The much-awaited Sprint Android 2.1 update is now scheduled for early May. 

Sprint users, rejoice! The much-anticipated Android 2.1 update is coming to the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment in early May. Maybe now everyone will stop jumping at every rumor out there... A closer look after the break [Androidforums]


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Sprint Android 2.1 update scheduled for early May


Yes, very good news. So that means no later than May 15th right? So the longest we have to wait is a month. Sweet. I really do hope it comes out the first week of May though. As long as there are no bugs with the update. :)

Glad to have something more solid, but I think all that's going to happen is people are now going to start guessing the date/times in "early may" rather than the month. :)

My only beef with this date is my daughter will be born no later than April 30th, so I don't know if I'll have time to play with it. :)

Looking at that zoomed picture, apparantley Sprint employees are being trained to discuss "Fixed" for the Moment as well. I'm wondering what those fixes will include.

Great news!! I was going to root my phone this weekend, but think I will wait another 2-3 weeks for the official release.

Ridiculous that it took this long to get released. Glad I went ahead and did the leaked version from last week. Finally got sick of waiting on the incompetent fools to get this update out.

I was at the Sprint store yesterday and was told it won't happen till the evo is released "june or July"(not that I believe half of what they say) At this point I don't think ill believe it even when it shows up on my phone.

I Want the EVO.....Depending on how much it's going to be, I get an upgrade in May from sprint....I cant Wait.......

You know u have to be real stupid to beleive this crap.They said confirmed the update is coming on April 16 some may get it that day and some a few days later. Then they said at the end of April,they said confirmed mind you. Now early May wake up people still no date. Just as bad as sprint posting this stuff. you r not important eough to know the big secret. The people telling us this have nothing better to do than spread rumors. That is the only power they have, because they have none at home, can you say "POWER TRIP". Oh yeah you people waiting on the EVO you will have the same problems with this phone too.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

So you must not be able to differentiate a rumor and a confirmed release. Sprint said "Early second quarter". The April 16th date had nothing to do with Sprint saying that. That one was a rumor. This release of early May was a Sprint announcement and not a rumor, so I know Sprint will follow through. Don't get all worked up about rumors from other people that have nothing to do with the company. Likewise, realise when a company announces something that you know it's from the actual company and not a rumor.

This is NOT early 2Q... Sprint has fucked over there customers again. Why can't they ever hold to their promises? This is why Sprint will never be the best - because of shit like this.

Well since it's gonna be May let's hope for a stable release.

R U serious? Sprint is probably the best as it comes to providing updates. AT&T and Verizon always have to add more cripple to updates. These delays are not uncommon.

The delay was not Sprint's fault it was on HTC, since there phones run there custom Sense UI Sprint had to wait for them to release the new rom. Also who do you consider the best? I hope your not gonna say Verizon look how long they and Motorola pushed back the update for the Droid not mention they are not evening hinting at an update release date for the Eris. It's easy to blame the carrier but in the end the Manufacture plays a big factor and I personally would rather wait for them to test it and make sure it works right rather then rush it out and it be complete crap.

Verified by Sprint chat representative just now:

Your session ID for this incident is 256236.

Time Details

04/16/2010 02:48:08PM System: "Please wait and the next available specialist will be with you shortly."

04/16/2010 02:48:12PM Session Started with Agent (Gabriel N)

04/16/2010 02:48:12PM System: "Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Gabriel N."

04/16/2010 02:48:12PM Michael Holmes: "??Inquiring about Android 2.1 update for HTC Hero"

04/16/2010 02:48:19PM Agent (Gabriel N): "Hello."

04/16/2010 02:48:40PM Michael Holmes: "Hello Gabriel"

04/16/2010 02:48:59PM Agent (Gabriel N): "I'll be happy to help you."

04/16/2010 02:49:55PM Michael Holmes: "Hearing on some news websites that the Android 2.1 update for the Hero and Moment is supposed to be out in early May. I was wondering if you could confirm or check on that for me?"

04/16/2010 02:50:39PM Agent (Gabriel N): "Yes, you are right, Android 2.1 update will be out in early May."

04/16/2010 02:51:01PM Agent (Gabriel N): "However, a specific date is not yet decided."

04/16/2010 02:51:37PM Michael Holmes: "Well, at least we have a month now. It's a bit more specific than 1H 2010

04/16/2010 02:51:50PM Michael Holmes: "Thank you so much for confirming that for me"

04/16/2010 02:52:06PM Agent (Gabriel N): "You're welcome."

04/16/2010 02:52:18PM Session Ended

May? Wow. While I'm glad we have a more definite timeframe, I'm still very disappointed in Sprint. First, Sprint's website has been down for the better part of 4 days. Now, it's going to be May for Android 2.1. The question I really have is what kind of incompetent idiots are running their IT & development team? Right now, they are making Microsoft look like Apple compared to how bad Sprint is.

While I understand why HTC Hero to delayed because of Sense UI, the Samsung Moment doesn't have Sense UI or any kind of OS overlay. As far as I know, the Moment just has vanilla "Cupcake" (Android 1.5.) If anything, they should be able to get the Moment version out faster.

Sprint really does need to fire their entire IT, development team, & CEO Dan Hesse. Every time Sprint looks like they are about to leapfrog the competition, something boneheaded happens. The problems falls to bad leadership & organization.

What you need to do is go to another carrier because Sprint doesn't like whinny girls like yourself. I really think you should go to ATT or Verizon so you can pay more money for less service. They like your money overthere and will gladly take your whinniness as well.

Maybe you should read your earlier comment. Then again, from what you put you're probably too stupid to know how dumb you sounded.

They know what they r doing and it sucks. A lot of people talked to a sprint rep and they keep giving u the run around and some of u keep eating it up. The reason it took so long was the ui sense. Give me a break that was the reason for the April 16th release so use another lie. Sprint needs to get rid of the now network to become the maybe or maybe not network. They are beginning to sound like everyone else.The reps are stupid and unreliable just like the higher ups. They can care less how you feel about it as long as you pay your bills. I am tired of all these idiots. I will beleive the update when i see it . your are going to have the same problem with any of sprint's first issue devices. Sale it first fix the problems later that is their way of doing things.

Can u hear it another rumor.Sprint says u fell for it agan, it's coming early 2Q of 2011. Wow i am so excited can you feel it coming. this from the later network. Can't even get their website up on time why should we expect anything defferent when it comes to their device updates.

Quote all of the above

That's why I stay out of update date threads and articles lol. Damn you Ali and your power trip ;-P

All you folks want the update now? Go load it. It needs fixin though, which is why it hasn't been pushed to the devices yet.

Please when May gets hear it is going to be same old same old. Early June give me a date not a time frame there is a defferents.If sprint wanted to they can stop all the rumors. GIVE A FREAKIN DATE.

I can't believe it's been this long already. This should've been ready a long time ago. It should've been decided from the start that it would be OTA, instead of that long back and forth riagamarole we had to put up with. And NOW, the word is it will wipe our phones to get it?!!?! And, now this news today, that we are just expected to swallow, is that there will be yet ANOTHER delay!?!

If they are having this delay in order to fix the "phone wiping" issue with the update then I can accept it. Heck I could wait several months for that fix before upgrading, but it's probably some little chicken scratch problem that they should've had ironed out long ago.

BTW, I called Sprint Advanced Tech tonight and they have NO idea of when version 2.1 will come out. Tho they did think it won't wipe the phone. (For the record, I don't think they really knew). The rep I talked to in Advanced Tech asked a supervisor besides, and that is what the supervisor said, on both issues. They are never provided with enough info for the customers. And even when they have it, it seems to be changed willy nilly, which makes the reps look stupid to the customer. It's not their fault the upper mgmt can't get it together.

Sprint has good reps, but I agree, it seems like there are some people up at the top who have reached their level of incompetence, and should go.

Holy Crap what a bunch of needless (and self centered) whining.

First off. It is only a delay if an official date is announced and that date is not met.

From the beginning Sprint has said First Half of 2010. (that's what 1H2010 means people). If it comes in early may that is the first half of 2010.

Second, they then further narrowed that date down to Early 2 Quarter. That does not equal a delay since that still fits in the original time range given. (2 quarter is still 1st half)

Early may is Early 2 Quarter. (Late May probably wouldn't be, admittedly). Even if it got pushed to late May that's -barely- and only -technically- a delay.

Thirdly, OTA versus through PC -needed- to be figured out. If the file is large enough an OTA update just isn't feasible or safe. And it was absolutely best to turn to HTC for info on that both because HTC designed the program and because it had already been working on the non sprint version of the release for other Heroes.

If your complaint is that Sprint essentially wanted to make sure they -safely- updated your phone then it might be time to reexamine.

Fourthly, rooting and updating on your own is NOT that hard if you are really that impatient. I decided I wanted 2.1 sooner than later and I did exactly that. Ultimately I'm probably going to stick with the rooted version since I can keep my apps on my SD card and I have live wallpapers that stick.

Wow... get off the high horses. The update is coming and it's still within the original time frame promised, and even the narrowed time frame.

We paid for Heros knowing what OS version they had.

And again I must say priorities people. There's alot more in the world that's far more important than an OS on a PHONE. This isn't worth getting worked up over.

I won't be getting so upset if I wasn't told when I bought the hero that it would be getting a 2.1 update at the end of March. It is mid April so whose fault is that. I knew it was 1.5 but being promised by a sales rep that the up date was happening a month later closed the deal so don't tell me not to be upset

By the time 2.1 rolls around I'll be ready to move on to a phone that comes stock w/ it...
Sprint Pros:
- better coverage in my area than any other provider
- best plan prices
- super fast network
Sprint Cons:
- always dropping the ball on equipment
- updates that never come
Just like this update. It's been out since what, January? First it was April 9th, then 16th, now May? Q1, Q2, whatever, it's all bullshit, as much as I hate Apple and the iPhone, it delivers in that area - like clockwork you can expect a new OS every June.
I've had Sprint since 2000 but I'm really getting fed up w/ their crap, especially when it comes to new phones.
They are redeeming themselves w/ the EVO, though, I'll give them that. However, no Droid (VZ is CDMA), last to get the N1...

Moment_Columbia_07 hit the nail on the head.

Either wait patiently, or do what many of us did - download the leaked version. It is very simple to do and you can always go back to 1.5 - but who would want to?

I've been using 2.1 for a few weeks now and it is very nice. Sure, maybe a couple of tweaks here and there but man, it is cool! I have live wallpapers if I want to show off and drain my battery, I have the floating gallery, better camera, better app market - there are too many new features to list.

Here is what you can do after if you can't wait;

Wipe the tears and snot off your face from crying first...
Go to youtube and search for the "How To...videos for Sprint Moment upgrading to 2.1"
Google sdx-developers leaked 2.1 for the moment and download it.
Download Sprint/Samsung updater tool.
Follow the easy video on How To... do it...

You now have 2.1 on your phone!

Ooops! This is a DD03 version..? I can upgrade from that?

Yes you can... but you need this version(DD03)to get the DD10 version. No cheating.

Download Joey Krimm updater tool - this tool is great and you don't need the Sprint/Samsung updater anymore using a PC - You can now update straight into your phone!

Load the JoeyKrimm onto the SD card (follow the blog instructions like the rest of us did...)

Load the 2.1 rom with DD10 bugs/fixes and...

Now you have the latest rom of 2.1 from sdx developers on your phone!Wow - looks really good and is much faster... But, where are the live wallpapers and the cool gallery and the...

Go to ppcgeeks and download Caulk's version of 2.1 and now you will be the envy of all your friends. And you can do this with just your phone - no PC needed!

Feeling even more challanged?

How about a new - cool bootup screen? You can do that to if you are using the joeykrimm updater... Search all the cool Moment stuff on ppcgeeks and it is so simple.

Just be patient after updating - booting takes a few seconds longer to make that juicy rom rock!

Go have fun with your phone - it's the weekend!!!

oh - P.S.

With the joeykrimm updater tool, backing up your system and data is a breeze. I used the back up after doing the Caulkin update and then used the DD10 update and didn't like loosing a few cool features from the Caulk rom. By then - Caulk came out with a DD10 rom - I used it and restored my data backup and it worked like a charm - all of my downloaded apps, passwords, my google data - everything was back and working - I had nothing else to do but enjoy my new rom! BACKUP YOUR DATA!!!

Well i went to a sprint store and they told me that everyone was doing a class on 2.1 and how it works and how to use it, so that really means that its true! its coming the 1st week of may...!!!! YEEY