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Earlier, Sprint announced that its 4G LTE network will be coming to Baltimore by the end of summer. It has now added 3 more cities to that announcement. The lucky markets, in addition to Baltimore, are Baltimore, MD, Gainesville, GA, Manhattan/Junction City, KS and Sherman-Denison, TX

The LTE network will go live in these markets by Labor Day, which is September 3rd. We're seeing the carriers competing to expand their LTE networks the quickest, and that's only good for consumers. If you're a Sprint customer and live in one of these markets, you'll soon be able to enjoy the high speeds!

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Come on Sprint where is Denver?

scoty024 says:

It's in Colorado.

omarneg says:

In Colorado...duh.

DWR_31 says:

I live in Houston TX and LTE only works in the inner city. Go to the suburbs and the Sprint store reps will tell you that they can't show you LTE because towers aren't fully up. I feel really bad for all those people that jumped on the LTE train ahead of schedule.
I'll stick with my Wimax until Sprint can make good on LTE coverage.

Another sell lost because of a crappy network.

crxssi says:

You tend to forget that the vast majority of Sprint customers, myself included, have NEVER had WiMax coverage. So for all of us, jumping to an LTE phone is absolutely no loss, and quite a logical move.

miller7796 says:

Baltimore, in addition to Baltimore?

kooja_IIT says:

I'm mad they haven't announced chicago yet, since it was one of the first cities to get wimax. Although it seems that their strategy is to launch in smaller markets first, where it's probably less difficult to stress test and iron out issues.

skiskilo says:

Is this a troll post? Smaller markets? You mean Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio and Atlanta are small? That's funny. Plus have you seen this:
http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/212-network-visionlte-deployment-runni... ?
Seems Chicago has more sites complete so far than any other launch site. Plus if the Wi-Max is already built out there, perhaps there are allowing other customers to enjoy better than 3G speeds.

ReggieTee says:

I live in Dallas-Ft. Worth and it's not up all over the metroplex yet. I get a signal for like 2 minutes before it's gone again. I'll be glad when the suburbs can get the signal consistently.

cowboydroid says:

As of last weekend, it wasn't available at all in downtown or uptown, or near DFW airport. Really strange...makes you wonder just where exactly it was up.

Dono74 says:

I too, am looking forward to Chicago area getting LTE. Although its gonna suck buying a new phone OUTRIGHT but I'll get over it! I did try talking my wife into taking my ET4G so I could use her upgrade!! LOL! No Dice!

Just out of curiosity, when they fire up an LTE in a current Wimax market, Does LTE affect Wimax performance?

skiskilo says:

No LTE should not affect Wimax at all. They operate on completely different radios.

crxssi says:

Poor Poor kooja_IIT. So since you were one of the first to get WiMax, you think that everyone that had no WiMax should have to wait until every WiMax area is covered first?

Can you be MORE selfish and self-centered??

IAmSixNine says:

I still can't get a 4G LTE connection in Dallas.

Tech_Hunter says:

I can't even get 3G in a lot of Dallas, and voice is spotty too.

Seven2k says:

Im tired of Sprints sorry ass!! No LTE in So. Cal. and we are paying for a phone that as LTE but no LTE service from sprint.

crxssi says:

You are paying for a phone, regardless of what network is available- 3G, WiMax, LTE. Your monthly service with an LTE phone cost no more than a WiMax phone or a 3G only phone.

Your argument makes no sense.

afriend#AC says:

Considering how crappy the 4g coverage is in LA/SoCal it would be nice to see LTE (and LOTS more GSM) phones/ access here.....

Kamin says:

Wow! That's an impressive list of metro markets there, Sprint. You really out did yourself this time! >_>

installerman says:

They need to concentrate on delivering on the cities they have already promised. ie, Houston!

sstea says:

I am still waiting on Atlanta! :-( The service has been extremely spotty and inconsistent. My nearest Sprint store still doesn't have LTE coverage. It looks like the announced dates are just when you might see some coverage, but it may take them a while to provide decent coverage to any city.

Partyman says:

I can't believe Junction City and Manhattan, Ks get it before the biggest damn city in Kansas(Wichita). I am slowly running out of patience with Sprint.

Gainesville, GA? You gotta be kidding. The only thing I can think is that they are going for smaller markets to try to get the bugs out.

gtg252b says:

I'm not surprised. Gainesville is practically a suburb of Atlanta. I just wish they would finish building out the city before they expanded outward... According to their coverage map, I live and work in LTE coverage areas, but I can only get LTE in one small area about a mile from my house.

jrod986 says:

Yay, Manhattan.

Now where's the Note 2 Sprint?

dtreo says:

I hate it when Sprint picks these new markets using a dart board.

541rrhse says:

Larger markets take much much longer to complete, this is why they are working on smaller areas simultaneously. Additionally the various vendors involved often times are not ready in some markets. This is a complex construction project. Attempting to complete all the markets in a market sized predetermined order would take at least twice the time.

Gekko says:

why should the hillbillies get LTE first?

Sprint should have started with the major cities first ie NYC, LA, etc.

Geejay22 says:

Baltimore is a major City, We have a major world trade center and Sprint is losing a lot of business to VZW in the business sector.

541rrhse says:

Larger markets take much much longer to complete, this is why they are working on smaller areas simultaneously. Additionally the various vendors involved often times are not ready in some markets. This is a complex construction project. Attempting to complete all the markets in a market sized predetermined order would take at least twice the time.

TheDonJ77 says:

I'm really trying to keep faith in sprint but its starting to dwindle.Hopefully we will get some bigger markets soon.

bhem says:

No San Fransisco Bay Area love? -_-

kmarx says:

Here is the information from Motorola.com with more pictures and specs. There is no kickstand. However, I really want I slide out keyboard.


uranidiot says:

wheres NYC! all these hick cities but the largest city in the world has to play the waiting game BS!

crxssi says:

Larger neither means better nor more important. Get over yourself.

vinny jr says:

Why is Sprint setting up their LTE in these small very low populated markets when there are millions of new potential customers on the East and West Coasts that are dying to try out their new service. I do not think their plan is very well thought out. Big cities with millions of new customers should be on their new LTE list like NY, Boston, Chicago, LA, SF, ect. ect. Just My Opinion.

541rrhse says:

They have been tearing down and building in those markets for months now. It takes longer than smaller markets. There is a lot of material to read available on S4GRU regarding this nationwide build out.

hevenz1 says:

Junction city/ Manhattan!!?? Really WTF!!! How about Wichita for Christs sake.....UNBELIEVABLE

nextelfixer says:

Why not Manhattan, NY and the NY Metro area where there are more people waiting for this than all the other markets put together???

eli783 says:

it just costs a hell of alot more money and a greater hassle to develop here in nyc