Sprint's Dan Hesse

Sprint this morning took the wraps off of nearly two dozen upcoming LTE-laden areas. They include:

  • San Francisco, CA, San Mateo-Redwood City, CA
  • Cape Coral-Ft Meyers, FL
  • Dyersburg-Union City-Martin, TN
  • Emporia, KS
  • Fort Wayne, IN
  • Greenwood, MS
  • Joplin, MO
  • Kokomo, IN
  • Lafayette/West Lafayette, IN
  • Lexington Park, MD
  • Marion, IN
  • Napa, CA
  • Naples-Marco Island, FL
  • Ottawa-Streator, IL
  • Punta Gorda, FL
  • Santa Rosa-Petaluma, CA
  • Sarasota-Bradenton, FL
  • Sebring, FL
  • South Bend-Mishawaka, IN
  • Terre Haute, IN
  • Vallejo-Fairfield, CA
  • Warsaw, IN

Sprint reminds us that it currently has LTE turned on it 24 metro areas and expects to have its LTE network rolled out by the end of 2013. Sprint also this week confirmed it's talking with Japan's SoftBank about a possible "substantial investment," meaning we could see some major ownership moves should any deal be reached.

Source: Sprint


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Sprint announces 22 more LTE locations


I really hope so, I've been a loyal customer of theirs for 2 years because of their unlimited data plan. However I'm sick of slow 3G everywhere I go. I just renewed my contract to get a Galaxy S3 but when it ends I may consider shopping somewhere else if the service hasn't significantly improved by then.

I just left Sprint yesterday for Verizon. Yesterday .25 mbps with sprint, today 18.5 mbps with Verizon. Was loyal for 10 years, which was at least 1 year to long.

I envy you. Though, sprints 4g network is pretty fast when you can find it. THEIR 3G SUCKS.

I did a speedtest with 4G and ws getting over 5000kbps, switch to 3G and got 42.

42 may be the answer to the universe and everything- but its too dang slow!

I've been tempted to do the same since I got my EVO 4G more than two years ago. Got the Galaxy S3 a couple months ago and have been frustrated with Sprint to no end for how they seemed to be dragging their feet. Well, this afternoon, after Sprint announced that 4G was coming to my city, Santa Rosa, I started gettting 4G downtown! At one point I got 27 mbps download! I finally have 4G and unlimited everything.

Wow Sprint can do places like Santa Rosa and Napa but can't do the capital of California. What's up with that?

The state government in the Sac probably found an endangered dung beetle that lives in the 3G towers. 4G would likely upset their delicate lifestyle.

Simple. Since many of these markets are small, they can be covered with only a few cell sites, so it's relatively easy to light them up and issue a press release about it. Larger markets require lots more work, which means it's more expensive and time-consuming to do a rollout there.

Also, I suspect that Sprint feels that, instead of chasing VZW and AT&T through all the major markets and always getting there last, they'd prefer to be first in places where no one else is doing 4G yet. They may feel that they can then lock in subs in these areas before the other carriers have a chance to do so.

You're probably right on, as far as Sprint's LTE plans go. But, if you can't compete in the major metropolises, you're always going to be fighting for survival. While you're putting up/converting towers in small markets, to provide the latest technology for hundreds of customers, you're losing thousands of customers to VZW and ATT. If you had a reasonably fast 3G network to pacify your customers, they might not be jumping ship. Don't they know how disrespected their major market customers feel when they travel into a small suburban area and their phones light up with the 4G signal? Yet, when they head back into the city they only have a snail's-paced, spotty 3G network.

I don't mean any disrespect to those living in smaller markets, but... If you ran a business, would you not want to keep the majority of your customers happy? That's how you keep them. Not by taking the easy way out.

I live in RI which is the smallest state in the country, yet there has been no mention of us. I think I'm all set with Sprint after 8yrs. I'm currently shopping around.

They did San Francisco. I'd say the technophiles there are SUPER important. Don't worry, you'll get it eventually.

They still haven't done the capital of the United States yet :( (Baltimore is a separate market from DC).

Agreed, why aren't places like Philadelphia and other major cities getting this first ?!?!?!? This is my last dance with Sprint, especially after having to pay $35 to get my 40 day old EVO 4G LTE (that has never seen 4G) replaced when it died for no reason. I have been with Sprint since 1991 and the "feeling" is now soooooooo gone. Not to mention the CONSTANT roaming and totally crappy call quality. (I live 5 miles across the river from Philly and there is no excuse for this type of cell service this close to one of the largest cities on the East Coast.) I have given up calling the so-called tech support and reporting the outage areas. Seems every time I call the coverage get worse, not better. When I first got Sprint I has 5 bars in my living room, today I roam.....totally unacceptable.

Nor Virginia.

I wish AC would come up with a better photo to use- that one is really sad looking!

I'm in the largest Naval port area (Hampton Roads) and can't get Sprint to bring LTE. Both presidential candidates know how important this area is with their weekly visits, but Sprint seems to be ignoring us like a bad smell.

I gave up and switched to AT&T. I could have lived without the LTE service (while paying $10 / month for a non-existent service) if their 3G service would have been decent in speed and coverage.

When my contract is up mid-2014, I will gladly go back to Sprint (provided that they have finally rolled out LTE service by that time).

I'm sure this is not his best picture... :P You gotta admit, the guy looks bad in that photo! Call it a bad angle if you wish, but he still looks awful.

Possibly because he knows that if the Softbank acquisition goes through, he's going to be out of a job.

Really? Lafayette freaking Indiana? A town of like 67,000 people? Do they simply have some aversion to actually putting LTE into large cities or something? I'm in the heart of Cincinnati and I can't even get 3G in my house without a stupid femtocell!

Every company rolling out LTE has had smaller cities at the front of their lists. Fewer towers to upgrade means that they can cover a whole city in an inexpensive manner vs doing 10 times the cell sites to upgrade a large city. Also it allows them to gauge performance of service without risking rolling out in a large metro and disappointing a few million customers.

Lastly, most of these locations have significant importance either in the development of LTE Technology (Purdue in West Lafayette) are close to another town getting LTE service in this rollout or in contacts with businesses they serve (auto industries in Marion, Ft.Wayne, South Bend). The last 3 also happen to be close by each other so it was probably cost effective for them to do the LTE upgrades at the same time.

How about the Detroit area. No Wi-max. Well I saw Wi-max for about a second along 8 mile for a couple of months over a year ago. Nothing since. No LTE. Barely 3g. I know we aren't the most popular place in the world but we still have large companies and a decent sized population.

You also have no people. Why would anyone invest in infrastructure in Detroit at this time? No offense, but your city is dying, and you're lucky that anyone has spent a nickle there.

Wow... no offense, huh? Thanks. That helped.

And where are you getting that there's no people? Hell of a lot more people there than in many of the cities that are actually getting lit up.

Metro Detroit (2010 census) - 12th most populous of the United States, with a population of 3,734,090. Compare that to other areas that have LTE now. ...but who needs facts right?

I live in Ann Arbor MI, the only place on all of MI that ever saw WIMAX to the best of my knowledge was Grand Rapids, I really hope some day we get LTE, and Detroit may not have as large of a populous as it once had, plenty of people still commute and work out of the city and its surroundings, ever heard of Chrysler? GM ? Ford ? Tons of industry still her.

Wow dyersburg and union city tn, took Verizon forever to add it here, but it has been down the past week I wonder if this has anything to do with it

still nothing in westbloomfield or commerce Michigan...verizon has lte set up there, sprint should be rolling out lte like verizon, at this rate they probably wont even be done by the end of 2013

what the hell, I live in chicago and we don't have lte, but they have it in a couple of places downstate??? this is ridiculous

Hate to tell you this but Chicago has been in Activation for Sprint's LTE for sometime now. Has been increasingly building out.

I agree with KG, I was just getting ready to say it has been on for some time. They are about 1/3rd of the way done in Chicago with LTE.

You'll see 4G LTE sporadically in the Chicago burbs working its way inward. Check out sensorly.com (and the android app sensorly) and you'll see where 4G has been reported in and around the Chicagoland area.

it looks like sprint is turning one LTE tower in each of those city just so they can add to their list of LTE places( pr purposes ), hahaha, nothing in Boston mass yet!! well not in Jamaica plain area anyway, come on sprint stop joking around.

I think you need to look again, Boston has been active for a couple of weeks now and still building out.

well i live in the Jamaica plain Roslindale, dorchester area and nada my friends, i know that some part of Lawrence ma, cape cod and north shore some where have some kind of lte but not the area that i was mentioning!!

Yeah i agree. you need ot look again. Boston has unofficially had LTE since September, I get is downtown and in dorchester. Have patience people.

There's been reports of active towers in Los Angeles, I'm guessing their next LTE announcement will have LA in the list.

Have heard nothing for Orange County, San Diego or Inland Empire though. I at least had Wi-Max at my work with my old phone, the upgrade to LTE has so far been a major downgrade on that front. I was hopeful Southern California would be blanketed in LTE by the end of the year but it's obviously not happening, probably not even by the end of next year.

"Enhanced 3G, what a joke. I would be happy with stable or usable 3G downtown. I work for a major satellite tv provider and depend on my cell phone. Sprint calls drop all the time and I have the evo 4g lte phone. Great phone, crappy service. Shame....

I'm frustrated too. I moved my mifi off Sprint and on to Verizon and have been enjoying Verizon's 4G LTE with my computer and phone via wifi. I can barely keep a 3G connection on my phone to talk let alone trying data. My contract is up in July next year, I am seriously thinking about the ETF and just bailing. WiMax is here in Mad town but only in a few square miles. A joke.

The data is completely crowd-sourced. If the tower's coverage isn't on the map, that just means no one has run the Sensorly app and submitted data yet.

sensorly actually only shows where it's users have actually been able to get a signal.If no one using sensorly with a wimax phone has been in your neighborhood then it won't show on the map.

Still no word on the Triad area of NC is bull. It is one of the most Wired places in the country. Only reason I'm keeping Sprint is I have an old plan with unlimited everything for 45 per month.

I'm really regretting staying with Sprint. We never got WiMAX and there is still no LTE in Omaha, NE. If Verizon would have had a OneX-type phone I would have dumped Sprint.

Are you serious? These tiny little towns and still no 4G in New Orleans? I've been paying for this stupid Sprint "premium data" fee for almost 5 years. No wimax, no 4g.

T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&t - they all have 4G in New Orleans.

Sprint, you're a real dick bag.

i'll be honest, I missed that.

However, I also heard that about wimax, which never came.

I'll believe it when my download speeds increase.

Best decision I made was to leave Sprint and all their Bullshit for Verizon. Great coverage and excellent LTE Speeds!!

Been waiting for wimax, still waiting for anything.
I have to say, I do connect to 4G for 30 seconds on my commute to work... Happy streaming, then its 3G freeze again. Note 2 T-Mobile, here I come! (btw, do I get my $10 RG x 24 months back?)

I really want Sprint to make a go of LTE but in Chicago right now they are really not even a consideration.

In the Loop 3G data is nearly unusable during the business day, WiMax is a joke, and even voice calls don't work most of the time in most of the places. I could walk from the lake to Union Station and drop a voice call 6 times!!

Verizon has LTE allover the market here now and very good quality voice as well. And, even in highly congested areas during peak usage their LTE data can still deliver respectable speeds. And during off peak times in the 'burbs it is faster than my Comcast internet :) So, even if Sprint rolls out a rock solid network they will still face capacity issues given their very limited spectrum for LTE right now.

It will be a hard climb for Sprint but I hope it works out as that will drive prices down and choice up.

If the deal goes through with Softbank I'm sure Sprint will pull through. Sprint can't afford to raise their prices at the risk of losing costumers. I know if they raise their prices again I'm off to T-Mobile or maybe AT&T. But I think in the end Sprint will have the biggest network. I don't like how they are setting it up, but I must say they being smart about it.

This doesn't mean that you will for sure get LTE in these cities. Sprint announces a city when a pretty small percent (like 40%) coverage is reached. And even then I am not sure 40% coverage means the signal is going to be all the great in those areas. It is kind of deceiving.


Sprint still claims that they have 4G WiMax but the reality is that it is unusable in nearly cases short of a fixed wireless installation and even then speeds can be less than 3G CDMA.

Feels like Sprint is just stringing us along. Turn up the LTE already! I try to defend Sprint but it's hard to dispute the numbers when people flaunt their AT&T LTE showing 53Mbps and I'm showing .2Mbps.

Are you freekin' kidding me!!! 7 truly huge Indiana metropolises and 1 more in Illinois! I'll bet that, combined, they don't have the number of Sprint customers as Chicago. But, yet again, no Sprint love for Chicago. We're getting pretty damned tired of hearing all the Sprint BS about all the towers here (could it be because there are so many customers that need coverage?) that have to be upgraded, and promises that it'll be very soon. And stop that "don't you have wifi?" crap. We trusted you enough to buy a damned LTE phone on a promise of service "soon." Trust has to be earned by performance. We're paying extra fees for "advantages" that we can't use, and using up our batteries trying to connect to Facebook, and even to the Play Store. (Often being shut down because we've "timed out.") Photos either don't load or take forever. Trying to watch a 3-minute video takes 15 minutes, if it opens at all. I think I can speak for the other Chicago Sprint customers when I say: Sprint, stop lying to us and giving excuses. Tell us the damned truth. I'm sure your customers in New York City, Los Angeles, and the other major metropolises feel the same way. If you want to be a BIG GUY, perform like one.

Man... what can i say..... I was ecstatic when I thought they were bringing 4g to new orleans.... now that that idea is scrapped and were waiting for LTE to roll out here "in the coming months" I guess I will just have to be patient. I will say though they best part of my day is driving home in traffic bc there is a section on the interstate than i can actually get 4g for at least 15 minutes while im stuck in traffic !!!man pretty fast

Damn I still got to wait it out until 1st-2nd qtr for san jose, ca :( I'm only 1hr away from San Francisco too. I believe there's a LTE tower somewhere in Cupertino and I do catch the LTE signal at times but I was only running about 5-10mbps

Verizon is where it is at. I left Sprint 2 weeks ago and love the speed of Verizon's LTE. I was getting about 0.36 mbps average on sprint and i have gotten 33.26 mbps on Verizon here in St. Louis. Fyi Sprint customers, if you are expecting LTE in St. Louis it is not going to happen according to Sprints customer service managers. Spoke with them before I switched and they said no plans for it in St. louis. Thats all I needed to know for me to switch. So glad I did even though I will have to pay ETF's for 3 phones. I now can use the phone and get the spped it was made for. Galaxy S3

Work on the first Missouri market was only announce today, so the managers wouldn't have know about it. Every tower and location Sprint has is getting LTE as part of Network Vision. Its going to take a while to get everywhere but thats the plan. Every single location except 100 that have contract issues etc out of 20,000 or 30,000 towers.

I think they will be the only network that every single site will have LTE on it and the backhaul (data landline/microwave) to support it. The same upgrade is going to help with 3G and dropped calls too. That's why I am sticking around. It will be a new unified network not a patched together mess. S4GRU.COM has good write ups about it. That site isn't run by Sprint just people who are wanting to know whats up with stuff because the info from Sprint is incomplete and confusing at times. Right now I agree 3G sucks here. Wimax is ok. Also the $10 a month data fee is a lot less than other networks.

All of this is going to take time. The last bits could not be complete well in to 2014. For most people 2013 will be when big improvements hit your local tower. If that's not acceptable to you switch for a couple years, then come check up on Sprint again when your contract is up and see if its worth coming back or not. Me I want unlimited data so Sprint and T-Mobile are my choices. T-mobile is just starting their LTE plans and seem to be a year or so behind Sprint. I thought about going but I think I will just get a Note 2 on Sprint next month. It won't do wimax but i can live for a few months till LTE shows up. I had to wait for wimax when I got my EVO.

Sprint said the same thing about WiMax. It failed.

The reality is that Sprint does not have enough capital, spectrum, or time to become a leader in the LTE data market.

Yes, they will stick around to service the large wholesale market (low margin), and the entry level/cost focused post paid consumer but they will never be able to play with the leaders unless they change direction quickly.

Their LTE roll-out is not that direction.

Are you F----ng kidding me? What happened to Major markets like L.A.? Thought they might target those markets due to how BAD the service is in these areas. I understand that updating the infrastructure is a nightmare in a huge metropolitan area, but really? San Francisco is a start, but come on sprint, po dunk indiana???? Whatever!!!!!!!!!

My thoughts, exactly! According to s4gru.com, LTE was supposed to be lit up in LA/OC/IE by now. I thought this announcement was going to be it. I've had enough of this crap. I'm going to sell my EVO4GLTE to pay the ETF and hit up Verizon or ATT.

On sprint.com it says there's been data speed upgrades in my area (Pasadena). WHAT A JOKE. It took 2 1/2 minutes to download a 2 MB app from google play the other day. BYE BYE SPRINT.

I believe Sprint is getting ready to go live in NYC area. Last night I was in the Bronx and the 4G icon lit up for about 5 minutes. I clocked it at about 12.5mB/s, then phone switched back to 3G and the speed dropped to .2mB/s. Anyone know an easy way to do a screen grab using Galaxy S3 in case it happens again?

Im in Los Angeles, upgrading to a LTE device would be a huge downgrade from WiMax. 3g is fast near my house, around 2.5mbps... WiMax gets me around 4-5mbps

I don't know if they're just testing it now (it's 12:40 a.m.) or if it's permanently activated, but THERE BE WHALES HERE...I MEAN WE HAVE VISION NETWORK, INCLUDING 4G LTE IN CHICAGO!!!

I was just checking Facebook and noticed it loaded awfully fast. Glanced at the notification bar and my S3 has 4G! And it is EXTREMELY fast! So I guess I'll have to start believing in Sprint again. And I won't have to consider switching carriers. Say thank you Sprint. I live in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park neighborhood, so I don't know if it's activated throughout the city. If not, at least we know it should be soon.

Dyersburg-Union City-Martin, TN??? Out of all the cities in TN like Nashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville, Memphis, and Chattanooga; I can't believe the first place they open up LTE is that podunk town. Idiots.

Still waiting in Raleigh NC. I've heard they delayed till 2014 now. I've got LTE with my Zoom on Verizon and may have to switch to them. Too bad, I like their EVO and options,not crazy about Verizon phone options.