Sprint Galaxy S III

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Sprint Galaxy S III

Sprint Galaxy S III

Sprint Galaxy S III

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This looks rather similar to the AT&T and Verizon galleries....

T72018 says:

Sprint is bringing the heat!! Only if they had a better solid network!!

aznmode says:

Haha totally agree but I pre ordered anyway. I'm hoping I can deal with 3g if not back she goes til I get LTE in my area. Otherwise this is going to be an awesome device.

curley says:

What? No LTE logo on Sprint?

First physical home button on a Galaxy device huh? Interesting...

Still can't really decide between this and the EVO. Oh well, it will be September before I can upgrade.

Gtortora79 says:

This phone looks nice but I love my evo lte.

Chief71 says:

I m having a hard time deciding on which color to go with... Hard to know until I can see them in person... Is the white too girly?

evobb100 says:

I can't decide which one is better this or EVO lte. I'll check on store in person to Compare my fav things on smart phone

Chief71 says:

Same boat here...

The camera is supposed to be slightly better in the Evo plus there's a shutter button. I don't like the non removable battery in the Evo though.

The S3 has a removable battery...I guess it comes down to super amoled screen vs. Lcd. I use my phone alot outside playing golf and I've read that amoled screens are better for that...leaning toward the S3 just based on removable battery and ease of use outside.

Chief71 says:

Here's a youtube video comparing screen types. I think if you use your phone indoors primarily, you might prefer the Evo's screen