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Sprint Galaxy Nexus official Google sign-up page now live


I'm going to wait and see what HTC comes out with this spring / summer with their fabulous Sense UI and hopefully a push to focus camera button again. Then I'll decide. No reason to rush, plunge, and regret and complain as I see in GNex comments and forums.

Likely we'll get an exciting preview at the upcoming MWC.

The Nexus you think is the one is only one smartphone by Samsung, this go around. The forthcoming HTC offering may very likely put this worship behind us and it will not be a Nexus.

nah because i can guarantee you that the HTC will have bloatware and Sense and i don't like bloatware and Sense no mo'. and i don't like sitting around waiting for OS updates. and i don't like tired and dated clunky EVO-derivative designs.

Then worship your Samsung Nexus

Personally I and others who don't tweek on ROMS love the Sense UI and are looking forward to HTC's forthcoming, consolidated, high quality offering that will enhance the ICS user experience.

Samsung's Nexus is not the one, just one of many. Moreover, just read all the complaints about the Nexus below and in other forums.

*Shrug* It all comes down to individual taste. In my opinion Sense is much more aesthetically pleasing the ICS. I was originally planning on getting the "next" nexus phone when it was released on Sprint (this was back in September/October before official word on ICS/Nexus Galaxy) and was planning on installing LauncherPro, HD Widgets and a bunch of other apps so that it would have a similar feel to a Sense device. I'm still planning on getting it, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the launchers working well the way ICS works/looks.

I also agree with you that HTC's Sense UI is much more aesthetically pleasing than vanilla ICS. Moreover, HTC's Sense UI provides an enhanced user productivity experience.

The primary purpose of the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a developers' platform and is also useful for those who enjoy experimenting with various ROMS for s@#ts & giggles. The rest of the world enjoy other experiences.

Complainers will always complain. Ppl will never be satisfied. Ive used 1 first hand and cannot wait till sprint comes out with this so i can get one. I do hope however that they get it here soon and its not like the nexus s 4g where the software is out dated by the time sprint releases it.

The Nexus S 4G has the highest Gingerbread version at 2.3.7... but no ICS yet.
Hopefully the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint gets updated at the same rate as the other GNEx

Again I'm all for it! But isn't there concerns with the overall camera and speaker?(thought I read in a review)? I'm excited about this product and I would like to see a great sprint demo for this device If there are indeed any differences between the ones already out. I have my original evo4g and yes rooted with cm7.1 waiting like everyone for a solid ics rom. But I am interested in a new device and truthfully am hoping for a solid true successor to the evo kickstand and all! So does anyone know about the camera and speaker regarding new nexus? I'm just curious because I really want a new phone that truly feels a leap forward from my current one when it's time to choose. Thanks for any info

My wishlist, is if they put the GS2 camera (or better) on it, Exynos chip and yes bigger battery, this would make it a tough decision against GS3.

People complaining about the camera and the speaker just doesn't make any sense to me speaker volume is low but with volume plus it is actually nice. And the camera on this thing is great to me coming from droid x htc thunderbolt and droid razor. All the complants about this phone had me worried when buying it but to be honest this is a great phone and im sure it will be on sprint to

I love my phone. But you shouldnt need Volume plus for basic volume levels. Theres still the issue with the phone shutting down randomly. Thr camera is thr worse on the market. The Nexus definitely has short commings

Phone shutting down never had that problem. Dont think a ton of people are having that problem. Camera is the worst on the market. ur trippin man this phone takes better pics the my razr did and it does not take 3 to 5 seconds to take the picture. Every phone has issues its life but its not that serious

I'll get a random reboot every once in awhile on my Nexus dvd I went thru 3 already due to different problems with them that were my .. But I haven't had a reboot in awhile now... Watch it'll happen tonight now .. By the time the nexus comes out on sprint the phone will be old news and not worth even buying! Quad cores will be out

My phone doesn't shut off unless I tell it to shut down. The camera is not even close to being the worst camera out and the volume isn't bad but I had to use a volume app on every android phone I've ever had so also a mute point.

I wonder if the shutting down issue is more a software sided thing. My touchpad is running ICS as well as my nexus s and they both get random reboots.

I dont use Volume+ and my gnex speaker seems fine to me. Ringtones as well. Certain ringtones are lower than others. GNex has been my best so far. And thats, OD, DX,TBolt, Charge, DX2 ,D3 and Gnex. Still have my D3 as a backup. No regrets. Even if you wont have lte on sprint for a bit, i have urged my sprint friends to get. And as far as the camera goes. It takes great well to medium light pics and decent drunkn bar pics.

LOL, I know I will. I am starting to get tired of my evo 3d not to mention I am just itching to spend some money right about now. I just need something different and pure android with ics, lte and 720p screen is just the thing I need at the moment, not to mention I live in atlanta so I get to try out some of that new lte goodness.

if this email is anything like the VZW G-Nex email - i wouldn't hold your breath waiting for it. i think that email was sent the day after release which means you'll probably get this notification email on your new Sprint G-Nex!

Will the real nexus please step forward. I think maybe it did. It would be nice to have this phone on my carrier and Sprint prolly has much less bloatware on it. I am ready to lose these fixed buttons on the bottom of my 3VO.

I think I'm going to wait for HTC. I don't like the camera on nexus, because is only 5 megapixels, with just about all the upcoming phones having at least 8 megapixels camera, isn't make sense for me to buy the galaxy nexus.

You do know there is more to camara quality than megapixils right. Software and lenses play a bigger role in quality pics than pixles. I would never base a PHONE purchase based off of the megapixles of the camara.

I just ordered the Nexus through Verizon yesterday, then saw this this morning. Now my problem is do I keep the Verizon Nexus or wait for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus And keep my unlimited data??? I just hope Sprint doesn't do away with their unlimited data plans when THEY start their deployment of LTE. Great problems to have mind you.

Sprint's (lightsquared) LTE will be blazingly faster than Verizon's LTE and will have better penetration of buildings. Most of all you won't pay out the arse for the greater amount of data you'll be consuming.

Haven't you read?... Sprint has repeatedly announced including recently it is keeping it's unlimited (except when roaming on another's network). Can't blame Sprint for not wanting to pay VZW the premium either.

Lightsquared may not even be in this game by the time the Sprint Nexus is a go. Sprint is deploying their LTE network independent of Lightsquared. At least that's the word for now.

all i know is ics was designed to run on the g nexus which means it will be as smooth and good of an experience as any phone released this year no matter the specs. No bloat and that awesome screen.... I can't wait.

I for one am glad that sprint will get this nexus also. It sure is a nice device, especially with the AOKP rom installed. It's not for everyone. Some people don't want to be bothered with hunting down customizations already included in other devices. Choice is what it's all about, and you can't get these choices on any other platform.
I will be insanely jealous if the sprint version comes with a huge battery or inductive charging.

Sprint announced 22 markets will get lte in 2012. I really hope they are published by the release date of this phone or else I'm holding out. DC already has wimax.

I can't wait too break this EVO 3d.. this phone is the worst phone I ever had. I'm cool with the owner with a local Sprint store and he said when it comes out he will let me trade in my EVO towards the galaxy nexus. So I get 150$ off the phone... Once again I HATE THE EVO 3D its horrible my eyes are so fucked up from this shitty screen I can't wait for that sexy galaxy

I'll seriously consider getting a Sprint Nexus; unless they announce that the Galaxy Note is coming to Sprint. That one's at the top of my list.

G-Nex vs. G-Note is a tough call. although since there is no Sprint G-Note that decision has already been made for us - for now. i still lean towards G-Nex because of pure Android (more future proof, no bloat, no hard buttons, etc.) and while i like big phones - the G-Note might just be a little too much.

So what's the average time between this and actual release? Anyone kept track from prior Sprint Android releases?

yes the resolution on your SG2 sucks. compare it with an old EVO or the G-Nex. compare same icons and web page.

I bought the Epic Touch the day it came out and sold it to my dad and got his upgrade the day Sprint announced the galaxy nexus. The epic touch is a amazing phone and the camera on it it probably better than the galaxy nexua. But i just got to sick of the thought of isc on the touch. -wont have software buttons -will have touchwiz 4 over it.

Lol i cant believe that someone just sat on this thread and blamed the evo 3d for his crappy vision, i have Evo 3d now and not had any issues with the screen whatsoever. Dont get me wrong the second the galaxy nexus launches im going for it.

I'm glad Sprint customers will get to enjoy this phone. It just sucks that most won't get to enjoy 4G on it by the time you get another phone. Reminds of my days on Sprint, with the EVO4G, waiting on 4G. BTW, don't forget Verizon has an exclusive in the US...probably 6 months. That means a probable May/June release. The GSIII will be out, or close to being out by then.

We don't know if Verizon has an exclusivity contract in the US (Remember when they just posted their Nexus Galaxy banner on their site, the first day it said "Only from Verizon" and the very next day they got rid of that part), we don't know how long the contract says they have if there is a contract, and on top of that even if there is a contract and it is for 6 months we don't know what is the date for the start. Is it shortly after ICS was supposed to be released (5ht of October I believe), starting shortly after ICS/Nexus Galaxy was announced (19th October), when Verizon was originally planning on releasing it (early November) or when they finally released it (15th of December).
In my opinion if there is a contract, the first three options are much more likely then the second simply because it would hurt Google to let Verizon decide when to let other carriers get the phone. It makes more sense for Google to say "We have a phone, you have a version that has been cleared for sale in the US by the FCC, we have a whole bunch manufactured, now you have X months to sell it exclusively, and if you screw up and it takes you a while to start selling it that is your problem not ours."

3-23-10 EVO 4G announced
6-4-10 EVO 4G available for sale

3-21-11 Sprint Nexus S 4G announced
5-8-11 Sprint Nexus S 4G available for sale

10-18-11 Verizon G-Nex announced
12-15-11 Verizon G-Nex available for sale

1-9-12 Sprint G-Nex announced
3-9-12 Sprint G-Nex available for sale?

i've had Sprint for years and traveled all over the country. i never had a coverage problem where a Verizon customer did not also have the same problem. they share CDMA towers. you can continue to fool yourself into believing the myths if it makes you feel better sending Verizon more of your hard earned money every month - i'm sure they appreciate it. i like to keep my money and Sprint offers the best value bar none and nobody else can even touch them. i'd rather bank and invest the savings every month. that's how the rich get richer. good luck.

It's common knowledge Sprint offers the best value and performance among the major brand carriers in the United States not withstanding isolated a small number of fringe area circumstances.

I'm thankful I don't have to pay VZW their premium and I also thank the current administration's FCC for maintaining a competitive market place despite intense corporate lobbying money thrown at political influencers.

On my family plan of 3 lines, I pay less on Verizon, than I did on Sprint. Sprint charges a ridiculous $10 per smartphone fee. The myth is that Sprint is cheaper. Also, you are very limited on how much you can roam. So, sharing towers shouldn't be even considered when comparing. Use more than 300 MB of data while roaming more than twice and see what happens.

I actually recommended the Verizon Galaxy Nexus to my boss reading all the praises of pure Google, etc here. I now regret that recommendation. Having used it side by side with my Evo 3D for the last couple weeks, I can honestly say that for the average user (all stock, no root, ROM, hack, etc.) the more elegant all around solution is Sense. Also, at this point HTC builds a more beautiful and robust chassis than Samsing and Motorola in my experience. Something is off with the Nexus browser too as in some cases it displays less information on its 720P screen than my QHD screen. The lag issues of the past people always cite against HTC seem to have gone away starting with Sense 3.0 and 3.5 as well.

I'm not directly recommending the Evo 3D over the Nexus, because a new LTE HTC Evo device will likely be along in about 4 months with an ICS upgrade and higher resolution (than QHD). This will be the device I recommend to my co-workers on Sprint unless the other manufacturers deamatically step up their UI and industrial design. For those wanting as close to a uniform cohesive Apple-like experience as possible without switching to the dark side, HTC is it.

I'm just hoping that HTC with Sense keeps the physical buttons, because the on screen three dot settings button with its inconsistent positioning vanilla Android is pushing is a disaster.

Does it really matter where the dots are? They're either on the top, or bottom
Always on the right. It's not like you have to think or look hard to find them. That is far from a disaster. Some people just have to have something to complain about. I added the menu button to my Nexus. Quickly removed it. It is redundant and pointless.

Actually, the opposite, I want nothing to complain about. I am a fan of what Mattias Duarte has done with ICS for the most part, but there can be no backsteps if you want to remain at the top. A button you reach for as often as "settings" can't be a moving target. The small details are what is key. You can always memorize a workaround, but that doesn't mean you shoukd have to. Perfectionism, quality control down to each keystroke is paramount.

Apple has proven that intuitive is key. HTC gets that better than the other OEMs right now, including Google itself in some aspects.

So true. I also hope HTC keeps the physical buttons with the forthcoming release of their new generation of solidly built, feature rich, and quietly brilliant Sense UI smartphones.

It's not a moving target
It's in the top right corner, or the bottom right corner. It's not like it's moving around, trying to elude you.

Take anything else in your life, and have someone invert its position randomly. If that doesn't bother you at least a little, I admire your patience.

I'm hoping you can at least admit that it would be better if the button didn't move.

agreed. i like consistency in my life. i trust Andy Rubin but this Mathias character i'm not so sure about.

Certainly an above average device, but the REAL issue is the Sprint network-at least here in Chicago.

Sloooooooooooooooow internet, NO signal in many centrally located neighborhoods, GPS is dismal, messages FINALLY arrive 2 hours late! A few weeks ago I was in a Sprint CORPORATE store (Devon and Lincoln) and there was NO signal in the store!

But look at the bright side..........within a YEAR to YEAR AND HALF we may get LTE!

When all apps are ICS ready, it will be in the same spot. You are making ng a big deal about nothing. Apps aren't consistent. Like I said, they're in one of two spots on the screen that you are staring at. This is not ios. We don't need everything to be the same. To complain about whether dots are on the top, or bottom of the screen is very anal retentive. It does not hinder the experience.


We're going to have to agree to disagree. I have the same philosophical discussion with an IT tech at work but on a range of topics weekly, you remind me of him. I am taking the perfectionist/ideal stance, and you the realist/practical stance. In this case it's button placement, but could just as easily be the number of clicks to accomplish a task, or how much horsepower a car aught to have.

The phrase "good enough" is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Sadly in today's brutally efficient capitalist rush to market and fix later (if ever) world of software, your position will almost always win, and I am left to whine about it in forum posts.

You are confusing the dots with the menu button you are used to. The dots have been used since Xerox OS to alert you of more options. They always appear at the end of a list. The only way to have them always appear in the same spot, is for all apps to have their options in the same place. Not going to happen. They are where they should the end of a list.

I'm not confusing the dots and menu button, they are one in the same. If they can carry over the home and back buttons virtually in ICS why not leave the menu button on screen instead of making a poorly implemented contextual menu (see also Windows ribbon)? They added the task switcher which was unnecessary since a long press on the home button, or a visit to the top of the notification tray already quickly accessed recent apps.

This was change for the sake of change, for efficiency's sake.

The dots and the menu button are not one and the same. Similar? Yes. But, not the same. They are trying to simplify things. Interacting with the dots, are within the app, not an external button. It is a simplified approach. If you don't like it, use a ROM, and add the menu button back. It is in the settings. You can even choose which order and the color of the buttons. As far as the task button, that is great. You want things to be intuitive, but prefer long-pressing a key designated for something else, rather than a single press of a dedicated button? You can remove that button on roms. So, what are you waiting for? AOKP build 21.

The intuitive difference between long pressing a dedicated button that NEVER moves and searching for one that frequently does move isn't exactly making your case well. The dots button frequently blends with its surroundings. It's not just me, I have seen users actually make an "uh" sound while hunting for it repeatedly. That is poor design, period. And if there can be consistent placement in Windows, Linux, and even Duarte's previous project webOS with settings/file menus in the upper left corner, why not here?

While its true with technology that there is always something better coming out and all our gadgets go obsolete soon enough, my personal experience is to try to buy tech when there's a more substantial leap in performance and not just an incremental increase. We're just on the verge of getting Quad Core solutions from Nvidia and Samsung's own Galaxy S3. This Nexus just feels like its on the tail end of current gen phones. Considering the price and the 2 year contracts most of us are stuck with, I think i will be holding out for Galaxy S3 and hopefully an ICS Cyanogen rom.

IMHO, quad core is overkill for a phone. Not to mention, Nvidia chips have yet to play nice with LTE. I feel at home with the Nexus. If Verizon had gotten the Nexus One as they were supposed to, I would have kept it until I got this Nexus. I would have left Sprint sooner, and saved myself a l;t of money, from all of the phones I've bought. I have been rooting and romming phones for a while. There is nothing like a Nexus. This Nexus has a 4.7" 720 HD screen, dual core a gig of RAM, and LTE. It has plenty to keep me happy til the next Nexus. AOKP FTW!

A year ago people were talking about how Samsung was garbage and they'd never buy another one after the Epic. This year everyone loves Samsung and HTC is in the doghouse. How quickly we forget.

A better than HTC's. Rezound, a phenomenal smartphone, will be introduced by HTC at MWC and Sprint will be one of many carriers.

Keep in mind, over 95% do not root and rom. With the efficiency of android and 1 Gb or more of RAM a few carrier apps called bloatware are a moot issue, since those who complain download nearly 100 apps they seldom or never use. The bloatware argument is a joke.

Moreover, the quietly brilliant HTC Sense UI provides the most efficient user experience.

These forums remain full of complaints about Samsung devices.

Keep in mind the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a developers phone with a insignificant in numbers of followers who spend this time of their lives tweaking handsets - probably similar to those who ripped every CD they could borrow to their 1 terabyte hard drive. Productive use of a limited lifetime - eh?

Samsung and VZW are hoping the Galaxy Nexus appeals to a portion of the mainstream public but that's not their primary focus for this developer's edition.