Galaxy Nexus

On Sprint and want the chance to win yourself a Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Now you can get the chance to do so. Seems Sprint is throwing a little bit of a celebration and giving away 30 of them. You can head on over to their Sprint Data Storm Sweepstakes site and get enetered today. Before anyone else points it out, yes -- the contest does close on April 5, 2012 so take from that what you will. In other words, it may be the release date or it may not -- we don't know.

Source: Sprint

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HalizDad says:

I want one.

Bishounen says:

Glad I can win one, and I've entered the contest. But what about BUYING one???? C'mon Sprint. RELEASE THE PHONE ALREADY!!!

Spruce1969 says:

Do you have the URL to the contest?

RonD says:

Click on Sprint as the source at the end of the article.

Unibrow says:

awesome, I would either replace my work phone with this or give it to my father.

smithsunny says:

VDub2174 says:

I hope I win one!!

jimmyk0789 says:

I collected 23 gigs of data in that game

tillerrw says:

I entered the contest but must be stupid. I can't find how to play the game. Any help?

Nevermind I see it's on the phone I need to play the game.

wes6440 says:

I want one!

bsharitt says:

I hope I win so I can sell the thing and buy the GSM version. Sprint's data network? Yuck.

i hope u dont win

jimmiekain says:

Anyone know if this thing is gonna have wimax and LTE or just LTE? I'm worried that with my area having wimax they may not wanna spend money on putting LTE over here too soon and I dont wanna be stuck on 3G.

briankurtz79 says:

Everywhere has wimax. They are switching over simultaneously. The nexus is lte only but it will be rolling out pretty quick

wpavlik2 says:

I'm in. I figure it would be nice to have an upgrade to a really cool phone for FREE. (if I get so lucky) Besides, hopefully by the time they start shipping these things, they will have LTE turned on in my area!

covac8 says:

From the Official Rules:

6. DRAWING: On or about April 16, 2012, the Sponsor will select thirty (30) potential winners in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received.............

that's probably sometime around the release date

8. PRIZES: Thirty (30) Prize winners will each receive one (1) Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone. Prize does not include a wireless service plan. All activation and wireless service plan fees are the winners’ sole responsibility. The prize Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) is $649.99. Total Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of all prizes is USD $19,499,70...........

$650 is the cost of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Sprint (w/o a plan)

kitchin says:

Yeah i saw the 16th as the day they choose the winners, but the list won't be available until the 17th so maybe release in either of those two days. Exciting either way

briankurtz79 says:

I'm going with April 22nd. Sprint likes Sundays. You heard it here 1st!

XCypserX says:

Seeing that April 5th is my birthday, that'd be great! :D

royall81 says:

Looking for a change AT&T starting to throttle down us unlimited data users, 5% of the 3g crowd with unlimited use. Sprint its 1% top users getting slowed down, I like my chances there better!


Hopefully the release isnt too far off.

Checking it out, now.. April 16th is my burfday, and I'm having a son somewhere in that time frame.. Would TRULY make it the best birthday EVER!!

sparkeater79 says:

Please oh please, give me one.

Channan says:

I don't know why I bother entering these contests. I never win anything. =/

kinster02 says:

I'll take one to sell, so I can use the money for a future phone that I really want.


jimmycinla says:

The small print refers to activation fees and monthly charges, so i'm assuming this is just free if you win and sign a contract. And with Verizon's Nexus already below $100 bucks several places and maybe even free in a months time, this really isn't that great of a contest, especially for those of us already in contract with Sprint.


Klotz says:

Game kept freezing on my Evo. So I downloaded a Mobile browser emulator for desktop at
After you select the phone your emulating and launch,just enter the game url at it plays a lot smoother.

Teniferman says:

Klotz, that worked great! Could not get it to run on my phone, Thanks!!! So, if I don't win one I hope at least you do for coming up with this work around.

phillysdon04 says:

If I win, you guys will be the first to know. Thanks in advance Androidcentral!

AnneO says:

I wanna win.....thanks for such a great contest.

sklein128 says:

If I can only win one sweepstakes on this site, let it be this one.

zak says:


tsak6789 says:

This is the phone I thought about ditching Sprint for. If it's coming, I'll stick around.

MJaySmith2 says:

good luck to all that enters :)

draiman3000 says:

I never win before I wish to be this is the first time for me I hope so much so much so much .......