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Sprint has promised they they will have quite a few new LTE areas that will go live "in coming months." They include:

  • Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota
  • Oakland/Fremont/Hayward, California
  • Key West, Florida
  • Fort Smith, Arkansas
  • Michigan City/La Porte, Indiana
  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • Arrdmore, Oklahoma
  • McAllen/Edinburg/Mission, Texas

Sprint's biggest issue right now is expanding coverage, so it's good to see they've got some new markets lined up. I'm curious to see how that U.S. Cellular acquisition will improve their coverage. Any lucky Sprint customers in these areas? How about those of you on other carriers - is Sprint LTE availability an attraction at all? Sprint customers elsewhere, how many of you are still waiting for LTE?

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Sprint announces handful of new LTE cities


Haven't heard anything about Florida till now. Key West? That's your first covered city in the sunshine state? So glad I left my sprint gnex for the vzn gs3. They have the whole state covered... And pretty much anywhere else I go.

Vzn will be in the middle of their 5g roll out before sprint finishes this vision of thiers. Lame.

woo hoo! MSP just upgraded to "In the coming months"!!! This is just like when you sit at the doctors office for 2 hours only to have your named called, so you can sit in the exam room for 45 more minutes before the doctor sees you.

But in the meantime I'm going to strut to my exam room. Take that Milwaukee!!!

I'm just happy to see MSP mentioned! I've been keeping GSIII LTE on whenever battery life is non-essential JUST IN CASE and I haven't seen anything either. I too will be enjoying exam room :)

You notice how in the Press Release Sprint says "cities"? Because these are cities, not markets. Markets are made up of multiple cities...

Still not to St Louis, MO :(
Seems that Sprint doesn't like the east side of the state (it's in Kansas City at Sprint's HQ)

Still waiting here in Washington, DC. Already seen launch pushed back from October to November. November is half over, so I guess we'll see lol.

I agree we are in or neighbor of the nations' capital and still have no 4G or LTE c'mon Sprint you need to do better or else I will have to take my business somewhere else where I'm appreciated like sad to say Big red Verizon which is so far reliable always on cutting edge when it comes lastest features.

Yes, Minneapolis/ St.Paul. Live in in the other. I knew according to s4gru that work was being done and that the live date will not be until March or whatever but it is nice to actually see Sprint confirm something.

I've never seen my EVO LTE flip to 4G even for a second so they must still be in pretty early stages.

Still waiting in the NW, and if LTE doesn't get better coverage than their current (sad) WiMax coverage in my area by Feb, I'll be shopping around.

This is why I am leaving sprint sadly. I'm in Mesa and nearly everyone I know now has T-Mobile , excluding a few Vz heads that are lucky enough to still be on unltd data. Anyhow, in my neck of the woods I ran a speed test on a comrade's S3 and got 20mps down. Switching this Friday...

Its pretty clear we're never getting it. DSM wasn't even on their published build out list.

Some Sprint VP must have an ex-wife in Des Moines...and the divorce decree says she gets free Sprint service, so he keeps all 4G out of Des Moines.

But on the bright side, if I run SpeedTest after midnight, I get more than 300 that's something.

I live where I-40 and I-85 run together and I'm very close to where I-95 crosses I-40 (so basically in the heaviest traveled area in the country) and not even an announcement that we are getting LTE. Not to mention the Research Triangle which is geek central in the Eastern US. I'm really getting frustrated and my 2-years are up. Thinking seriously about going in another direction.

Agreed. I thought this was supposed to be a FAST rollout. Not even a mention of ANYTHING for the entire state of Virginia yet. And my area has no WiMax and miserable 3G. I am really getting impatient. Love Sprint service, prices, devices, policies, coverage, but what used to be a decent 3G network has been all but destroyed in the last 2 years from oversubscribing and lack of any updates. I know it is not that way everywhere, but from feedback I keep reading, I am certain nowhere near alone in what is now a 3G "wasteland".

I guess you haven't seen the I 81 corridor from Harrisonburg, Va up into PA. Go to, select Sprint 4G on the pull down menu on the map, and you will see exactly where it is. It has been building out for the last 1 month and the foot print is getting larger.

This is a JOKE... I bought my Samsung Epic 4G back in 2010 because Sprint was the first with the 4G Network aka WiMax. I live in North Jersey, about 10 minutes from NYC and never really got the 4G WiMax promised. Now Sprint is rolling out their LTE at a snails pace. Please, 6G will be out before Sprint finishes deploying their 4G LTE. Ridiculous...

"Arrdmore", OK is actually a pirate-infested den of scurvy dogs and cutthroats!

The other"Ardmore" is just a cow town....

Hahah. Didn't notice until you pointed that out.

But really, Ardmore?! I have had the HTC EVO 4G, Epic 4G Touch, and now a SGS3. There were only 3 Wimax towers during that time, not enough for Sprint to actually advertise it in my area. I know Oklahoma is a dump but seriously? No OKC nor Tulsa?

I really like my Sprint service, just not happy that it may be the end of next year before I ever see LTE on the Never Network.

Lte is in testing In a area in Florida on powerline road and Atlantic Boulevard in broward county I got a speed teat of 20.06 Mbps

You are prolly right. I live here in Miami and I was driving to Medlet (its close to Hialeah) and I picked up 4G !! so ill say that the dirty south is next in the lineup :D

I live in Madison, Wisconsin, and I'm shocked and frankly disappointed that Eau Claire is getting LTE before us. No offense to my Eau Claire friends, but come on! Madison is the state capital. What's the hold up?

Being from Eau Claire this makes me very happy, but I'm sorry for you..It must have to do with the number of towers they need to upgrade?

I'm quite surprised, but happy, to see Eau Claire on the list.

Eau Claire is in the Minnesota market. Nothing has been announced for the Milwaukee (Milwaukee, Madison) market or the North Wisconsin (The rest of Wisconsin) market yet.

Still waiting for it in Tucson, AZ. Incidentally, I previously had an EVO 4G and we never got 4G here. Hopefully that'll change with LTE and my Galaxy S III

Trying to decide if upgrading is worth it. Yes I'm on Sprint, and yes I'm still rocking a EVO 3D.
I live in Houston Texas and I see the LTE coverage light up on Sprint phones here and there. What really has me worried though is the fact that when its lit up, it only has download speeds of 3 to 4Mbs. Now that everyone is getting off of Wimax, my Wimax speeds are back up 8 to 13Mbs.

So my main question is, "Do I invest in a Sprint LTE device or do I stick with Wimax and no NFC or Google Wallet?".

I still love my EVO 3D.

What do you guys think?

I currently go to school in Southern Illinois, and recently visited Chicago to find that LTE was alive and well in a lot of places. IT WAS FANTASTIC!! I have never seen my phone (Evo LTE) behave so rapidly and load web pages (And app data) at the drop of a hat! I know that a lot of Chicago Suburbs were announced but actual in-city LTE? It was very good. Now, there were some hiccups, especially in the Lincoln Park area, Wrigley Field and other random places, where the data service (even 3G data) was very spotty. But On the South and North sides, I got a very clear signal/


Enjoying me some LTE for quite some time here in Atlanta. I would recommend, for those of you looking to upgrade, to avoid the EVO LTE until they get the LTE issues worked out. I thought LTE in Atlanta was crap until my wife got a GS3... this stuff is everywhere down here!

Also, if you are wondering if you are getting LTE... look and see if you have 3G... if so, then you are getting LTE. They are replacing there entire network!!

I just got home from work and was about to turn on my WiFi when I noticed the "4G" icon in my Notification Bar for the very first time.

I live in the Miramar/Pembroke Pines area, a suburb right outside of Miami, FL. My guess is that I'm receiving a faint "4G" signal from the listed Key West launch. Although it's not the fastest the upgrade is definitely a welcomed improvement.

I just ran a Speed Test and the best result that I have gotten after 3 tests is 1.51Mbps Down and 1.38Mbps Up. Not bad considering the fact that I used to get 0.02 Mbps Down and 0.01 Up.

Now my white Evo4G LTE is not only beautiful but quite a bit faster too and since this only is launch day I think it may get even faster over the course of the week.

Faster Data Service Is Faster.

Still waiting in Southern California but the areas around me are starting to go up. Should be probably 6 months out to having some stable LTE that's available in most the places I travel.

Question is will I still be with Sprint. My contract says yes but my wallet is saying it may be time to go.

Are you serious sprint? Key west? I am more than sure that tallahassee has more sprint customers than total residents in key west.

So, what is the typical turn around time for this, from the time they issue this announcement until it's on?

You have to understand, I have a history with webOS so "in the coming months" means "you'll be lucky if your great grand children will see it in their lifetimes".

Don't get too excited. SF was launched a while ago and there's almost no coverage anywhere. Maybe like 10% of the city is getting a signal.

I live in RI which is effectively the size of L. A.... Why doesn't the smallest state have full LTE coverage?

I was surprised when Sprint lit up LTE in the two "cities" on either side of my rural Southeastern Massachusetts town, but I suspect this is for direct competition with Verizon (on LTE) and the HSPA+ offered by AT&T and T-Mobile. I don't hold out any unrealistic hopes of LTE showing up in my town any time soon, but for now, that's OK. I'd much rather have improved 3G speeds and I know that's something Sprint has been actively working on. My hope is the cash infusion by Softbank will help the NetworkVision project move faster toward completion as it has dragged on much too long already. I was actively considering a departure from Sprint by year's end, and that may still happen. The deciding factor will not be 4G LTE (which is more of a battery drain when signal isn't robust), but rather how much they are able to fix their ailing 3G network and in providing a solid reliable voice signal. I've pretty much communicated this to Sprint's leadership and they have done a great job keeping in touch with me and in providing system status updates.

I'm assuming that technically it's the Charlotte, NC market, but I was pleasantly surprised to pick up a 4G signal in Lake Wylie, SC. Got it yesterday, and today! Hadn't seen it announced yet, but there it is.

I've been with Sprint for many years in Memphis, TN. I'm on the 4th phone where some mention of high-speed, 4G, LTE or some other term was said to be mere weeks away. I doubt it will be in this market in less than 2 years. The Nexus 4 and a Straight Talk account may be my next phone/plan. It looks like I'll bench a $79 per month unlimited plan at Sprint for a $45 per month unlimited plan at Straight Talk. Thanks for the tip Android Central.

I'm in DC and I've NEVER had a proper 4g signal on my epic 4g touch .... 3g sucks major balls (I can barely stream music over 3g using google play music) ... I can only hope that when/if LTE comes around it will be an improvement otherwise I am ditching sprint for good.

Panhandle Florida - nada. Verizon is lit up like a Christmas tree, early termination fee is starting to look like a bargain. Unlimited data my butt, I have a hard time streaming music at times!

I'm giving up on Sprint! Love my Epic 4G but have never gotten much of a Sprint signal. Always roaming on Verizon and getting my data throttled. Never get 4G. Just ordered a Nexus 4 unlocked and will go with either AT&T or T-Mobile. It will be nice to actually be able to use my phone after over two years of frustration.

In San Antonio it's pretty nice with the Gal-III. They've also done something with the 3g's also pretty fast. You can use 3g here if using the LTE radio sucks battery.

Sanford in southern Maine barely has three g when I do have connection while Central Maine has four g. Help a brother out Verizon.

No LTE in Hawaii yet....said should be next year during 2nd quarter...Hahaha! I won't hold my breath....IMHO probably won't get it till end of next year 2013....which is fine with me since I won't be due for another upgrade till next November.....

i saw an interview that said there's basically only two companies that update cell towers and they work for every network thus it's not really possible to update for any network any faster than they are going because they are fighting over the same companies' time.

I don't know where you read that. Sprint has 3 contractors rolling out Network Vision and 4 additional contractors decommissioning iDEN.

I really wanted to get the gs3, but I had to settle for the s2 since it has wimax. Can't be without 4g. It kind of sucks that Sprint bet on wimax and then abandoned it for LTE, but that makes sense given that the rest of the world had committed to LTE as well. But until LTE hits NYC, I've got wimax, yay!

I still have no LTE (and not holding my breath, considering the pathetic pace of Sprint's "rollout"). Deep down I wish I had bought my SIII through Verizon... my brother did and has amazing LTE speeds all over Colorado. I would rather pay more for LTE that I can actually use. I have been paying Sprint's "smartphone premium data fee" since June 4 2010 (when I bought my Evo4G) and since then only had occasional WiMax connectivity when I was downtown and outside. If I had to guess on my sum total wimax bandwith use between having my Evo4G and GSII E4GT I would say maybe 1-2 GB. That is because the coverage area was minimal here and had to keep 4G antenna off unless I needed it so my battery was not dead before I got home. So I have paid 30 months worth of $10/month fees for premium data which I have barely been able to touch. Now I have an LTE phone and there is no date in sight for possible launch of LTE in Denver. At this rate I am frustrated enough, that if there is still no LTE here by year's end - I am buying out of my Sprint contract as a Christmas present to myself and switching to Big Red.

Since I already know that LTE on Sprint isn't coming to Detroit anytime soon, I'm jumping ship to AT&T. That's just one of the many reasons. The others are 1. The premium Data fee for a not-so-premium data service. 2. Add that charge on top of the Everything Data plan that I have and you will have the same price that AT&T charges for a comparable 450 minute plan. 3. To make up for the gamble that Sprint made with the iPhone, the Premium Data fee is now added to each of the lines on your plan, Not like before where it was only added to the main line on your service. 3. Also to make up for the iPhone gamble, Sprint did away with the Premier Customer loyalty program. 4. Unlimited Data usage on a crappy service does not make it a viable option anymore. 5. I have have a feeling that Sprint LTE service will eventual have a data charge added each month and it won't be unlimited anymore. It is going to take me a couple of months to get the $350 I need to jump ship. My contract with Sprint ends on March 2 of next year so I'll be good.

1. I agree.
2. AT&T's plan doesn't include unlimited calls to any mobile on any network. It also doesn't include unlimited data.
3. The premium data fee has always been added to each line with a premium device. While the definition of "premium device" has changed, it was done long before the Sprint iPhone.
4. Can't really argue with that.
5. Sprint has said they will not be getting rid of unlimited data in the foreseeable future. Dan Hesse has said he wants to keep unlimited data for as long as possible. Sprint LTE won't have an additional data charge, as it will be the primary (and eventually ONLY) Sprint network. Nobody can say what will really happen, but I'd say your fears are unfounded.

2. True, but I don't exactly talk on the phone a lot anyway.

3. I had 2 Samsung Moments and 1 HTC Hero on my account when the whole "Premium Data Fee" crap came along. The only line that got charged the $10 was my line, which was the main line.

5. I'll believe that when I see it.

Loyal customers losing perks and Sprint adding/adjusting fees to offset a bad decision just isn't worth it.

I'm guessing you had the Hero? Because I don't believe the Moment was initially charged the "premium data fee" as it was an older device.

Au Contraire, I live in Dayton Ohio and the only time my OG EVO has ever tasted 4G (WiMax) was when I drove to Florence for a job interview.

In my opinion, "Coming soon" is intentionally misleading. I live in the DC area and LTE has been 'coming soon' since the summer when the GS3 launched. Sprint and I had a difference of opinion as to what 'soon' means so after 12 years, I fired them.

I'm on TMo now and their HSPA+42 is getting me 20+ Mbps download speeds for only $69 with unlimited 4G, talk and text. Sprint's site reports their LTE network will deliver a not so impressive 6-8 Mbps and a max of 25 Mbps download speed. AND LTE is supposed to be coming for TMo in 2013 too, and my Note2 has a LTE radio already built in.

The difference between Sprint and TMo's promise is that on TMo's I'm on a new device and getting awesome network speed and reliability, and I was miserable with Sprint's 3G and a brand new GS3. It was worth paying the $350 ETF to pay off Sprint and leave them in the dust.

I hope you guys still waiting get Sprint's LTE have it before the newer and better devices come out and you find you've been stuck waiting on Sprint to build a network to support the speed of your GS3, Note2 and iPhone5 devices.

Yep.... no Philly and really disappointed with the voice and 3G coverage in the area. Seems to have gotten worse not better in the last two years. Sprint has one more contract with me to get their act together or I'm history. I better see no roaming and 4G when it's time to renew or it's Bye-Bye Sprint....You listening Dan????

I will get it eventually in my area of NC.
I can be patient.
I can be patient..
I can be patient...
I can be patient....

(But I really would like to get it sooner rather than later!)

Nothing in Utah still. :( guess ill just keep dealing with my 25KB/Second data... on my mother effing lte note 2.

Wow out of all the Major Cities in fla they push LTE for Keywest are you serious lol??? Sprint wake up there surrounded by water beaches and boats NO LTE for Miami,Orlando,Tampa,Or Jacksonville witch are the most popular cities in fla they must be joking. Even Sarasota witch is a retirement town has LTE lol. SMH......

You have to remember, though: part of this has to do with regulation, licensing, permits from the city, and being able to obtain a location to place the equipment. This doesn't mean that Keywest was their primary focus. Just that Keywest was the first place all the pieces came together and allowed them to start deploying equipment.

I'm sure they're also working on other cities. Their LTE network roll out has been *very* aggressive, considering they just started less than 6 months ago.

Picked up a Note 2 Friday, here in Houston, and I've been pleasantly surprised by the LTE coverage. I was expecting it to be extremely spotty and weak most places, but I've been on LTE in all the major metro areas. Even out in some of the smaller, "way out there" suburbs like Dickinson and League City I've gotten intermittent LTE.

And at work down town, the signal is very strong. I'm getting a consistent 7-8Mbps down, and anywhere from 5-12Mbps up. At my apartment in Webster (south-east suburb) I get about 5-6Mbps down and 3-8Mbps up (signal is weaker there). And I can get LTE in places WiMax would *never* have worked. Hell, the LTE even works inside the elevator at work :)

Sprint's working hard, and they're doing it right. We're less than 6 months into the roll out and they've already gotten a lot of coverage in place. Give 'em time. They're getting it sorted.