .waiting for it to come to papa on April 11..

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Wait! Hold up! I get to use Spark on this phone???? I'm so dropping my GN3 for this so I can take advantage of Sprint Spark! After I move to an area that has Spark of course but I'm so there! I can't wait to finally have 3G Enhanced speeds! Thank you Obama!!!!