Sprint at CTIA

We don't usually post all of our upcoming individual show events here on the front page. (We do, however, post our show schedule here.) But because so many were worried Sprint was getting out of the smartphone business after a relative no-show at CES in January, we'll make an exception this time.

As for what we'll see? More likely than not, something with the name "EVO" attached. Might be a true sequel, but remember that Sprint's told us the original EVO 4G and EVO Shift 4G are just the first in what will be a growing EVO brand.

Anyhoo, we'll be at CTIA in a couple of weeks to bring it all to you.


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Sprint bringing 'the latest in wireless innovation at CTIA' this month


Can anyone blame me for not getting to excited about this until i see what the actually revile at the event. After that last disappointment i just don't want to get my hopes up. Come on Sprint don't let us down.

Come on you guys--it's obvious they're following up their biggest announcement and industry-first with the announcement of the
Echo 2, featuring 4 screens, 1 1300mAh battery, 200Snapdragon (1st gen), and 2 Rear cameras to make up for lacking the FFC on the first generation Echo.

come on, Echo 2!

seriously though. Evo 2, or throw in the towel.

4 screens?

I thought it was the worlds first bubble screen. A phone you step into... Everywhere you look is screen surface.

But I wholeheartedly agree with you. I love Sprint and I want to see something good come out of this.... Third times a charm?

I'll believe Sprint is going to release something 2011 when I see it.

All Sprint has been releasing is mid-tier phones and gimmicks since they release the Epic 4G. They're way behind in handsets and with the bogus Kyocera crap launch they had, I don't have much faith in their CTIA announcement.

If I had to guess, I'd say they're going to say they will be moving to LTE and officially release the RIM Playbook, stating it will run Android apps. Yeah, it'll be a 1st... A 1st for Sprint to make the right decision by going LTE and a 1st for a Blackberry product to run Android apps..

Sprint needs to stop this 1st crap and just get with the program of offering great network coverage at affordable prices and current 2011 handsets... None of this 2010 or older hardware and saying it's new by adding WiMax.

Hop into the Wayback machine to this time in 2010. What had they released? The Zio, the Optimus, the Fascinate, and the Intercept.The EVO didn't come out until June 4th, the Epic didn't hit until August or so.

So why are you getting your panties in a bunch? This isn't anything new. It's like you're bitching that Apple didn't release a bunch of new iphones in November or something.

Yeah Evo 2 would sell like hotcakes.

So many Sprint people who have dumbphones/bb's/old palm devices know about the Evo and want to upgrade.
I tell them to wait for Evo 2 announcement.

It's the same day as Samsungs 78910 event. Could it have something to do with a new tablet for sprint?

Indeed! Sprint will make even more reasons for customers to stay with them disappear.

Next year: Customers will start making themselves disappear to other carriers.

I will not feel an ounce of excitement until after I see what is revealed. The whole Kyocera thing left a bad taste in my mouth this year.

It is probably their plan to roll out LTE at some point in the future with no exact date. Nothing in that teaser points to a phone in my opinion.

Very few people who have an EVO would be eligible for the EVO 2 this year anyway, unless you have one of their most expensive plans or want to pay almost full price. It is too bad the premier program changed or is changing to not include the 69.99 single plan or the 129.99 family plan pretty much everyone gets.(no, add on fees like the $10 premium charge do not count toward premier status)

That shouldn't affect people who are already under contract. Alot of evo owners should qualify for 1 year upgrades, but once they upgrade, most will be stuck for 2 years.

Nope, you're incorrect. Premier privileges are just that, bonus privileges, and not part of your contract. The Premier changes ARE retro-active and anyone who's not on one of the more expensive plans will be bumped down to Premier Silver in April; thus stripping them of 1 year upgrades before the EVO 2 ever comes out.

I'm part of that bunch, and while I'm a little annoyed by it I don't think it's a big deal... AFAIK no one else offers 1-year upgrades anyway and T-Mobile is the only one whose pricing can compete w/Sprint (unfortunately their coverage can't, 'least not in Puerto Rico, particularly for 3G).

There may be a loophole in all of this, it's possible you could switch to a more expensive plan for 3 months, qualify for Premier Gold, buy your phone, then switch back. The maneuver would cost you $60-80 but you'd save around double that on your phone... It's something I'll be looking into for sure.

Or, like me, you can be a Sprint customer for 10 years or longer and it doesn't matter WHAT you spend, you are a Gold Premier member....

They can't get an ota froyo to epic 4g ,they dropped the ball at ces & mwc when it really counted I doubt they're in it to win it. I'm considering jumping ship to Tmo.

Since Sprint revoked nearly all of its users ability to upgrade at 12 months the only thing they are going to be doing is processing terminations as more and more people leave for better phones, better networks, and better deals.

It's probably an announcement of the Palm Pre3. YAWN. Don't want it, don't care to go back to WebOS again, EVER. Evo2? Sure. Maybe they'll announce that their going to be carrying the iPhone 4G?? Then we could have a closed platform with no Flash that at least has no Malware?

CTIA is when Sprint announced the EVO and Epic last year. It has to the be the EVO 2 and EVO Shift 2 this year. Maybe the Epic 2. Remember that Sprint did have two of the top 5 phones last year.

What has made us hate Sprint so badly was the Kyocera Echo. It was not so much that it will be a loser phone for 10 year olds. The scary part is that Sprint thought that the Echo was something worth announcing. Remember these are the same people who brought us 6 months of the creepy vampire girl to kill the Pre.

After the Kyocera Echo embarrassment, they can't have a second failed announcement in a row.

Still I bet Dan Hess is pushing for a clown. He got to have a magician last time! He loves clowns. Or maybe monkeys. Dan has not had a monkey for a product announcement yet. But maybe save the monkeys and clowns for the Echo 2 kick-off. Maybe get Hannah Montana for the Echo ads if creepy vampire girl is busy.

If Sprint doesn't release at least an EVO2 at CTIA, the Apocolypse will come for Sprint. People are actually running from Sprint to Verizon to get the HTC Thunderbolt. Let's hope that the EVO2's specs and capabilities exceed the Thunderbolt.

Hopefully they announce they found a fix to the Epic 4G Froyo update that has all but rendered the phone useless with the lack of data connections, camera force closes and what not.

All of you are hating Sprint, because they came out with the Echo. Yeah it was a disappointment, but Sprint gave you the Evo 4G. A phone that led the Android operating system for months until the nexus S came out. And with all of the dual core, and possible quad core processors coming out, I would rather wait for Sprint and HTC to come out with something worth announcing like a dual core Evo, possibly even a quad core if they could get it to production soon enough. And it's not just Sprint with the Evo, HTC has to pick up their game also so Sprint can have an Evo 2 to announce.

I'm somewhat excited... Sprint has a winner with the Evo. They gotta come with something. Plus June is around the corner. Upgrade time! Then again, I love my Evo! The hacking community is so strong! I have a new phone every time I flash a new rom. I flash roms at Thanksgiving Dinner g!!

Maybe Sprint don't like money.... cuz obviously they're not coming out with anything that will make us want to buy there devices.

They better come out with an EVO2 to replace the EVO. They haven't released anything this year accept the EVO Shift and that DS POS phone from Kyocera.

Honestly, what's there really to improve that much on the EVO? I've seen all of these recent phone announcements, but nothing that really would make me want to give up my EVO. The Thunderbolt would just be more expensive monthly and it has a worse battery.

Really, what do you need your EVO to do that it won't? Plus, the EVO community is so large and excellent support with custom options.

There isn't anything I can't do with my EVO. I have no plans to replace it any time soon, but The other three networks have announced new phones that have higher specs. The only ones Sprint has announced are the Shift, and the POS Kyocera. They need to announce something that doesn't disappoint like the Kyocera did, whether it is an EVO2 or not. Sprint is getting left behind by the others.

@ Mitch I need the EVO to use an audio-quality sound codec for video recording and general audio; do better quality video; more internal storage for more apps would be nice; and more precise input editing like Honeycomb's would be great. Other than that and some occasional flakiness, the EVO is my technological highlight of 2010, bar none.

Would love more processing power, so I'm hoping for an EVO 2--because I like how HTC does things, Flyer notwithstanding.

An EVO 2 would only need minor hardware updates to keep it current. Ok, maybe these updates are more then minor, but it's what I'd like to see.

* Faster processor that uses less power
* qHD screen or SAMOLED + screen
* Better GPU
* Larger battery
* More Memory
* Better quality front and rear cameras
* Possibly an addition of an LTE radio (700/800/1900mhz to allow roaming on Verizon's LTE service and future Sprint LTE compatibility)

There you have it... These changes would make it a EVO 2.

I'm not in a hurry to upgrade, but I'd welcome a phone with better specs (namely a dual core SoC and a SuperLCD screen) and a slimmer body. The Atrix is particularly compact yet it still packs a 4" screen, it's shorter than the Captivate which was already smaller than the EVO. Camera and memory improvements are always welcome as well, though I can wait another year for that.

I just hope Sprint saved their moment for CTIA to announce numerous high end phones. A successor for the EVO is what everyone is waiting for. I would not be surprised if they don't announce the EVO however. Maybe Sprint and HTC are taking their time with that. They want it to be the kickass of all kickass phones.

I kinda doubt that would be invitation event. Not that I wouldn't mind the update given the Android Market malware issue affecting 2.2.

Even if it is an Evo2 Sprint still does not have the selection like VZW has in smart phones. If someone goes to Sprint and ask what is a good, fast phone all they can say is the Evo2.

Do you really need 50 phones? The Droid lineup is so redundant now.

EVO is still awesome. EVO Shift is pretty sweet for a fast keyboard without too much bulk. They have the WP7 Arrive coming soon, which should be a great option if you want Windows. The best thing would be if they would carry the Pre 3 and the BB Montana/Bold Touch.

That would be a pretty nice lineup if you ask me. Have you read the Pre 3 reviews? That sounds sweet and nothing like the underpowered Pre. I'd love to have a Pre 3 and an HP WebOS tablet on Sprint.

Sprint needs more diversity in the form factors being offered. I've been stuck on a Hero forever because Sprint keeps insisting on releasing sliders and jumbophones that I find too unwieldy. There aren't any options like the Incredible, the Nexus series, the Optimus 2x, the Atrix, etc. -- reasonably sized slate phones that aren't underpowered like the Optimus S.

Whatever happens, I hope it'll be interesting. After the other announcement (that resulted in the Kyocera Echo), I'm going to try and keep my excitement down, just in case. An Evo 2 would be nice and let's just hope for the best! ;)

I love my Evo! Announce gingerbread for evo.

Maybe SPRINT and T-mobile should just announce a merger. Then they could compete against Verizon and At&t.

I for one don't want to pick up the T-Mob baggage. Better to just let T-Mob die off and keep improving Sprint.

i disagree... i for one would love to have a cdma/gsm phone on sprint! no more having to use my crappy old SE t610 when i go outside the states!

This would be amazing if its the EVO 2! I currently own an Epic and will be eligible for an upgrade in August this year! I'm not extremely satisfied with my Epic mainly because of the slide out keyboard and of course Samsung.

You do realize that the premiere program is going through changes and you may not qualify for the 1 yr upgrade right? I had to bite the bullet and upgrade to the EVO since nothing worth upgrading won't be coming out before the changes that go into effect in April.

Sprint has made some very unintelligent moves lately. What I'm hoping is that they're just saving it all for this event and just getting everyone's mouth watering.

There's actually more things I hope it's NOT then I hope it IS....

THAT's the scary part.....

I just hope it's the Evo 2 with kick ass specs....specs that will outdo any other spec out there.

I'm very curious as to what they'll unveil. I'm particularly curious to see if HTC will be involved, since they have yet to release any next-gen phones on other carriers (or even Europe); and the Sprint/EVO was a pretty big exclusive for a while last year (Verizon/AT&T are just now getting their 4.3" equivalents).

I don't know why so many of you are in this state of panic over what Sprint hasn't announced for 2011... As others have said, it's still very early and there's still a few trade shows left in the first half of the year (CITA, Google I/O, etc.). Sprint had several top notch options last year, not a ton of 'em but enough, I'll take quality over quantity any day of the week.

Who knows, they could announce a Moto or LG phone as well... Moto is looking to expand beyond Verizon now that they have to compete w/the iPhone on the same carrier, and LG's impressive Optimus 2X has yet to land on any US carrier. No one said the EVO line was exclusive to HTC, even if they are behind in delivering their dual-core phones Sprint has other alternatives to consider.

That being said, bring o the EVO2!!

I hope it's more than one device announcement..Sprint and their one at a time stuff is really underwhelming. Verizon had like 3 or 4 LTE phones at CES..Sprint needs to step it up.

Maybe they will announce that Samsung QWERTY phone that was leaked a while back since I doubt they will be getting the Droid Pro.

What do you guys consider an "upgrade"? I was at Sprint the other day paying my bill and asked about this whole Sprint Premier Silver/Gold. I wanted to make sure I was getting $150 off come June 1st. The guy looked it up and assured me that June 1st, I am entitled to $150 off but will begin a new 2yr contract. He said as long as it's the main line, you get $150 off upgrades yearly.

Sounds like that guy lied. If you're not on a 3000 data family plan or a 900 data individual plan...you wont get yearly upgrades.

The guy seemed to know what he was talking about and showed me my account on the computer. I was a secondary line with my uncle(who has been with Sprint for like 15yrs) but I left and went to AT&T for 2yrs to get an iPhone. I switched back to Sprint last year to get the EvO. I'm not sure if that makes a difference??

Maybe they'll announce that I don't have to pay for 4g anymore since I can't even get it within 600 miles of where I live. Even better would be 4g coverage everywhere, that would be the latest in wireless no more 3g

I'm kind of led to think they may be announcing LTE/Wimax hybrid network for now. I just can't see HTC or anyone developing Wimax phones JUST for Sprint. Not just that, but to get the Iphone (which Sprint has said they're interested in) will be going with a LTE base at some point soon, which means they're NOT making one just for Sprint.

I figure an EVO II will have WiMax/LTE because simply put Sprint can't afford to lose the roaming coverage on 4G. I haven't see Halo or any other Wimax provider launch a viable service yet outside of Clear/Sprint, so that also is a sign WiMax can't work.